How to create a life of passion & purpose | Women Power Summit 2019


Sometimes the answer is not obvious. That is why we have this beautiful journey called life! So take your time to figure out your passions. And once you do, do nothing but follow your passion. Because that is your purpose of life!

How to create a life of passion & purpose

magnetLife on earth is governed by the law of attraction that states, like attracts like. Energies of similar vibrations attract; hence love attracts love, fear attracts fear. That means whatever vibration is inside you, will be reflected in your external reality like a mirror. Sometimes we are not aware what is inside of us, so the external reality we navigate is like a feedback mechanism to understand what is going on in our inner worlds. Hence all of life is essentially an inner journey; everything outside comes from the inside. That is why it is so important to ensure that our inner worlds are not suffering from limiting belief systems or dysfunctional programming of society.

When we are born into this world, we are programmed by our parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, neighbors, society, of what we should do, what is right for us, what we should create, and so on. Especially in India, every parent wants you to be either a doctor or an engineer. Imagine if all the people in the world were doctors and engineers. It would be a boring, dysfunctional world to live in. If you obey them, they will love you. But if you dare to defy them, then you bear the brunt of their displeasure. So you do everything to please them, to win their approval, then your life becomes a duplicate of their lives, their mistakes, as you have obeyed, but not created! You have become a servant, not a master of your destiny.


We have all come here for a unique experience of life, with a unique destiny and purpose; no two people will walk the same path here on earth. Not everyone can become doctors and engineers, neither is that your soul purpose. But how do we know what is our purpose, what is our life path? It is a path carved in our hearts and the heart communicates with us through signs, synchronicities and meaningful coincidences. Let me tell you my story…

I had the best of everything. I was an intelligent student in school and topped my class. Having passed out of my Class X CBSE board exams in India with flying colors, I got a full scholarship to study abroad in Singapore where I did my Junior college and University education for six years. Everybody thought I had the perfect life; especially my folks back home in India. Far from it, I was miserable in my chosen career. IT was the popular choice, so I took it. But soon I realized I did not enjoy it at all and it was too late to change my career. So I was stuck with it for four years and I suffered. I was lost. I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life, what my dreams were, what my passions could be. I was simply not happy.


In life, there are always two choices in front of us: one is to follow what others tell us to do, and the second choice is to follow the callings of our hearts. Both choices are equally difficult to navigate, filled with struggles, challenges and life-lessons. But following our hearts will make this journey of life worthwhile and meaningful, while following what others expect of us will make us bitter, sick and resentful over time! If there is something that you wish to experience in life is beyond your current belief system it cannot manifest for you. You spend your entire life thinking you don’t know, that others know better, so you give away your personal power, you duplicate what others have already done without ever feeling empowered in your own skin. You engage in over giving, self-abandoning, self-sabotaging, behavior as you let others dictate your life choices. You forget who you are or what you came here to do. They will give you their images, hoping you duplicate their visions onto your canvas of reality, so they can love themselves through you! If you listen to all the clatters of the world, you will be lost. If you want to know what is true for you, tune in to how you feel about it. Feelings are our soul signature. That’s your inner compass, your feelings. If you have the courage to tune in to your internal guidance system, listen to your inner calling, you will navigate your true destiny and that will bring you immense joy.

197083_6209790611_1538_nAnd so after graduating, I started traveling the world. I have lived across different continents on various student exchange programs, studying life through diverse mirrors of reality. From Asia to Europe to Africa to South, North and Central America, I have lived with local families, eating their food, adopting their lifestyles, contributing to their economy, living their culture, navigating extreme realities and harsh conditions, perceiving diverse traditions & religions whence belief systems are formed, scanning the energy of each country I lived, for several years to find answers to life’s most pertinent questions. Coming from a conservative background in India, I had to overcome all limitations to fly out of my comfort zones. So I have literally grown up in different belief systems of the world. As I got a bite size of all cultures, races, religions, ethnicities, backgrounds, my world view expanded to hold a bigger picture of humanity, a higher truth, a larger vision, breaking molds, purging dysfunction, shifting paradigms and transcending mindsets.

