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Imagine yourself in your highest potential: Become yourself fully, unleash your gifts & discover your purpose

Let me begin with my story: At age 17, I left home in India to pursue higher studies abroad in Singapore. But I was unhappy with my chosen career in Computing; I felt restless and often spent hours lying in my hostel room, staring at the ceiling, contemplating my miserable life. I had the best of everything, a full scholarship in a foreign country, the finest education at a world renowned university, more than enough money to buy anything I wanted, but I was simply not happy. I yearned for something deeper, what I did not know. I abhorred the fierce competitive education system there. Instead, all I wanted to do was sleep and dream – dream of a life that I wanted to live, and not what I was expected to live. I wanted to get out of there but I was stuck; I was so desperate that I used to go to the Changi airport and wave at all the airplanes taking off to Europe, wishing they would carry me away with them. To my surprise, one night a recurring dream and then a series of synchronicities later, I won my first voyage outside of Asia, an all-expense-paid trip to Europe for a whole month! It was my first brush with magic.

When I returned from Europe, I knew I didn’t want to stay in Singapore and get a normal corporate job. While all my batch mates were applying for jobs in our final year, I simply resisted the process until one day I received an invitation to attend a lecture that would change the entire course of my life. I was introduced to an exchange organization that allowed university students to work in foreign countries on internships. Once again a series of synchronicities led me to my first internship in Africa. I found myself in another new continent, a culture totally foreign to mine. In my very first month there, I got robbed of all the money I was carrying with me, and even after working there for a year and a half, saving every month, I still did not have even half the ticket money I needed to fly back home. It seemed like leaving Africa would be impossible when one day while taking my bucket bath, a little voice within told me, “have faith, you will go”, only to meet a strange girl named “Faith” a few hours later who gave me my tickets to leave the continent, at a price I could just pay. But that was not all! A few days later torrential rains flooded the entire place where I was staying and all my belongings got damaged in the floods. I had to get a new passport to travel back to India and I had only about a week left for my flight. I did not have any money to pay for this new emergency passport they were going to issue me at the Indian embassy in Nigeria, as I had used up all my salary money to buy the flight tickets back home. With no option in front of me, I prayed desperately for help. What followed took my own breath away. A couple of days later, the exact passport money I needed was delivered at my doorstep by someone who had no idea I needed exactly that amount! I recognized it as a magical gift from the Universe. That’s when I knew magic was real, not just a coincidence that happened once in a while, but we live in a conscious Universe that helps us on our life paths, guides us, and communicates directly with us. I felt that my soul had learned whatever it had to in Africa, and so now the entire Universe was helping me to leave the continent, successful and accomplished.

My next voyage of the heart was to yet another continent, South America, shortly after my sister got married in India and as my parents were trying to get me married too, I knew that was not the life I had come here on earth to live. I had to leave home once again, to “buy time” as I was not ready to settle in an arranged marriage. It was the longest I had ever flown and after about 36 hours of journeying over several latitudes and longitudes, I landed in Venezuela the same day I had taken off from India, warping space-time continuum, as I realized I was now a day younger! Once again, in my very first month I got robbed at gunpoint. But in Venezuela I started experiencing intense signs and synchronicities, so precise and so direct that I felt like the Universe was communicating with me directly, that I had a mission and a purpose to fulfill, and I had to uncover what that was. That communication continued until I left Venezuela two years later and landed in Central America, Costa Rica on yet another foreign internship, then three years into my stay here published my first book. From a Computing graduate to a marketing manager to an English teacher to a German interpreter to a Spanish translator, to now a writer, speaker, dancer, actor, mysterious coincidences have led me from one place to another, contriving me to live out my destiny, my true legacy!

Since the publication of my first book, my entire life changed. From a teacher, I now became a speaker, author and performer. The very institutions where I was teaching English & Business Communication started inviting me to speak at their events and share my journey. And thus through millions of moments of madness, melody and magic, I discovered an entire new dimension of reality whence life can be navigated, a dimension where diseases cannot touch you, where danger doesn’t exist, where desires dot your path, where magic is all there is! Piloting life from this new dimension means being in constant communication with the larger Universe, where you are helped on your mission and you know with a deep certainty that life is on your side!

