magicNine posters

An array of beautiful posters based on the book ‘magicNine’ authored by Baisakhi Saha. A Canadian artist while reading the book felt inspired to create some posters of it, which were used to create an inspirational calendar in 2016, and later in 2018 an inspirational journal in three variations. ‘magicNine -a true account of the inner adventures of a young girl to consciousness’, is a book about how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny path. Watch below a compilation of some magicNine posters:

Thus these beautiful evolutionary posters have been designed by artist Esther Gieringer, using meaningful quotes from the book ‘magicNine’ and dance pictures of author Baisakhi Saha from her live performances at ‘abunDance’. Get the book here. Watch her dances and subscribe at

journal bookDance

The Illustrator

Esther Gieringer designed the posters using quotes by Baisakhi Saha and dance stills from her shows. Follow her at Visit the author’s website at

Esther and Baisakhi are members of IDEA – International Directory of Evolutionary Artists.

Note: Some of these magical posters are also available for sale as downloadable wall posters in PDF format, A4 size. To obtain a few, please go here. Thank you!



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