The heart language of synchronicity & symbolism

You may have been told that you should heed the voice of authority but you are, in fact, the governing authority of your own sacred life; you know what you crave, what you yearn and long for… take note of those cravings, those desires, those hungers for intimacy with the beloved, for oneness with the infinite creator, for clarity and guidance on your life path that will cause your learning and growth…

A synchronicity is like a symbol through which the deeper subconscious mind communicates with the surface consciousness, the higher self converses with the little self incarnated into a lifetime. Just as every human is unique and their hopes, wants, wishes, dreams, desires, thoughts, feelings, life experiences subjective to them, similarly a synchronous event is a subjective thing which doesn’t occur to a great number of people at the same time. Usually, it is something happening to you at a given moment by dint of your thoughts and desires felt by you in a specific manner, which move energy and attract exterior events, very different from how others feel or think things. It is your way and how you perceive things that bring certain kinds of signs & synchronicities on your path for you to interpret and navigate life; the more intense your desires the more groomed is the energy, but even the most indistinct ways of concentrating upon a wish can cause some kind of synchronicity to appear in your life. Nevertheless, your synchronicity will be different from that of another’s—you could perceive a certain fragrance, hear the screech of a bird or a particular song, see a certain number or creature repeatedly, sense a sudden gust of wind against your skin, depending on whether you’re visual, aural, sensual, or perceptive to odors, and in those moments you become alert, awake, aware of something larger, something out there in the infinite universe responding to your thoughts, wishes and desires. If you’re a nature lover you might perceive insects, birds, butterflies, spiders, or any form for that matter like a pebble or gem, and when you see, hear, taste, smell, or feel these things they speak to you in a way that makes sense to you alone. And although you are a part of the dance of All That Is and everything is connected, although you are a spark of the divine and all is one, you are also unique and inimitable; you do not see things the same way or learn the way another would, you do not experience things the same way or feel like another, so obviously, your synchronicities are also exclusive to you. Hence, your signs will be different from, let’s say, your friend’s even if your desires may be similar, as your filters of perception are unique to your individual self.

A very commonly perceived synchronicity appearing to a large number of people on the planet is the repeating numbers 1111, often perceived as the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the day, i.e. 11:11 represented by two lines two dots two lines, in the sudden moment you decide to consult the clock for time, or any other repeating, symmetrical number for that matter such as 333, 999, 1221, etc. It is true that there are certain aspects in which your individual mind is in communion with the mass mind and in such situations symbols like 1111 can have a broader significance than the merely personal. And yet, the way you perceive that moment of synchronicity will always be subjective and how it speaks to you will remain unique to you. Because it is the meaning you give to that number, it is what you cause the synchronicity to convey, that will create your personal reality. Imagination is creation! There is no objective observation of anything by anyone in this universe; the observer always affects the observed and thusly one’s reality is defined.

A synchronicity happens to provide you with a context to reflect more deeply, to take the resonance of a particular moment into account so that you can create passageways from one level of the mind to another leading to a fuller and more profound communication with the self. There are moments when you aren’t thinking consciously that such an opportunity arises to deepen your engagement with the events of the day and to allow ‘being’ to come through into the course of your ‘doing’. And because this is a very personal experience happening to you, these symbols are as private and unique as you are an individual, it is tempting to doubt yourself in those moments as you cannot validate the experience with someone else. You may simply dismiss it as a mere coincidence, happenstance, chance, luck, or even have a negative belief about it. And although you reject the synchronicity, overlook the intuition, ignore the announcement of outer intention, disregard the communication from your higher self or spirit guide, you will still receive synchronicities from time to time in those unguarded moments when you suddenly become aware of them. Alternatively, if you do decide to tune in and take note of what you were thinking when a synchronicity occurs, they will multiply and spirit will start communicating with you more often through these symbols as a heart language, as you allow the higher intelligence to seep into your conscious awareness of day to day existence.

So, don’t try to rationalize the experience with logic or reasoning, rather sit with it and contemplate the magic. You will find meaning as you connect with something intangible, something infinite that you cannot grasp with rational or linear thinking. To understand this better, read Synchronicity: A new dimension of reality approaching humanity.

logic is tragic, because it has no magic

When a synchronicity occurs it is a good reminder to keep your attention on what you’re trying to achieve in life even when this is difficult, to remember that you have come here for a purpose in order to accomplish specific things, and that your intention to complete those things can in fact falter, hence a glance at the clock at a precise time like 11:11 or 9:09 so to speak, can indeed be a gentle reminder that no time is as good as the present to fortify that intention and be reassured that you’re on the right path. The length of your lifetime on earth presents the opportunity to accomplish your objectives, to claim your unique destiny, but in this reality of duality, in this confusing physicality of contrasts, mired in cultural conditioning and limiting belief systems of dysfunctional societies, you may actually forget and lose track of your target. Hence, synchronicities help connect you to the deeper portion of your mind which is aware of what needs to be done and is quite capable of signaling your surface mind through symbolism exclusively catered to each individual.

