Imagination is the source code, your divine power

God became man so man could become God…

God is man’s imagination. And man is God’s imagination. Image-ination is creation. I image, therefore I create! You create an image in your mind then you create that image in your physical reality, sometimes instantly and sometimes in a lifetime or even in dream states. Everything physical was once imagined, created in the intangible realm first. The computer or smart phone you’re reading this on was once an imagination in someone’s mind. The house you’re living in also birthed in someone’s imagination, before it physicalized. We literally create our physical reality with our imagination. Imagination is our soul signature, our divine gift! When we understand this, we can play the game of life much better. Rather than being at its effect, we become cause. Rather than assuming life is happening to us, we know life is also happening through us. We are the creator and the created. And so every thought, word, action, response, will become more deliberate, more intentional, instead of just unconscious reactions to life’s situations. It takes a shift of perspective to comprehend this. And that is the secret; our perceptions can be created, crafted in our imaginations.

Can you do anything without involving your imagination? Can you do anything at all without first thinking it? That is impossible. Thoughts are subsets of imagination. You can play with your thoughts, thus enhance your imagination. Everybody thinks through images. You cannot just have an imageless thought; even blind people have some kind of inner vision. Can you construct a house, without imagining first how it would look like? Can you be in a relationship without imagining how it would be? Every life experience is birthed in the mind’s eye. Thoughts, wishes, fears, worries, desires, dreams, intuitions, expectations, perceptions, love, happiness, success, failure, positivity, negativity are all by-products of imagination. It is how good or bad things look in our imagination, that dictates our experience of life in the present moment.

Imagination is fueled by desire. God speaks to us through the language of desire. When we deny our desires or make them wrong, we are out of alignment with our true nature. Because desire causes all expansion in the Universe; it is the way to destiny, the beginning of all creation. And so those who deny desire or make it wrong essentially don’t want to suffer from the un-fulfillment of their desires. But the desire to not suffer is also a desire. There is nothing in the Universe that can happen without desire. To learn more, read: desire causes all expansion.

Most people are totally unaware of the power of their imagination and bend to the dictates of facts. They don’t realize this tangible world is an illusion. It is birthed in the intangible realm in the form of energy patterns and vibrations, which then harden into physical matter when their frequency is lowered. And so, one has to raise his frequency in the intangible realm in order to impact change in the physical realm. And the way to access that intangible realm is through imagination. Imagination is the aspect in us that connects us to the invisible world. One must keep a foot in the visible and the other in the invisible world, to create balance between both worlds. Use your imaginal power, develop your imagining capacity, strengthen it, stretch your mind, get creative, assume, self-persuade, and paint your mental canvas with the colorful brushes of your desires. Feeling is the secret here. Feel your painted reality so as to realize it. When you explore your infinite creative power, you will encounter the power of imagination. You can heal yourself, protect yourself, do miracles, using imagination. The concept called God is man’s imagination. This is his creative power. There is nothing under the heaven that is not part of imagination. 

When things don’t look so good in our imagination

Sometimes we are unable to imagine the things we want to see manifest in our physical reality. Not because we can’t imagine it, but there is so much proof contrary to what we want to see created that we simply fall back into a disempowered perspective. This happens because we are not trained to hone our imaginative capacities since childhood. We grow up in societies where we are given a set of rules to follow, we are told how our lives should look like, what we should do, what profession we should pursue, what path we should take, bla bla bla! In such a constricted state, it then becomes very difficult to even give ourselves permission to imagine an entirely different reality. Because we may not even know where to start or how that other reality would look like. As we are most times not even in touch with our wishes, wants, desires and dreams. We got so used to the programming of mass mind that we start to believe life was meant to be a constant struggle, thus we manifest more struggle in our collective and individual realities. And then the reality of our dreams continues to elude us. Because beliefs are a part of our imagination, when we hold a limiting or dysfunctional belief, we are creating a negative reality in which we don’t want to be, but unconsciously compel ourselves to be.

In such situations, it is important to persuade ourselves and be persistent with our imaginary work. Belief systems, societal expectations, cultural ideologies, familial upbringing, mass programming, are always working at a subconscious level, thus affecting the length, breadth and depth of our imaginations. If you can free yourself from all that conditioning and don’t let them own your mind, then your imagination will become your best ally. And if you still find it difficult to craft your imaginations, then pray. Prayer affirms what thought and reasoning cannot. Have faith in your prayers. And never stop visioning.

