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Do you have a dream, an impelling vision, a hunch, an idea or a random thought that you just can’t let go? Perhaps you want to take note of the signs & synchronicities strewn on your daily path, those meaningful coincidences, midnight meanderings, snippets of insights flashing your consciousness, or jot down your everyday experiences in a personal diary… and let it lure you to create the next best version of yourself! 

ppt foto baisakhi“Listen closely to the song of this moment.”


Baisakhi Saha, author of magicNine, award-winning international speaker, teacher, performer, and globetrotter 

Inspirational Journal “magicNine” -the world of dreams is right here, by author Baisakhi Saha and illustrator Esther Gieringer, is a writing diary to pen down your thoughts, perceptions, reflections and daily musings. Be it intuitive journaling, dream journaling, creative writing, channeling, wandering, pondering or everyday meandering, this journal in three variations provides a sacred space to explore your inner world! ‘magicNine -a true account of the inner adventures of a young girl to consciousness’, is a book about how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny path. Read more. Buy here.


Do you have a book brewing inside you? Do you want to capture those midnight meanderings flashing your mind with a message maybe? Do you have an impelling vision, a hunch, an idea, a random thought that you just can’t let go? Or you wake up and want to save those fleeting dreams from last night; perhaps you want to take note of the signs & synchronicities strewn on your daily path, snippets of wisdom teasing your consciousness and more. This inspirational journal is that sacred space to store your stories, secrets and such, pen down your dreams, meaningful coincidences, everyday reflections in a personal diary, and let it lure you to create the next best version of yourself!

This 200+ page full color writing journal comes with 24 inspirational posters, each with a beautiful dance expression and an empowering quote from the book magicNine‘ by author Baisakhi Saha, exquisitely designed by evolutionary artist Esther GieringerPut it by your bedside, take it to work, carry it with you wherever you go, and unravel the magic of your musings… 

We are here to inspire hearts, transpire minds and transcend mindsets.

The Co-creators


BAISAKHI SAHA was born in Kolkata; she grew up in different states of India, each with a distinct culture, custom, costume, creed, color and cuisine, so it felt as if she was always in a new country! Her childhood was thus a preparation for what was to come in adulthood. Multilingual, she speaks six languages. A globetrotter, the author has lived in different continents; from Asia to Europe to Africa to North, South and Central America, she has traversed the world on various student exchange programs, learning the language of life and love through diverse mirrors of reality. From a software graduate to a German interpreter to a marketing executive to an English teacher to a Spanish translator to now a writer, motivational speaker, dancer, actor and photo model, mysterious coincidences have led her from one place to another, contriving her to live her destiny, to leave a legacy! Find more about her at

estherESTHER GIERINGER is an adventurous and inspiring evolutionary artist from Ontario, Canada. She graciously addresses the need for a paradigm shift that will influence and support the evolution of our collective destiny. She is motivated by her passion for honesty, communication, connection and integrity. As a founding member of HER Grey Bruce, she helps to unite voices to raise awareness of violence and prevent systemic injustice. She is a certified Nia blue belt instructor and a Yoga teacher, with a desire to share the importance of conscious movement, self-awareness and breath. She is a singer/songwriter, visual artist (posters) and poet who uses her authentic and courageous voice to shed light on some of the experiences which have helped shape the radiant woman she is today. As a mother, grandmother and registered nurse, she continues to be a student of self-discovery, creatively mastering new ways to transform and grow. Follow her at

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