Through my voyages across Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North & Central America, I picked up on the belief systems and cultural conditioning of every society where I lived and realized that most things we are told about life is so wrong. We are told certain things in childhood and we grow up believing them to be true, then try to live our lives based on the programming of the society we are born into. But every society is so different! During my travels, I went through many dark nights of the soul, felt lost, confused, broken, shattered, depressed, trying to grapple with reality and figure out what to do with all those contradicting belief systems, until I realized any belief system holds only as much truth as you render it, and if a belief system is dysfunctional it can wreak havoc in our lives. As I moved closer to my personal truth, I started creating my own beliefs, and at any point that my beliefs restricted my self-expression, I created new beliefs based on my own higher understanding of life in the moment. And that is how it should be, beliefs are not absolute truths, just tools with which we navigate life, and we should be open to changing them as we move through life, so that they can serve us, not disserve us. My upcoming book, Life is Abracadabra, recounts magical tales and marvelous encounters from my adventures across the globe that will make anyone look at life with new eyes; it is a compilation of true anecdotes of hope and faith, of magic and miracles.

And so very briefly that is my life story and today I am going to teach you, especially the women out there, a little bit about how to discover your passion & purpose in life, unleash your divine gifts, and realize your highest potential.

Masculine structures of society

Most of our society operates primarily from masculine aspects of logic, reasoning, strategy, analysis, research, and straight thinking. This is great if we want to get things done, control the outcome of our actions by setting goals, breaking a task down into smaller steps, planning and executing them. It is predictable and controllable. It has given us modern structures, technology, luxury and comfort. But if you want to manifest something deeper like true connectivity, creativity, love, purpose and meaning where you are motivated by your impulse to self-realize, then you cannot attain those things by planning, strategizing, or the masculine ways of logic and linear thinking. And that is when we need the feminine aspect to team up with the masculine power systems of society. This is where women are feeling powerless and desperate, anxious and depressed as they are experiencing a collapse at collective and individual levels.

So far the majority of women, in an attempt to become free and independent have unconsciously embraced the masculine systems of society. While this has given them huge successes in their career, it has also severed their connection with themselves. And so despite all their accomplishments, they still feel a deep void within unable to manifest their deepest potential or become themselves fully. Either women have rejected the masculine system and remained powerless, in codependent relationships playing doormat roles, subject to domestic violence and abuse, or they have swung to the other extreme and become fiercely independent creating massive wealth and success for themselves.

While many western women have become tremendously autonomous and accomplished, with immense purchasing power, freedom, independence, education and luxurious lifestyles, still a large percentage of them are depressed, stressed, in unhealthy relationship patterns that do not satisfy them completely, with feelings of deep loneliness, suicidal tendencies, on some medication, antidepressants, drugs, alcohol or other forms of addiction, insomnia, etc. or even not making enough money to do what they truly want and desire.

Women today don’t just want to achieve success, they want to become themselves fully, unleash their divine gifts, discover their passion and purpose, experience deep levels of intimacy with their partners, create true bonding and relatedness, and awaken to their highest potential. This is where traditional structures of society, the masculine definitions of accomplishment, are failing to meet their deeper needs. Even new age teachings such as vision boards, life coaching, meditation and spiritual practices aren’t helping women to align with their inner compass. High achieving, intelligent, intellectual women are feeling this deep void even after spending a lot of money on personal improvement and self-development programs. They want to shift from mediocrity towards experiencing their own greatness where life is fun, adventurous, and light-hearted. They want to experience themselves fully and this, the masculine systems in place cannot help them manifest. Rather it drains them emotionally and mentally with its rigid structures and strategies.

Day 1: Program Agenda

Masculine-Feminine differences

Women all over the world are feeling a sense of restlessness, as if life is passing them by with them being unable to contribute their highest gifts to the world. These emotions, these feelings of agitation and dissatisfaction are symptoms of awakening to a new stage of evolution for women. There is an excess of masculine energy and shortage of feminine energy in our world today. That is why there is so much conflict and imbalance of power in our world today. We need to bring our yin and yang energies into harmony, not only externally, but also internally within each of us.

But women are going about it the wrong way. Nowadays with the feminism movement, women are seeking to be equal to men. Women will never equal to men as the feminine energy is the polar opposite of the masculine energy, balancing the two extreme forces on earth. Here are some differences between the masculine and the feminine: 

  • Men are straight, women are round
  • Men are hard, women are soft
  • Men are logical, women are irrational
  • Men come from a doing space, women from being
  • Men are often in their heads, women in their bodies
  • Men like structures, women like to flow
  • Men think linear, women think circular
  • Men are straightforward, women are longwinded
  • Men are goal oriented, women are intention based
  • Men are predictable, women are wild & unpredictable

And many more! Equality is impossible to achieve because men and women are as polarized as the North Pole and South Pole. Equality should, however, not be confused with equal opportunity. What women are truly seeking is equal opportunity, equal pay, equal profit, equal power, but not equality in itself. Women are nurtured by their sense of being, purpose, connection, relatedness, intuition and intimacy. So seek to strengthen these aspects within you. Since we still live in a predominantly male oriented society, most of the structures in place are catered towards benefitting and augmenting the masculine energy. So your task is to create new structures that can nourish your feminine creativity, with equal opportunity, profit and pay as that of the existing masculine structures. That is difficult but not impossible to create. Create with authenticity, transparency, integrity and honesty. Be genuine and do that which has meaning for you. You cannot be a man, but you can hone into your feminine wisdom and balance the masculine-feminine energy within you through your inner authentic feminine power. Once you strive to do so, the universal wisdom will flow through you via dreams, hunches, intuitions, signs, synchronicities and heart talk.