Living in the end: this is the hardest part of all when evidence all around us seems to be contrary to our dreams. But here is the trick: don’t believe the evidence! It is merely what manifested from previous programming. With time, as you purge and cleanse your mind of the limiting belief systems, you will get better at manifesting. With new perspectives you can recreate newer realities. And it will not be perfect, because it will be based on your current level of consciousness. But that’s okay; always use what manifests in your reality as a feedback mechanism to adjust and align your vibrations more in tune with what you desire. Reality is an illusion; it only exists for you because you perceive it. And you can change your perception to transmute reality. So don’t take the physical reality as the absolute truth. Knowing this is freedom. There are many people programming physical reality with their own thoughts and belief systems, so at times you will find yourself in others’ imagined realities. This is what makes life so freaking interesting and complicated, because there are infinite possibilities and perspectives to choose from.

When imagination goes wrong

I have always managed to protect myself from danger using my imaginative faculties. I would imagine a white or golden light surrounding me and program it with divine protection. It always worked. Having lived in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, I often had to rely on my imaginations to keep me safe. I remember there was this one day when I was running in the evening at the central park of Costa Rica. After doing about three rounds, something inside told me to go home. But I usually did four rounds and wanted to complete my regular exercise regime. It was getting dark and I didn’t heed to my intuitive cautioning. Well, I was at a particularly dark area in the park, when I was attacked by a man walking in the opposite direction toward me. He caught me head on and in a second I was in the ground with him on top of me. I started screaming but there was absolutely no one around to help me. I remember in that moment I detached from the experience and started thinking, this cannot be happening to me. I am supposed to be safe. There must be a mistake, I cannot be attacked. God won’t let that happen to me! And then I don’t know what happened. Suddenly my attacker dropped me and ran away! I got up and started running too, to get to a place with more people, as fast as I could. I had heard many horrendous stories about how people have been raped and murdered in that park in the dark. I didn’t even want to imagine what could have happened to me; I was glad I escaped alive, unhurt as I promised myself to take better heed of my intuitions thenceforth.

When things don’t work out and imagination goes wrong, that is the call to recreate. Reality is feedback to re-imagine, that is to re-image. Live as you wish to live. Revise that letter you just received, rewrite it, and make it conform to the news you wish you had received instead. Re-vision. Daydream. This is the creative power of man. To rewrite, to rescript, to find the advantage in anything, that is advanced imagining. Even when something bad is happening, imagine it’s happening for your own highest good, and that good will eventually be revealed to you. Ultimately the process of life actualizes you, so you can experience your own divinity and unleash your true power of creation. But there may be many thoughts and belief systems that you grew up conditioned with, that can sabotage your efforts. And so, all those realities show up where you don’t experience your own power. The contrast awakens you; it’s the feedback mechanism of the Universe so you can adjust your vibrations and quantum jump to a new reality where you do believe in your own power and create from that empowered state. Manifestations can be instantaneous or might take a lifetime, depending on how discouragingly or encouragingly your mind is programmed.

Now what does it actually look like to live in an imagined reality? You have to persuade yourself to believe in that reality, even when outside evidence points to the contrary. Do not make anything real. Sometimes there is resistance to imagination. For instance, you may want a love experience but deep inside you believe you’re unlovable. So all your efforts to imagine a loving relationship will be counterproductive, since it’s likely your actions will not match your imaginations. You will unconsciously act in self-abandoning ways that tell others you don’t believe in your own worth. But life wants you to have that love, because that is your desire. So it will keep bringing partners who are a vibrational match to your subconscious beliefs, who will reflect back to you your own unhealed aspects. This should not discourage you, rather take it as feedback, to keep aligning your vibrations, until you line up with the reality you wish to experience, in this case the kind of partner you truly desire. Now you may say that you know others who imagined and believed but didn’t experience their wishes and desires. Well, remember that life doesn’t end at death. Rather death is a continuation of life. They may have taken their imagination and manifestation onto another dimension.

Living as if

Put your imagination to work. Imagine the wish fulfilled. Feel into it, remain in it, give it all the tones and hues, the sensory vividness in your imaginations, as you fall asleep quietly. You will enter a reality where it is manifested. Start walking and moving your body as if inside the realization of your wish; feel how it would feel in that fulfilled state. Make a life-like representation of what you desire. Then as you go to bed, in your drowsy sleepy state, imagine you’re where you wish to be. Instead of thinking of what you want, think from what you want! Sleep in that state. And when something great happens in your life, don’t try to explain it away that you had nothing to do with it. You created it in some way or the other.

It is in the isness that all life happens. So being in the isness means, in your imaginations you have to believe what you wish to experience is now real. Live in that scenario. And it will come to pass. You just must trust the process. A desire is a desire. God doesn’t judge it to be good or bad. You may or may not like the experience you created from it. But the things you expect to happen, do usually happen. Because you believe in them. You cannot expect something that you don’t believe. So expect great things now, and continue to expect great things always. If something bad happens expect great things will come from it.