This voyage was for me to get in touch with my own personal truth. It is a kind of faith, a deep inner knowing that life will work out no matter what, that life wants for you what you want for you. When you operate from that mental space you are not in resistance, but in alignment with your true purpose. It is the path that will give you the most joy, the path of your heart. And that feeling is priceless. You never have to wake up another day dreading the job at hand, because you have had the courage to listen to your intuitions and align with your desires. Everything you do will become a part of your passion.


When you have the courage to walk your own path, your path will reveal its secrets to you and you will receive many gifts of the heart on the way that will make your life rich with wisdom. But it is okay to be lost, to not know the way. You don’t need to know the whole path at the beginning of your journey, you just need the courage to follow your joy. Your path will be revealed to you in baby steps, as you take one step, the next will be made known to you. From a software graduate to a German interpreter to an NGO volunteer, to a marketing executive to an English teacher to a Spanish translator to now a writer, speaker, dancer, actor and photomodel, mysterious coincidences have led me from one place to another, contriving me to live out my destiny, my true legacy… And at the end of all these travels, suddenly I realized I had a book inside of me! I published my first book during my student exchange program in Costa Rica which describes my synchronistic experiences through these journeys. It is a big thick book that I had been writing for years! Since its publication, everything changed for me. From a teacher, I became a motivational speaker, a creator, an innovator. I’m also an evolutionary artist and my work involves advancing human consciousness on the planet, collaborating with other artists across the globe for the same. It was through my journeys that I discovered what my true passion is.


When you set out to create what you want for yourself, a strange thing happens. The universe starts responding to your wishes, dreams and desires through signs and synchronicities. The coincidences in your life will increase as you suddenly find yourself interacting with the creative juices of life. I remember in Venezuela, I used to talk to the owls in the night sky! Especially if you are a woman this practice of following your heart will strengthen your intuitions and enhance your sixth sense. Even if you start off on the wrong path, your heart will guide you to the right one. Everything forwards the human story. So in the end there is no wrong choice. But there is a path of least resistance. As you become attuned to your inner self, the path will become easier to walk, life lessons will be less painful and you will take pleasure in everything that you do.  

Before concluding, I want to talk a little bit about women empowerment, since this is a woman power summit. Nowadays with the feminism movement, women are seeking to be equal to men. Women will never equal to men as the feminine energy is the polar opposite of masculine energy, balancing the two extreme forces on earth. Men are straight, women are round. Men think linear, women think circular. Men are goal oriented, women are intention based. Men are predictable, women are unpredictable. Equality is impossible to achieve because men and women are as polarized as the north pole and south pole. Equality should not however be confused with equal opportunity. What women are truly seeking is equal opportunity, equal pay, equal profit, equal power, but not equality in itself. Women are nurtured by their sense of being, purpose, connection, relatedness, intuition. So seek to strengthen these aspects within you. Since we still live in a predominantly male oriented society, most of the structures in place are catered towards benefitting and augmenting the masculine energy. So your task is to create new structures that can nourish your feminine creativity, with equal opportunity, profit and pay as that of the existing masculine structures. That is difficult but not impossible to create. Create with authenticity, transparency, integrity and honesty. Be genuine and do that which has meaning for you. You cannot be a man, but you can hone into your feminine wisdom and balance the masculine-feminine energy within you through your inner authentic feminine power. Once you strive to do so, the universal wisdom will flow through you via dreams, hunches, intuitions, signs, synchronicities and heart talk.


So follow your joy, be ready to be re-routed in life, your life journey will lead you to your passion, so you can do what feels good to your soul and make a living out of it, so you can thrive, not just survive.

That’s all for today folks! Thank you for being here with me.


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