Baisakhi Saha is an award-winning international speaker, having lectured on a wide range of topics across the globe, including sharing her personal journey with youths and adults alike, at distinguished venues, cultural and book events, in English, Spanish, German, Bengali, and Hindi. 

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Bio: An evolutionary author, speaker, performer, teacher, and globetrotter, Baisakhi works towards expanding consciousness on the planet. From Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America, she has lived with local families, eating their food, adopting their lifestyles, contributing to their economy, inhabiting their culture, navigating extreme realities and belief systems, observing varied traditions and religions, scanning the energy of each country she lived for several years to answer life’s most pertinent questions. Coming from a conservative family background in India, she had to overcome all limitations to fly!

Platform: The speaker presents concepts grounded in her myriad experiences while traversing the globe; for instance, how she successfully thwarted perilous circumstances while living in some of the most dangerous countries of the world, how she stayed disease-free during her travels spanning 20+ years, how she navigated the synchronicities on her destiny path, or how she negotiated extreme cultures and created for herself a world without strangers! Her new book, Life Is Abracadabra –21 magical stories from my travels to make you look at life with new eyes, an experiential documentation of how to transcend the ordinary into extraordinary outcomes in alignment with our desires, has received many glowing endorsements from renowned luminaries and world visionaries.

Awards: She has spoken publicly in various countries including USA, Canada, India, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nigeria, Singapore, Switzerland, at organizations like Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Theosophical Society, Alliance Française, UNICEF-UPGI, AFUNPI, MUN, IICA, St. Gallen Symposium, Toastmasters, International Book Fair, universities, institutions, schools, many distinguished events as well as appeared in international media. She has delivered several TEDx talks internationally featured on TED.com, and was invited to speak at the Women Economic Forum – WEF where she was conferred the Exceptional Women of Excellence and Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All awards.


Sample topics she addresses of both exoteric and esoteric in nature include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Navigating a magical life: rise above mass mind to thwart disease & danger
  2. Synchronicity: interpreting signs & omens to tap into higher guidance
  3. Women empowerment and leadership
  4. Beauty and body image, cultivating authentic confidence
  5. Self-empowerment and personal development
  6. Cultivate motivation and inspiration in what we do
  7. How to live a life of passion & purpose to manifest our dreams
  8. Foreign education/study abroad & student exchange programs
  9. Travel the world with almost no money, on a low budget
  10. Stay healthy and safe while traveling/living abroad
  11. International travel: how to be a confident & spontaneous traveler
  12. International culture: how to navigate across multi-cultural boundaries
  13. Being multilingual: how to be language smart
  14. My story: an inner journey to a path of passion & purpose
  15. The law of attraction, manifestation, and how it all works as a mirror
  16. The pitfalls of manifestation: why positive thinking doesn’t always work
  17. Synchro-destiny: how signs & synchronicities guide our destiny paths
  18. Tuning in to our internal guidance system & inner calling to navigate destiny
  19. Implications of religion, belief systems & cultural patterns in our lives
  20. How to change a dysfunctional belief and recreate reality
  21. Muster the courage to listen to your heart and follow your dreams
  22. What causes diseases and how the immune system reacts to emotions
  23. Longevity and age-reversal, centenarian consciousness
  24. Epigenetics: cultural & environmental factors surpass genetic predisposition to illnesses


  1. Light & shadow aspects of consciousness and how they affect reality
  2. Indigoes, crystals, starseeds, twin flames: evolving beings & relationships
  3. The phenomenon of death and what happens after
  4. Past lives & parallel lives, and how to know about them
  5. What happens when one commits suicide, and its implications
  6. The Akashic records and how to access our other lives, past or future
  7. Multi-dimensional humans living alternate realities in parallel universes
  8. How time and space correlate with our reality
  9. Evolution of human consciousness on the planet

NOTE: All concepts are presented with research, validation, and evidence backing them up.


Below is an outline of her speaking experiences at distinguished events internationally. Visit magicNine TV to watch more gigs in different languages.

Women Economic Forum – WEF

Baisakhi was invited to speak at the Women Economic Forum or Foro Económico de Mujeres in Spanish in Latin America twice; the first was in San José, Costa Rica at par with the country’s first female President where her talk was individually sponsored by Best Western Plus hotel, and the second was in Lima, Perú where her evolutionary work was recognized with the Exceptional Women of Excellence award. She was also invited to speak at the Annual WEF in India where she was conferred the Exceptional Women of Excellence and Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All awards. Here is her WEF profile.

Annual WEF India 2022
Annual WEF India 2022
Annual WEF India 2022
WEF Perú 2021
WEF Costa Rica 2020

TED / TEDx talks

Baisakhi was invited to speak at six TEDx talks across India, Costa Rica, and the USA, which have been featured on the official TED site as well. Each talk addresses a unique theme, sometimes dramatized for more impact and sometimes culminating with a dance performance.

TEDxNainiWomen, Allahabad
TEDxSOAUniversity, Bhubaneswar
TEDxSIT, Tumkur
TEDxIGDTU, New Delhi
TEDxYouth@BSCR, San José
TEDxResedaBlvd, Los Angeles

Events & lectures

Baisakhi was invited to speak at several organizations, institutions, universities, schools, hotels, prestigious events, as well as non-profits, some of which were featured in the local media of the countries where she presented her talks in multiple languages.

Lectures playlist
Events playlist

Podcasts & media gigs

Baisakhi has done several podcasts and been interviewed on media platforms across Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazine, and Digital News internationally. Below is a playlist:

Podcasts & media gigs playlist

Enlightening discussions

Baisakhi has engaged in interesting conversations with world visionaries on topics of utmost importance and relevance in today’s turbulent times, besides delivering motivational extempore talks for her magicNine TV channel audience.

Enlightening chats playlist
Evolutionary talks playlist

Synchronicity series

Baisakhi has her own bilingual podcast series on her channel where she frequently posts evolutionary videos on mindboggling topics challenging the boundaries of perception to recreate reality, in English and Spanish.

Synchronicity playlist
Sincronicidad lista de reproducción


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To book her for an event or workshop, contact the speaker directly. She can deliver lectures or podcasts in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Bengali.