What is inhibiting the feminine efforts?

Right now women are operating from a masculine structure which is the major contributor to all the unrest in the world we see today; because the polarities are not balanced. While the masculine system has its own gifts, if you wish to create real meaning, relatedness, connection, magic and purpose those tactics don’t work anymore. This is the collapse women worldwide are facing today. Because women want to create a life of passion and purpose, of meaning and inner vision! Despite their extraordinary achievements, they are feeling called to a grander life, a higher purpose, a larger destiny. To feel the adventure of being alive, to be aligned with their north star, to connect with their bodies, to expand the breadth of their work, to deepen their communication with others, and stay connected with the Universal energy.

There is a generalized feeling of powerlessness among women in trying to birth a life of meaning and inner vision. That loss of power manifests as an inner sense of not being good enough, not being connected to source, etc. which may show up as false statements going on in their heads, such as:

  • I am alone
  • I am not good enough
  • Life does not support me
  • Life is not fair
  • I am selfish for wanting what I want
  • I am bad / wrong
  • I am unworthy / worthless
  • I am inferior / superior to others
  • I am not wanted or lovable
  • I am too much / not enough
  • I am unseen, unheard, unloved
  • I am not important
  • I am not safe here
  • I do not belong here

How to change a dysfunctional belief?

To change a belief that is not working for you anymore, first you have to identify and name the dysfunctional belief. Then find evidence to its contrary. Create power statements that directly contradict your disserving belief. It looks something like this:

I am alone vs I create meaningful bonds with people, I have the capacity to craft deep loving connections, relatedness and intimacy with others, and all of life supports me in this.

Now find evidence in your life for the power statement you just created above. Look for the evidence, create the evidence, become the evidence! If you feel any internal resistance while carving your new empowering statement, then face it head on. Feel that uncomfortable emotion in your body, find out where in your body it is manifesting. Don’t escape yourself, don’t abandon you in your own lowest moments, stay with the discomfort. What exactly do you feel? Name your feeling, “I feel sad, angry, desperate, hopeless, worthless, unlovable, too old to do anything about this, etc.” Ask yourself, when was the first time you caused this to be true? How old is that unhealed part of you? Then cradle yourself, soothe that inner child hurting within you, be completely present with yourself and tell that little, scared child that it is okay! Say to yourself, “life supports me in my dreams and desires; I am a blessed child of the Universe and I am taken care of. Life wants the best for me, always and all ways”. And then gently release that false belief you held about yourself as true for all these years that made you feel insufficient, not good enough. Now watch your life transform overnight. You are worthy and lovable just the way you are, eternally supported by a loving Universe that cares about you. Everything in your exterior reality will shift when your inner reality shifts.

Accessing power

Women today want to succeed but not the traditional way you would think. What they are feeling is a profound impulse to self-express, to self-actualize, to engage in their creativity, purpose and vision, to be felt, seen and heard deeply and completely. But they feel powerless in manifesting these things as they feel under-supported by life, undervalued by their peers, unseen by their partners, etc. They don’t just want a nice house, nice car, or lots of money. As wonderful as those things are, they are yearning for something deeper that can’t be acquired by planning, processing, or programming. They don’t just want to succeed like men have, like in the conventional sense of success. They desire something that can only be expressed through their inner being, a higher possibility, a deeper connection, a grander vision, a greater version of who they really are. Women are feeling inadequate, even though they are in positions of power. Talented, gifted, intelligent, smart women in high flying careers, such as scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, business magnates, computing professionals are feeling this same sense of inner void. They yearn for deeper intimacy in their relationships, connectedness, relatedness, meaning, belonging and bonding. They feel called to make a profound difference in the world. They want to contribute to the legacy of the world, feel the adventure of being alive and impact others with their creative gifts and talents. The masculine power system restricts these aspects of growth in women where they are severed from their intuition and internal guidance system. But when they can access their authentic power they can reconnect with their inner wisdom and life intelligence.

