Synchronicity: A new dimension of reality approaching humanity

In the morning of 1 April 1949, the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung observed a figure in an inscription that was half fish, half man. Shortly after, he was served fish for lunch and while chatting with an acquaintance, the custom of making an April fish aka April fool of someone came up (poisson d’avril). Later in the afternoon, his ex-patient, who he hadn’t seen for many months, showed him some remarkable pictures of fish. Then in the evening, he was presented with an embroidered fabric that had sea monsters and fish in it. The next day, he was having a visit by another of his former patients, after nearly a decade, who had dreamt of a gigantic fish the previous night and told him that. A couple of months afterwards, when he was using this series in a larger piece of work and had just finished penning it, he strolled by a lake where he’d been quite a few times earlier… but this time he saw a big fish lying on the sea wall, with no clue whatsoever as to how it could have gotten there! 

A strange reality

The term synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung to explain the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena, derived from the Greek words, syn (with) and chronus (time). He thoroughly investigated into the interaction between thought and material reality, and having analyzed hundreds of such peculiar occurrences as cited above, he defined this kind of inexplicable coincidences as synchronicity. In Jungian psychology, synchronicity is related by meaning rather than causation.

In his work, Synchronicity—an acausal connecting principle, Jung states that synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of a particular psychic state with often more than one external event showing up as meaningful parallels to that momentary subjective mental state. As an example, he cites the extraordinary case study of a young female patient of his who was literally psychologically unreachable. What was inaccessible about her was that she always seemed to know the better about everything and exuded an intellectual capacity encompassing an impeccably geometrical idea of reality. Her outstanding education had conferred her with an exaggerated rationalism (animus inflation) that was preventing her from accessing unconscious materials. After many unsuccessful attempts to soften her rational thinking, he was hoping for something irrational, something out of the blue to show up that could pierce through the impenetrable intellectual bubble she had caged herself into.

One day, he was listening to her describe an imposing dream she had had the previous night where someone had gifted her an expensive jewelry—it was a golden scarab. While she was still narrating her dream, Jung perceived a soft sound of something beating onto the cabinet window behind him. He turned around to find a big insect flying outside, thumping against the glass pane, trying in vain to enter their dwelling. This seemed odd, so, he unbolted the window at once to catch the insect in midair as it rushed into the dark room. He opened his palm to discover a scarab beetle! It was a rose chafer (cetonia aurata) with a metallic golden rim color nearly matching that of a golden scarab, a very rare presence for that climate. “Here’s your golden scarab,” he declared, passing along the tiny winged creature to the lady.

One might dismiss this incidence as mere coincidence, but this ‘coincidence’ was not senseless nor simple, because it ruptured the veil of rationalism with which she had surrounded herself, thus dissolving the ice around her intellectual defiance. Her therapy could then be carried out with desirable outcomes. 

And sure enough, as I was writing this piece I casually thought that perhaps a real beetle would show up in my room too just to prove to me that I’m right in picking this subject today. I dozed off contemplating the beetle in my siesta and awoke when it was already dark. Suddenly I saw a tiny glowing light fleeting about in front of me and realized a firefly was in my room! It seemed magical to behold a luminous golden dot dancing around in absolute darkness, so, I quickly captured a brief video. Later I found out that fireflies are nocturnal beetles of the lampyridae family called elateroid beetles.

About an hour later, I was on the phone with an aunt when my toes felt something moving beneath; immediately I lifted my foot so as to avoid killing it then bent down to examine the fairly large insect. I captured an image of it on my iPhone camera and looked it up. It was similar to the nedyus quadrimaculatus and hadroplontus litura beetle species, but I couldn’t determine its exact race as many bugs look like beetles. Whatever it was, it had served its purpose on my floor! Soon I found another peculiar insect on my wall, which I figured out was the red-head black beetle species also called bombardier beetles or genus brachinus. I had not laid my eyes upon a beetle or a firefly inside my room before this day.

So, there it was unmistakably—my sign! It is not that I’m so accustomed to the occurrence of synchronicity by now that they don’t captivate me anymore. On the contrary, even after all these years of perceiving and playing with synchronicities, each time external manifestation of a seemingly random thought occurs, I’m still left wide-eyed with bewilderment.

We cannot wait for science to define our experiences for us or approve of our individual realities. We have to live our lives right here right now, resolve our problems, make sense of reality, and find meaning in our existence, while scientists catch up with their explanation of the mysterious. We still know very little about the world we live in. The fact that synchronicities have any meaning at all is for you to discover. 

I did not know anything about Jung’s experiments or theories when I started experiencing them; exactly when those seemingly abstract synchronicities started dotting my path, I can’t even tell, but eventually they got so intense and so impelling that I began jotting them down and what followed is my new book: Life Is Abracadabra21 magical stories from my travels to make you look at life with new eyes, filled with synchronicities and magical encounters that I like to call meaningful coincidences.

LIA front cover

Meaningful coincidences that materialized impossible dreams, disentangled unworkable problems, got me out of inescapable situations, saved my life several times, and laid out in front of me a magical path to tread, one step at a time; as outer intention made itself manifest, I realized a larger plan unfolding for me, leading me and pleading me to live out my true purpose, and all I had to do was take the next step with faith and childlike wonder, plunge into the abyss of mystery and allow the guidance to reveal itself. Because it was the path of the heart that my rational mind could not completely fathom or explain.

