To live in the magnificence of our own imaginations, that is magicNine 🔥🔥
It recounts the inner adventures of young Boi traversing the globe in search of love, meaning & magic in her life; an adventure of the mind, a cosmic dance to consciousness, an inner journey to destiny, a true story with an element of fantasy, magicNine is a voyage of the heart. 

ppt foto baisakhi“It was as if all the nines in the universe were coming together to make her dreams come true.” 


Baisakhi Saha, author of magicNine, award-winning international speaker, performer, and globetrotter

magicNine -a true account of the inner adventures of a young girl to consciousness, by author Baisakhi Saha is a book about how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny path. Read more. Buy here

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★★★★★ January 8, 2015 Great dose of adventures – outer and inner, spiritual connections –…


★★★★★ August 12, 2015  Traveling with Boi along her very personal inner journey from page…

Esther G.

★★★★☆ January 14, 2016  This is a colourful and inspirational calendar of artistic posters by…

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…when all roads come to an end, the magical road begins…

This tale follows a young Indian girl who believes in the idea of a soul mate. Guided by certain dreams, she takes on the voyage of her heart, magically navigating Asia, Europe, Africa, South-North-Central America…

Through synchronous events, Boi meets a mysterious man she believes is her soul mate. But then the love she’s just found is lost because of her own fears. She must battle the dark nights of her soul, or remain discontent the rest of her life. Thus begins the inner journey. Her heart nudges, and like a fallen leaf, she flies in the direction of her dreams blindly, with only signs wrapped in the sheets of desire guiding her.

The day Boi decides to listen to her heart, it compels her to bare her soul naked to this man, for he is her magicNine! Over the next three years, she writes to him the story of her heart, sometimes trying to impress him with her knowledge of the universe, at other times desperate to revive her lost love, yet never giving up until the writing takes on a life of its own, and the saga of her life unfolds in the pages of this book through myriad musings mailed to him over millions of moments of madness, melody and magic.

Words flow to her from all corners of the universe, pushing her story in a collage of expressions, a piece from here, a text from there, a poem from nowhere, all of which fit the jigsaw of her life story, one she is reluctant to write…

In search of her soul mate, she met her own soul! 

About the Author


BAISAKHI SAHA was born in Kolkata; she grew up in different states of India, each with a distinct culture, custom, costume, creed, color, cuisine, and courtesy, so it felt as if she was always in a new country! Her childhood was thus a preparation for what was to come in adulthood. Multilingual, she speaks six languages.

A globetrotter, the author has lived in different continents; from Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America, she has traversed the world on various student exchange programs, learning the language of life and love through diverse mirrors of reality. From a computing graduate to a marketing executive to a German interpreter to an English teacher to a Spanish translator to now a writer, speaker, dancer, actor, mysterious coincidences have led her from one place to another, contriving her to live her destiny, to leave a legacy…

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