How to materialize your big dreams

Tips to manifest your big dreams: 

  1. Dream big: People are afraid to dream because they don’t want to be disappointed. But what if there was a way to co-create our dreams with the universe and what if the universe responded to us in a tangible way? Can you imagine that? You must know that dreams are the container of your soul. The bigger you dream the more of yourself you let in. So, dream big and dream often, and the universe will meet you halfway, bringing opportunities your way, as if by magic! Soon you will be on your way to manifesting your big dreams into physical reality. 
  2. Create your dream: Others are not here to fight our battles; it is us who influence and impact the worlds we create. You don’t have a dream? Then create one! Imagine it, feel it, and live in the end as if the dream is already manifested even if external reality tells you otherwise. Magic only happens to those who can make it real in their imaginations. So, build your castles in the air then lay the foundations beneath. 
  3. Watch out for it: Whenever you have a strong desire, life will send you some synchronicities, like meaningful coincidences and clues to its materialization. Your signs will not be the same as another’s. If you take heed and follow the guidance, then another synchronicity will show up, and then another, and before you know it you will be propelled into a new reality where you are living your dreams, as you build a personal store of intelligence on the way when you learn to interpret those clues and act on them. If, however, you ignore the synchronicities they will pass you by, receding into your past, without creating a single ripple. So, watch out for those snippets of wisdom, those flashes of insight, those midnight meanderings and uncanny coincidences crossing your path because they may hold the keys to turn the biggest locks. 
  4. Go the distance: “If you build it they will come,” the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams reveals a grand truth—that if you believe enough in your dreams and take inspired action towards them, then you’re more likely to succeed. So, create the framework for your dreams. Do not stop at anything; turn every stone that speaks to you about your dreams and magic. You are made in the image and likeness of the creator and you are here to create! Paint your masterpiece with the brushes of your own wishes, wants, dreams and desires, and don’t let others spoil it with what colors they think should go into your painting. 
  5. Find your passion: “Happiness, that grand mistress of the ceremonies in the dance of life, impels us through all its mazes and meandering, but leads none of us by the same route,” Caleb Colton knew the secret to happiness and you should know it too! There is no one path that leads us all, so why not find the path that speaks to you the most, even if others don’t approve of it? And don’t listen to the voice of fear because it knows nothing of true joy. There is no exhilaration in doing what you could already do… try something new, something you might fail at, because that is when you truly live. Remember, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So make a life, not a living. Do what inspires you: write that poem, sing that song, take that dance class, pursue that hobby, do that course, find your true passion because that is where you are joyously self-expressed. 
  6. Travel: No matter what your dream is, what your profession is, always keep some room in your life for traveling. And travel not for leisure but to expand the horizon of your thinking; stay with local people in another country, eat their food, try on their costumes for size, attend their religious & traditional functions, observe their culture and adopt their lifestyles. Soon you will be able to rise above the fear consciousness of the collective mind. That is when you will actually start creating rather than reacting to life’s circumstances, as you become the cause and not at the effect of your experiences. And if your own culture restricts the expression of your true passion, look to another culture for approval… or rather, create your own culture! 
  7. Play: Work should not feel like work at all, it should feel like play even if you have to surmount herculean obstacles on your path. Because ‘play’ is not defined by the absence of challenges, but by doing what you love, by fighting the good fight. And when you are ‘playing’ at work, then you are not working at all but living your dreams. Work should be joyful, not a chore to endure on a daily basis. Work that follows the path of the heart will bring you immense joy whereas the other path that others tell you to tread will restrain the expression of your soul and give you chronic ailments. The purpose of life is not to work but to create joy, to express your soul; if you’re working just to make ends meet and pay the bills, then you have missed the whole point of life. 
  8. Never quit dreaming: Creation is infinite and life is eternal; where one dream ends another begins. Even death doesn’t end anything. So, no matter how old you are or how impossible it may seem, never quit dreaming. And always believe in magic! 

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P.S. This piece was featured on India Today.

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