Now why would any sensible, sentient life form depart from the sound ground of reason and logic, and plunge into the bottomless chasm of mystery and paradox? Why would anyone deviate from that which can be proven, touched, seen, and instead seek the unseen, the unknown? Because that is where one can connect with infinity, dance with divinity, taste eternity… The yearning for spiritual truth is such that one must leave their comfort zone of rationality and practicality, quit relying wholly on that which can be seen or proven, and instead take the side street, the dark alleys, the shadowy lanes of mystery and infinity, where spiritual growth occurs.

Because that which is spiritual or metaphysical must be learned by the self without proof or validation, and while doing so one would often discover that there is no method of proving such insights in a way that will make others believe; hence, it is futile to search for proof. And it really does not matter, because there is no other that needs convincing but the self. Because through the proving and the convincing what one is really trying to do is orient oneself once they have left the box of logic and stepped onto magic. You cannot make finite that which is infinite! It is a grand universe, a chaotic universe, a paradoxical universe with contradictory truths and divine dichotomies coexisting simultaneously; hence, it really helps to navigate this puzzling life when these seemingly unrelated yet intriguing coincidences show up to reflect our subjective mental state, and somehow, in a place where strange logic exists, it all makes sense.

Once we become aware of these synchronicities as our guiding mechanism, as our means of deciding what is true for us and what is not, we energize our communication with creation, as the synchronicities multiply, becoming more and more frequent and coherent, so much that we couldn’t possibly count them all. Nevertheless, paying attention to as many as we can will help construct our subjective awareness of reality and personal truth, as the signs, the guidance, the path will be unique to each of us. It is all just so mind-boggling that we’d still have to remind ourselves that it is indeed real.

As we search for the high road to the kingdom of heaven, which exists wholly in the abyss of midair, when we have taken our leap of faith, when we have internalized the power of intention, will and desire, when we have awakened that magical part of ourselves that knows we can create our own creation and that which is loved by us is loved, that which is not loved by us remains unloved, it is then we begin to be aware of the dance of creation. We dance with an endless array of energy, and we dance in the creation of All That Is, when every pebble, every river, every plant, and all of nature are also dancing with us, responding to us. Once we have taken that leap of faith, which is really actually attuning with the creative flow, we set into motion an unusual series of circumstances as we become aware of the divine all around us. We are awake, vibrant, magical, dancing with the energies surrounding us, and so, when we have a thought it doesn’t just play in our head but moves out into the dance and those that want to respond to it begin to rearrange themselves in order to enter our reality. There may be a song on TV that affirms our thought of the moment, our totemic animal may appear to give us a sign, we may dream of a solution to a particular problem or experience a déjà vu, as energies swirl around to match the vibration of our thoughts and levels of awareness whence creation springs, thusly these strange experiences and coincidences show up in our reality to accentuate a train of thought and help us construct a personal store of intelligence.

That is why Jung was uncertain about whether to publish his work on synchronicity or not, as the phenomenon was unimaginable in those days for conventional scientific assessment. He made an indistinct yet daring claim with respect to the principles of traditional science: synchronicities establish the fact that something perceived by a spectator can at the same time be characterized by an external episode without a deliberate action causing it. Jung did not hasten to draw his conclusion as to why such coincidences occur. Is it because thoughts create the outside events or do these thoughts arise as a product of intuition, like subconscious premonition of the arrival of a sequence of events?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor and futurist

These synchronistic events go on to prove that the mind or consciousness cannot be confined in space or limited to a certain point where an individual is thinking a particular thought. It raises an intriguing question: Are synchronistic events brought about by us owing to our thoughts about the future, or did we actually make the synchronicity happen? I suppose we could argue both ways. Our heart, the aspect of us that intuits and feels, can access information from an infinite field of intelligence, which is perceived and deciphered by the mind, which in turn gives birth to thoughts, which then in an environment of union of the heart & mind, can create external circumstances in our physical reality.

There are no isolated systems in the universe and everything is entangled with everything else in one unified tapestry of creation. According to the law of causality, every effect in this world has a cause. However, there is no inconsistency between the law and Jung’s phenomenon, because there is always a cause, physical or not! But exactly how thought and environment interrelate is still vague to our human knowledge, which is why synchronistic incidences seem so mysterious.

I cannot possibly explain rationally what I experienced during my journeys across the earth, synchronicities that took me from Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North & Central America to live out my destiny. And no, I did not work hard to create those magical circumstances for myself. In fact, I hardly worked. I was just playing with possibilities. Sometimes they went horribly wrong, my manifestations, when I was in deep deep waking sleep and ignored the announcement of outer intention, but it is also through those experiences of contrast that I learned to play better. 

Life Is Abracadabra recounts twenty-one magical stories from my travels across the globe that will make anyone perceive life from an altogether new dimension of reality and synchronicity. Coming soon!

A new dimension of reality approaching humanity

As mankind is evolving, more and more people are coming into awareness of these synchronicities in their day to day lives, which is opening up a new portal of understanding in our human consciousness, preparing our minds to grasp grander truths of a larger universe as we sense higher dimensions of reality at an intuitive level, way beyond our 3D perception of life that likes to dwell in the safety of tangible logic rather than riding the winds of intangible magic. It is a level of understanding that can only be acquired in the abyss of midair, that requires an open spirit willing to receive the creative flow of the universe, that doesn’t solely rely on the limited perception of authorities like scientists and doctors, but can courageously embrace the mystery of infinity in their hearts as surely as one embraces the uncharted feelings of love! ♡

Note to reader: Below are screenshots of the beetles in my room taken on my iPhone with date, time & place, confirming they were captured the same day. It took me a few days thereafter to structure this entire piece and post it here. I ain’t usually in the habit of taking pictures of weird insects; these just happened to be magical coincidences.

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