When tragedy strikes and takes away the most precious thing from her life, young Rani embarks upon a journey of self-exploration, into the mazes and meanderings of her mind as she is given a glimpse of the afterlife and alternate realities in a cosmic dance to consciousness, the kind of dance life is made of! 

headshotI dance because I dance because I dance.”


Baisakhi Saha, author of Nrit, award-winning international speaker, performer, and globetrotter

Nrit -the dream of finding the self, upcoming book by author Baisakhi Saha is a parable about discovering our true potential and experiencing life as a magical gift; the story of an ordinary girl who is called to live out an extraordinary dream. Read more.

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Rajat and Rani are fast lovers and in the other, each has found the soulmate! So then Rani’s world is shattered when one day she gets the news of Rajat’s sudden demise. Unable to bear the grief of separation from her lover, she runs off to a high bridge to take her own life. As she stares into the deep waters, she recollects a conversation about the dream of finding the self. She breaks down crying bitterly and loses balance falling into the devouring waters beneath, when she’s given a glimpse of the afterlife and alternate realities. Upon regaining consciousness, she takes off walking for miles into the unknown wilderness; a chance meeting with an old drunkard initiates her into the journey of finding herself through dance. In the noise of the world she hears God’s voice as music to move her body to the rhythm of different elements in nature… thus she encounters the dancer in herself! But can she translate this new language of dance from her inner canvas onto the outer world?

About the Author

i, me, meselfBAISAKHI SAHA was born in Kolkata; she grew up in different states of India, each with a distinct culture, custom, costume, creed, color, cuisine and courtesy, so it felt as if she was always in a new country! Her childhood was thus a preparation for what was to come in adulthood. Multilingual, she speaks six languages.

A globetrotter, the author has traversed from Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America, on various foreign internships, learning the language of life and love through diverse mirrors of reality. From a Computing graduate to a marketing executive to a German interpreter to an English teacher to a Spanish translator to now a writer, speaker, dancer, actor, mysterious coincidences have led her from one place to another, contriving her to live her destiny, to leave a legacy…

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