Hence women need new structures in order to birth their highest potential, a system that honors their deeper yearnings of connectivity and relatedness, creativity and true intimacy, valuing relationships and accessing inner wisdom, tapping onto the universal energy and the juices of life. Life is responding to you, your wishes, desires, dreams and fears all the time. But there may be unconscious blocks inhibiting you from awakening to your full potential.

  • Break the inner glass ceiling: What holds many women back is a feeling of indignity, lack of honor, shame and guilt in desiring what they desire. Feelings of not being good enough, not being safe or seen for who they really are, being undervalued, are what ruin their inner worlds. Tend to the inner garden of feelings and emotions and break this glass ceiling of powerlessness by creating power statements as demonstrated above and heeding your feelings at all times.
  • Connect with your higher self: No matter how hard they work, there is a general sense of lack of purpose, a feeling of insufficiency, insecurity, scarcity and meaninglessness among many women these days. Tell yourself that the Universe is rearranging itself around your dreams and desires, and that life wants for you what you want for you. You deserve to succeed in your mission, because that is what you came here for!
  • Reclaim your personal power: There is a general sense of being alone, not feeling supported in their mission, that they don’t have the means or tools to create the life of their dreams or access the deeper yearnings of their souls; women feel powerless and desperate, as if life is passing them by too quickly and they would leave this world without painting their masterpiece. But this kind of thinking puts them at a victim mindset, hence they cannot access their personal power. Rather you need to rise to the occasion and reclaim your inner power by expressing yourself authentically and fully. That is when you will experience authentic self-confidence.

Connect with the larger Universe

Create a relationship with the Universe where the Universe talks back to you in such layman’s terms, that it will take your own breath away, where you know with certainty that you are not alone and that the Universe is always there to lovingly guide you on your destiny path. You have to form your belief systems based on this truth, so you can receive help from this kind, generous Universe whenever you feel lost, confused or broken. You have to cultivate and nurture this relationship with the Universe and the fastest way to strengthen your connection is to heed to your intuitions, make it a practice to listen to your gut feelings and act on them, follow your joy at all times, and make every choice of everyday life based on your internal guidance system that communicates with you in the form of feelings. We all come into this world with an internal compass, and that compass is our feelings. I am not saying your path will be easy and without struggle, because even when you follow your passion and purpose you will face with a lot of challenges, and that is okay as it is preparation for you to play a larger role in life, a bigger game, so you can express who you truly are, so the little you can have an experience of the big you! The Universe talks to us directly, in such layman’s terms that you cannot deny its messages if you pay attention. To give you an example, when I got the idea of publishing my first book, I was nervous and unsure, as I didn’t believe people would want to read anything I had to say. I asked the Universe for guidance, and the same day of my prayer, as I was teaching ‘modal verbs’ in an English class in Costa Rica, a student of mine shouted out “The teacher must have written a book” quoting an example of what I was teaching. I was dumbfounded as she had no idea I was seeking direct signs from the Universe that very day, as in whether to publish my book or not. Then a couple of days later, the same student in the same class shouted out once again as an example of past and past participle verbs I was teaching, “The teacher has written a book”, “The teacher wrote a book”. You know, the universe has a way of repeating its messages until you get it. I published my book and then my whole life changed! From a confused computing student at university, I was now an author, a speaker, and I was inspiring and impacting lives. My life had found meaning, passion and purpose. Finally I was living my dreams!

Another example of how the Universe guides us: There was this time, I felt guided to go to Los Angeles. I was broke and didn’t have the money to fund such an expensive trip, but I had announced to the whole world I was going to LA without any clue how I’d get there. It so happened that a few months later I had signed up for an online course that took me to LA for a free event, and moreover, I found local families that hosted me during my entire stay there, so I had a completely free stay in the exorbitant city for three whole months! Can you imagine that? This is real magic inside a Universe that has our back at all times! Read: More magic in Los Angeles.

Extracts from my talk at this forum

Discover your purpose: You get to your life purpose one step at a time. The whole path will not be revealed to you, but you will have to be willing to walk your path. And if you let the Universe guide you, your path will choose you. And before you know it, you have discovered your purpose by following your passions.

The impulse to self-actualize: As a huge shift is transpiring for women today, there is a progressive swing from achievement to self-actualization. So don’t be afraid to express yourselff fully, unleash your gifts, discover your true purpose and ignite your highest potential; it is costing our world when you play small. You are the change maker that can empower and serve yourself as well as fellow humans at the highest level. This is the historic shift happening in the world today where we are moving from a male dominated masculine system to a female nurtured feminine system, in order to balance the two polarities so harmony can reign once again on planet earth. This is an urgent call for you to RISE!

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