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Impacting belief systems to inspire societal reform

Hello, before I begin this talk, let me briefly introduce myself. At age 17, I left my country India to study abroad in Singapore on a scholarship. Since then I have not just traveled, but lived in different continents across the globe learning the language of life through myriad mirrors of reality, perceiving human suffering, dysfunctional belief systems of diverse societies, the root cause of all diseases, light and shadow aspects of our consciousness, and so on. From Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America, I have lived with local families, adopting their lifestyles, navigating extreme realities and diverse belief systems, scanning the energy of each country I lived for several years to answer life’s most pertinent questions. Coming from a conservative family background, I had to overcome all limitations to fly in the direction of my dreams! 

Currently I live in Costa Rica, and my upcoming book titled, Life is Abracadabra recounts 21 magical stories from my travels across the globe that will make you look at life with new eyes, which will be published soon. During my escapades, I started traversing life from an altogether new dimension of reality, where synchronicity, intuition, and heart talk directed my path. I had to unlearn things I was taught, including the need to rationalize everything, and instead tune in to my own internal guidance on this journey to destiny. So that was a little bit about me…  

Examining the pandemic in a spiritual light

Now, before I delve into the topic at hand, let us examine the pandemic in a spiritual light. From a soul perspective, an epidemic is usually a statement of mass social protest where the physical conditions are not adept to produce the quality of life that makes survival worthwhile. We are not solely biological creatures, but in terms of our species reliability, mental states are equally important. Despondency and apathy are enemies to our well-being. Social settings, political statuses, economic strategies, environmental policies, cultural dictates, religious or philosophical sentiments that propagate these poor mental conditions birth biological reprisal. Epidemics then serve more than one purpose, often continuing till those pathetic conditions of society are forced to transform and transmute. We have a mass group of people quitting physical life on the planet today for this same reason.

People from all walks of life are falling prey to despair, despondency, desperation, depression which automatically lowers physical immunity. Not only do such mental states lessen bodily defenses, they activate and shift physical chemistry, creating imbalances in the body thus commencing disease conditions. Physically viruses may pass from person to person, but literally severe individual mental problems contribute to social mass diseases.

So mass biological events cannot be isolated without weighing in a far greater context of social, economic, religious, political, and cultural structures of society which operate largely from belief systems, and when those systems are indifferent to meeting the needs of its population, they wreak havoc, as they have in this dog eat dog world we live in. Pandemics sweeping a mass population signal massive public problems that threaten to move humanity to psychic, psychological and physical disaster. And during a pandemic those who don’t die, who are not affected by the disease, who see themselves in different light, who are untouched by despondency, often rise to the occasion and act with much heroism bringing about much needed social transformation. The devastating epidemic conditions appall them, the sight of the dying confer them with new meaning, life purpose and inner vision, arousing in them novel ideas for economic, political, sociological, and even spiritual reform.

A huge planetary shift is occurring right now and in this new reality, we have to reunite as a whole, act consciously and urgently with empathy and compassion to bring about sustainability, development, financial inclusion, and digital transformation. The masculine structures of logic and reasoning are no longer solely effective in bringing about the urgent transformation the collective is seeking. To manifest this collective destiny of humanity we have to activate our feminine wisdom, connect to our heart space, birth our spiritual gifts, honor our intuitive hunches and insights, and operate from that inner guidance.

Accessing the power to realize our collective destiny

Okay, now let’s discuss how we can access the power to realize our collective destiny. So what is our collective destiny? What are the potentials of humanity that we sense as a species? If we hold our life experiences in a bigger frame, each of us in our most intuitive moments can feel this connection with an intelligent universe that is leading us on our individual journeys; we sense these higher potentials that we came here on earth to fulfill, we intuit the actuality of a larger purpose of which we are a part of, yet we might not know exactly what that is. Especially us women, we feel this deeply, and so we can do some soul-searching to truly ask ourselves: what is my destiny? What will the realization of my highest creative potential look like?

To really answer those questions we need to access a larger perspective than just the context of our own individual journeys. We need to ask ourselves: what is my life purpose?  What is my role in this larger context of things? Who am I, and why am I here at this time? How can I use my gifts to create a culture that is truly blossoming and prospering? And then we need to play our part in shaping our collective destiny. Modern spiritual teachings mostly focus on the idea of self-fulfillment, self-realization, self-love, emphasizing personal truth, personal growth, personal development, etc. While that is important to get our own needs met first, we need to expand our horizon and look at the larger history of human evolution to put our own individual paths and life choices into perspective.  

This is how we discover our true purpose of being here when we understand that a much bigger purpose is being fulfilled through our own lives lived. Thus our choices will become more conscious and deliberate. We are standing at the forefront of human evolution, as we sense this creative impulse within to actualize that larger destiny of humanity by advancing our own consciousness to greater heights so that our external reality can reflect the wisdom of our united choices as a species.

Program Agenda

So far, most of the evolutionary processes of our species have happened unconsciously. But today, here, now, we have the choice to align with our inner impulse and consciously co-create the future of our planet and our society. And so, as we start to place ourselves in this grander scheme of things, we can begin to identify our individual gifts, talents and creativity to explore how they fit into that larger story reflecting the interconnectedness of all species and intelligence of all beings.

At an individual level we need to reassess our assumptions, revamp our beliefs, take responsibility for our choices, and make changes at the cause, not at the effect of our experiences. To do this we need to identify the underlying beliefs from which we are giving meaning to our lived experiences. We need to catch ourselves when we are centered in a wrong belief or making true what is false. For instance, we may believe life doesn’t support us in our dreams or we are alone in our struggles. When we operate from such limited thinking, we create more evidence that justify our false beliefs. The fastest way to change a disserving belief is to find evidence to its contrary, to make its opposite true. Then we need to anchor into that deeper truth and act from the new belief that life is on our side and it will send us people, places and circumstances so we can realize our dreams, desires, and destiny. This is when life starts to evolve beyond the dysfunctional patterns of the past. When we act from an empowering belief, we impact real change, living from the deeper truth in our hearts, unleashing our higher potentials for a fulfilling life.

We have to connect with our power center within that in turn is connected with the greater field of life, and be receptive to the guidance of the Universe through intuition, hunches and heart talk. When we dream, imagine, envision that future life as if we are now living it, essentially living from the wish fulfilled, we accelerate the manifestation process thereby creating the future we are committed to. But while doing this kind of visualization, it is important not to harbor beliefs that hold us back or make us feel we don’t deserve our dreams. We need to have faith in the face of disappointment, defeat and delay, and believe that life will work out no matter what. This is how we co-create our destiny with the larger Universe.


Exceptional Women of Excellence Award

Awarded in the category of “Exceptional Women Of Excellence” by the Women Economic Forum Peru, which is held for the first time in Peru and will take place on 8th and 9th April 2021.

Award given to women who are pioneers and leaders in their respective business and professional endeavors, with a distinctive voice and vision that inspire and innovate a new leadership narrative in all walks of life. It is for those whose experience and spirit can inspire and inform the next wave of more awakened and empowered leadership.

In recognition of your extensive career, a source of inspiration for many people, you will be presented with the “Exceptional Women Of Excellence” award given by the Women Economic Forum Peru, which recognizes the achievements and leadership of the most outstanding personalities in the different areas of human endeavor, celebrating diversity and innovation. ~WEF Perú 2021

Thank you WEF Peru

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Day 2: At 1:30:26 and 1:31:03, I’m mentioned as winner of the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award” and at 1:38:56, is my thank you note to WEF Peru.

LIVE Broadcast at WEF Peru

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