I remember there was this one time I was visiting Los Angeles and being hosted by several families through Servas and Couchsurfing. I had a TEDx event scheduled in the San Fernando Valley, and one of my host families told me they would host me during the days of the event as they lived in the valley. However, a couple of days before the event that host fell sick and suddenly cancelled on me. I panicked as my event was near and I had no backup options. But I did not allow the picture in my mind to look grim. Instead of giving in to desperation, I searched for couchsurfers in the valley and what followed was a miracle! I found the perfect host in the valley at the nick of time, who housed me for three whole weeks during and post the event, and even dropped me at the venue. Not only that, there was ample space in the house for me to practise my dance prior to the event and I did not have to move out in three days, which I usually had to do with all my other hosts there. Read the full story here: more magic in Los Angeles. It was a true blessing in disguise. Can beggars be choosers? Hell yeah, they can be queens if they so choose! So always expect great things of yourself.

Oh I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a queen of infinite space!

Biggest block to imagination

What if it doesn’t manifest? Then I will be disappointed. So I won’t take the risk. That way I will be safe where I am.

The biggest block to imagination is our own fears. Fear of disappointment. Fear of unfulfillment. Fear of suffering. Fear of lack. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of life itself. Of course, it is not just enough to imagine. We live in a physical world, so we must take action toward the fulfillment of our dreams. But if the dream is too far-fetched, people usually remain passive and don’t take any action, afraid they’ll be disappointed if they fail in their attempt. Because the biggest disappointment is to take action and still end up with an unfulfilled dream. Might as well not take the risk, that way we will be safe. Right? This is the exact mindset the naysayers harbor. Now here’s the thing: when you do take action toward your dream, in faith, believing in yourself, then life will present you with possibilities. And you will know when that happens because you will be ready to move to the next step. You do not need to see the whole path at once. All you need to do is take one step toward your dream, and the subsequent step will be revealed to you. But most people do not even get to that state, because their fear blocks their intuitive imaginings and even if a great idea filters through their consciousness they will reason it away with their doubts. Doubt is the biggest enemy of manifestation. It is the opposite of faith. But if you know that like life, imagination is infinite and limitless, then the fear to take that step would vanish because you will know that imagination is a creative process, and if something doesn’t work out, a new possibility can be created. That is faith. Faith that life is on your side, that God wants for you what you want for you. Believe you received it and you will!

This will eventually become your natural currency of thought if you keep at it, chipping away the doubts and riding your wisdom to victory. This kind of thinking will feel as natural as your normal waking moments and everyday states. Imagine you are healed to the extent you can ignore the symptoms and start doing things that you would be normally doing without the symptoms. When you reach a particular vibration in your awareness, you will be able to successfully do this to alleviate any symptom or dis-ease in your body. That is why there are so many cases of spontaneous remissions. But this kind of magic healing may not instantly happen in denser thought frequencies. So keep practising and adjusting your inner vibrations. Live in the wish fulfilled. Feel it in your body and mind, daydream, and imagine yourself inside the matrix of the manifested desire, as you slowly go off to sleep. And know this: your life must externalize what you imagine. If that means to ignore the present evidences contradicting in front of you, then so be it.

Imagination is creation

If you are capable of asking a question, then in another world there is an answer. If you can imagine something in a playground of possibilities, then in another Universe it is a reality. Alternate realities and parallel universes are created everytime you imagine a thing in your desires. Those possibilities harden into facts when you pursuade them in your imaginations. Do you get this part? Read that again: those possibilities harden into facts when you can pursuade them in your imaginations, contrary to what current evidence presents. What is really real? No one can tell. Come to think of it. There are so many realities, so many possibilities, so many variations, so many permutations and combinations, so many perceptions, so many belief systems, ideologies, theologies, philosophies, simultaneously being created by so many people, what then is constant, when reality is such a variable seen differently from each person’s perspective? Everything is subjective, coming from the perception of someone, and everyone is right given their model of the Universe. There is an entire Universe inside everyone, and that Universe expands as the horizon of their minds expand. Because everything is imagined in someone’s mind! If you don’t exist, there is no reality for you to navigate. And so, if there is any absolute truth in a multiverse of universes, that is in our imagination only!

Now here’s a downside to this. Imaginations can flare up to fantasies. That’s an excellent way to get creative. But there is also a realistic factor involved here. When you fantasize something you’re usually not really expecting it to come true, but when you consciously imagine hoping to create it, you’re actually bringing it to fruition. People imagine worst case scenarios because we have been programmed at a collective level to fear reality; it is like a survival mechanism. So usually our fears manifest more than our desires, because that is a more practiced vibration here on earth. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you know. You can practice a new vibration that will become your new normal. Play with life and play with your imaginations. Get creative. And get down to the nitty gritty details in your imaginations.

So imagine. Imagine. IMAGINE.

And create. Create. CREATE.

Here’s a toast to your beautiful creations… cheers! 🙌

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Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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