Life Is Abracadabra


Life Is Abracadabra

“I think people are afraid to dream because they don’t want to be disappointed,” she told the Belgian guy… But what if there was a way to co-create our dreams with the universe? And what if the universe responded to us in a tangible way?

At the tender age of seventeen, Baisakhi left her home to pursue higher studies abroad. Since then, she has dwelled in different continents—from Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America—studying life through myriad mirrors of reality. She has lived with local families—eating their food, adopting their lifestyles, contributing to their economy, negotiating extreme realities and belief systems, and navigating diverse traditions and religions for several years to answer life’s most pertinent questions. Coming from a conservative family in India, she had to overcome all limitations to fly!

This book narrates the magical adventures and marvellous encounters of an ordinary girl who believes in extraordinary possibilities, as she traverses the globe to fulfil her destiny. Life Is Abracadabra is peppered with true anecdotes of hope and faith, of meaningful coincidences and miracles that will make you perceive life from an altogether new dimension. It is about noticing the signs and synchronicities strewn on our paths and acting on them. Because when we do, life will be on our side too.


Baisakhi Saha

She is an award-winning international speaker, writer, and globetrotter. From being a computing graduate to a marketing executive to a German interpreter, English teacher, Spanish translator to now an author and performer, mysterious coincidences have led her from one place to another, contriving her to live her destiny, to leave a legacy.

She was born in Kolkata but grew up in different states of India, so it felt as if she was always in a new country. Her childhood was, thus, a preparation for what was to come in adulthood. She is multilingual and can speak six languages.


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Life Is Abracadabra is a feast for the human spirit…

“In a world bloated with information, we’re starved for inspiration. Life Is Abracadabra is a feast for the human spirit! Every morsel is transformative. Baisakhi exemplifies the vast potential within us all.


Riveting and life-affirming. A joy to read…

“If you are a lover of travel and happen to be going through a time of existential questioning then this book is for you. Baisakhi doesn’t just write of places she visits but of ‘the signs and synchronicities strewn on our paths’. A heartening account of how ‘the universe has our back at all times’. Riveting and life-affirming. A joy to read.”

Sohila Bajaj

It’s engaging, enchanting and is a testament to the presence of magic…

“I have always found that magic always finds those, who truly believe. And this book proves just that. It’s engaging, enchanting and is a testament to the presence of magic and the power of faith.”