BAISAKHI SAHA is an award-winning international speaker, author, performer, teacher, and globetrotter. Also a global TED and WEF speaker, she works towards advancing consciousness on the planet, navigating life from a new dimension of reality and synchronicity. 


Still in her teens, she left her country having won full scholarships to study abroad. Since then she has not just travelled, but dwelled in different continents on various student exchange programs, learning the language of life through myriad mirrors of reality. From Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America, she has stayed with local families, eating their food, adopting their lifestyles, contributing to their economy, inhabiting their culture, imitating their costumes, negotiating extreme realities and belief systems, navigating varied traditions and religions, scanning the energy of each country she lived for several years to answer life’s most pertinent questions. Coming from a conservative family background in India, she had to overcome all limitations to fly in the direction of her dreams! 

LIA front coverNew Book: Life Is Abracadabra

Have you ever experienced real magic? 

“Magic only happens to those who can make it real in their imaginations.” ~Baisakhi Saha

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“Thank you for the beautiful work you do on discussing the damage from cultural constrictions and how to free yourself into personal excellence and serenity.”

Dr Mario Martínez
Founder of Biocognitive Science, Bestselling Author of The MindBody Code and The MindBody Self

“I have heard Baisakhi and she is amazing as a speaker. She takes us beyond life and death, beyond science and belief. She opens the doors to possibilities that are not known to us. She is both engaging and inspiring.”

Augustine Veliath
India Chairperson, Communications Strategist with the United Nations