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Here are TEDx talks by author Baisakhi Saha internationally, where ‘x’ represents independently organized TED events. To watch more events, presentations, speaking and media gigs from her, tune in to magicNine TV. Enjoy! 

Event: TEDxResedaBlvd 
Theme: Connected
Topic: Keep Flowing – The Story of a River
Date: 17 November 2019, Los Angeles, United States

Event: TEDxYouth@BSCR
Theme: The Voice of the Youth
Topic: Life is about you impressing yourself!
Date: 16 March 2019, San José, Costa Rica

Theme: Sui Generis aka Uniqueness
Topic: Magic begins where logic ends
Date: 23 January 2019, New Delhi, India

Event: TEDxSiddagangaInstituteofTechnology
Theme: All I could think unraveling the mind
Topic: Break the boundaries of perception to recreate reality
Date: 20 January 2019, Tumkur, India

Event: TEDxSOAUniversity
Theme: The Art to Hustle
Topic: How to travel the world at the drop of a hat!
Date: 13 January 2019, Bhubaneswar, India

Event: TEDxNainiWomen
Theme: Womanhood – from Emotion to Transformation
Topic: The Perception of Beauty across Cultures
Date: 1 December 2018, Allahabad, India

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