A synchronicity creates within you a feeling of validation and support, this exciting magical thing that you have discovered! It is natural and an understandable response to want to talk about it with as many people as possible, especially your loved ones, wishing for them the same experience that you’re having. It is, however, not your job to enlighten anyone but yourself. Now, if someone asks you questions or seeks your guidance, by all means feel free to offer your insights, but what will really affect those around you is not your knowledge… rather it is your energy, that which shines through you, your love of the creator, your will to live a life of mystical seeking that will make an actual impact.

Dream communication

Often in your dreams you enter realities that bring about synchronicities in your waking lives; you may find a solution to a problem, receive a message from your spirit guide, get a larger perspective on certain aspects of your current situation, etc. You can find resonance and significance attached to specific people, places, animals, events that would not have the same importance to someone else; hence, when they transpire within the structure of your dreams they have meaning to you that only you can interpret and benefit from. It can at times be valuable to see the proceedings of your waking life like the sort of significance they might have in a dream whereby the small things in your day will have a symbolic significance to you. But if you choose to ignore these synchronicities when they occur or fail to notice them, they’ll pass you by without hindering or causing any ripple at all and fade away into your past. If, on the other hand, you do choose to heed them then you’ll find a way to relate with these magical symbols and learn to communicate with the deeper portion of your mind, also your higher self.

In fact, synchronicities appear not just in one lifetime but they often repeat over several lifetimes. When that happens you might feel as if you’ve lived the moment before and essentially you have! This type of synchronicity is often termed as déjà vu occurring throughout a series of lifetimes and although you think you’re experiencing a new moment, you’re essentially repeating a similar moment from a previous or future timeline that you may even have had a prior glimpse of through precognitive dreams or premonitions. In the metaphysical sense, time doesn’t exist; hence, these synchronicities go back and forth occurring simultaneously through parallel timelines thereby becoming even more synchronous and significant to the observer.

The grand energy of the collective mind continually inspires individual minds in subtle, subliminal, significant ways through symbols that define mystics, poets, musicians, writers, dreamers, composers, painters, sculptors, inventors, troubadours, geniuses, artists, misfits… you could make up a word, compose a piece, or start rhyming phrases without a clue as to where the words came from. It may feel like a cosmic download of information as it all just falls into place, fits into that poem, book, song, etc., feels right intuitively as a subconscious sense of significance births through the mind; the energies that create synchronicities intermingle then branch off into another concept then another and another and so on and so forth. If you can take note of the original synchronicity, it continues to branch off creating bigger and bigger ripples until your entire life fills up with depth and significance and each moment seems meaningful, magical as you find yourself one with other selves and the barriers in between melt away bridging the divide. Therefore, a synchronicity although unique to you is also a means of creating a link among all.

A classic personal example

By now you must have understood that synchronicities are, in effect, a form of communication and they communicate to the conscious mind of an individual from the subconscious mind or from the higher self to the little self incarnated at any given time. As one continues to walk this mysterious path they become more and more skilled at deciphering these messages from the higher self and their learning becomes even more sophisticated. Synchronicities are basically a means of capturing the attention of the little self and if one synchronicity is overlooked then another is presented and another until the individual in concern takes notice. If a number sequence, for instance, is ignored as possibly a coincidence then another form of synchronicity is tried, like an out-of-place fragrance or the appearance of a totemic animal symbol, until the little self cannot disregard it anymore and accepts it as a means of spirit communication, which it is!

