★★★★★ January 8, 2015

Great dose of adventures – outer and inner, spiritual connections – coincidental and conscious, magic literally in every iota and authenticity to the core !

I love the travels the author went through and the freedom it makes her exude. I can only imagine how rich an experience of journeying through some of the most difficult parts of the world would have been for a girl from a rather conservative land.

The vivid descriptions and the unique format of the book have a great sense of rawness, lending a bout of authenticity. It helps you relate to the book so much more. Very adventurous and courageous of the author to stick with such a format indeed !

A great peek into how no one ever sets out to discover his / her inner self, but you discover yourself in the process of life itself, if you are aware and determined to remain conscious, to be alive… learning subtle tricks of nature, God and destiny with every little experience, with the roller-coaster ride of emotions… so that by the time you experience a big event in life, you can hold the bull by its horn. And also look back at your roller-coaster only with pride and meaning, with no place of regrets and disappointments. The meaningful connections this girl makes with all her learnings and readings are simply mind-blowing. Makes you jog your system the moment it wants to get drowned in even an ounce of negativity!

Author: boi

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