Baisakhi Saha is an award-winning international speaker, having lectured on a wide range of topics across the globe, esoteric and exoteric, including sharing her personal journey to youths and adults alike, at distinguished venues, cultural and book events, in English, Spanish, German, Bengali, and Hindi. 

She has spoken publicly in various countries including USA, Canada, India, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nigeria, Singapore, Switzerland, at organizations like Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Theosophical Society, Alliance Française, UPGI-UNICEF, AFUNPI, MUN, IICA, International Book Fair, Toastmasters, several universities, institutions, organizations, schools, etc. as well as appeared in international media. She has delivered six TEDx talks internationally which have been featured on TED.com and was invited to speak at the Women Economic Forum – WEF twice, in Costa Rica and Perú where she was conferred the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award.

Women Economic Forum – WEF Perú 2021
Women Economic Forum – WEF Costa Rica 2020

Visit magicNine TV channel to watch her events and speaking gigs in multiple languages. Sample topics she addresses include, but are not limited to, the following:

Exoteric topics

  1. Women empowerment and leadership
  2. Beauty and body image, authentic confidence
  3. Self-empowerment and personal development
  4. Cultivate motivation and inspiration in what we do
  5. Live a life of passion & purpose and manifest our dreams
  6. Foreign education/study abroad & student exchange programs
  7. Travel the world with almost no money, on a low budget
  8. Stay healthy and safe while traveling/living abroad
  9. International travel: how to be a confident & spontaneous traveler
  10. International culture: how to navigate across multi-cultural boundaries
  11. Being multilingual: how to be language smart
  12. My story: an inner journey to a path of passion & purpose
  13. The law of attraction, manifestation, and how it all works as a mirror
  14. The pitfalls of manifestation: why positive thinking doesn’t always work
  15. Synchro-destiny: how signs & synchronicities guide on our destiny paths
  16. Tune in to your inner calling/internal guidance system & navigate destiny
  17. Implications of religion, belief systems & cultural patterns in our experience
  18. Change a dysfunctional belief to recreate reality
  19. Muster the courage to listen to your heart and follow your dreams
  20. What causes diseases and how the immune system reacts to emotions
  21. Epigenetics: cultural/environmental factors surpass genetic predisposition to illnesses

Esoteric topics

  1. Light & shadow aspects of consciousness and how they affect reality
  2. Indigoes, Crystals, Starseeds, Twin flames: evolving beings & relationships
  3. The phenomenon of death and what happens after
  4. Past lives & parallel lives, and how to know about them
  5. What happens when one commits suicide, and its implications
  6. The akashic records and how to access our other lives, past or future
  7. Multi-dimensional humans living alternate realities in parallel universes
  8. How time and space correlate with our reality
  9. Evolution of human consciousness on the planet

NOTE: All concepts are presented with research, validation, and evidence backing them up.