Let me cite here a classic example from my own personal experience. I was experiencing intense signs & synchronicities during my travels across the world and writing them down until, one day, I received a very direct message to publish my writings. I was scared, terrified that none would want to read my story, that people would think I was crazy, that I didn’t deserve to be recognized, blah, blah, blah… but I was so good at observing synchronicities by then that I just could not dismiss it and remain at peace with myself. So, I made it a matter of prayer. I asked the universe to give me a direct sign, so sure and specific that I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted. That very evening of my prayer, as I was teaching English at a local institute in Central America, suddenly one of my students exclaimed, “The teacher must have written a book”, as an example of modal verbs that I was explaining to them. I was dumbfounded! Surely, this was an unmistakable sign. But my rational mind, so used to the programming of societies, wanted to immediately dismiss it as sheer coincidence. Nevertheless, spirit was persistent. A couple of days later, while teaching the same group other verb forms, the same student blurted out, “The teacher has written a book”, “The teacher wrote a book”, once again citing examples of past and perfect tenses I was teaching. I don’t know why she used the word ‘teacher’ instead of a name, or why all her examples were referring to a book already written and not something to be written. I could not ignore the announcement of outer intention anymore. I published the book and then my entire life turned around. From an English teacher, I gracefully transformed into an author, a motivational speaker, a performer being invited to distinguished venues across the world to present my work as my life found purpose and meaning. I realized I had published the book more for myself than for anyone else. And that is how it is with life. All inspired action, all forms of service, are always mutually beneficial and symbiotic. That was a Level 9 class I was taking in Room no. 207 between 6:30 and 9:00 pm (all numbers being multiples of nine add up to a nine when summed and reduced to a single digit) and my first book was titled nine-lettered magicNine, which was all about the magical symbol ‘9’. Now beat that!

My upcoming book, Life Is Abracadabra, recounts twenty-one such magical stories from my travels across the globe that will make you look at life with new eyes, and perceive reality from an altogether new dimension of synchronicity.

Love is all there is!

Synchronicities are like baby talk from the higher self to the little self and as one grows in their capacity to deciphering this mysterious language of the heart, the necessity of such signals diminishes over time. As the little self starts to pay attention this communication becomes more profound, multifaceted and lucid to the extent where one can talk with the higher self as if they were chatting with a pal! And as one delves deeper into this kind of communication, it keeps growing in complexity and translucence, till the higher self seems to commune with the little self and it feels like there is no longer communication from self to self but all that is left is self. Therefore, synchronicities are like the first domino propelling one into initiating this kind of conversation with the higher self then gradually merging the selves, so that the little self can become aware of itself and who it really is.

And so, the question is: Who are we? Are we just a spectator to these synchronicities we encounter? Do they place upon us some kind of responsibility, some purpose to be fulfilled?

We have come here to do business, to love and be loved. More often than not, the first is easier than the second. But we are here to learn how to do both. And how can we learn, grow, evolve without making mistakes, without blindly rushing into dark alleys and encountering the dead-end then emerging from it bigger and wiser? We should not fault ourselves for the failures, for dashing off into shadowy byways, rather we should applaud ourselves for the passion and the courage to seek the blind alley, and the modesty to learn from our mistakes. When synchronicities appear in our lives, we should ask ourselves: what was I thinking in that moment? Was it of love?

At the core of our very essence is love. Love is nearer to us than our own breaths. And amidst our busiest moments, in the deepest thicket of our lives, we can tune in to that love within the silence of our hearts. But we have to choose to come to that love, to let our armors down and allow love, to welcome the silence in this eternal, endless moment of now. Amidst the confusion and chaos of the material world, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is possible to stay aware of the self in the infinite space and silence surrounding it. The song of silence is sweet and mesmerizing, and if we can become good at listening to it, then we will hear God’s voice in the noise of the world.

The little self is in search of itself, having an individuated experience here on earth in any particular incarnation. But it is already a part of the higher self, a part of All That Is, not apart! It is the light, and the light that it seeks is within itself.

Therefore, use the synchronicities to shine your light bright, to blossom into the beautiful flowers you are meant to be and serve others with your pleasant fragrance, your true essence which is love. Share your magical stories because you matter, you make a difference in the world, every single one of you. You are a rare present to yourself, to the creator and the created! Honor yourself, love yourself, accept yourself with all your nuances and idiosyncrasies, then will you become yourself fully as you navigate life with the best of your abilities, with your unique signature, with your awareness of the self, and while you do so you will become a beacon of light for others around you just as there are beacons of light to guide you on your path. So, do not dismiss your subtle hunches, your snippets of wisdom, your flashes of inspiration, for in those moments you are in tune with your divine self, with your light. You are a special snowflake, unique and irreplaceable, and you have a special place in this infinite, eternal, unified creation of All That Is!

Note to reader: As I was composing this piece, especially while writing the part about 1111, I took a local bus to a nearby area for a chore when the conductor issued two tickets for me and an acquaintance accompanying me. As I held the tickets together in my hand, I couldn’t miss the striking synchronicity… below is a picture!


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