magicNine calendar 2+0+1+6

‘magicNine calendar 2016’ is based on the book ‘magicNine’ authored by Baisakhi Saha. A Canadian artist while reading the book felt inspired to create some posters of it, which in turn gave birth to the idea of a calendar. Thus the images in this calendar have been designed by artist Esther G. Gieringer, using meaningful quotes from the book ‘magicNine’ and dance pictures of author Baisakhi Saha from ‘abunDance’.  Watch the calendar video here:
magicNine is an adventure of the mind, a voyage of the heart, an inner journey to destiny, a true story of a young woman traversing the globe in search of love, meaning and magic in her life. Get the book at
abunDance was born while writing magicNine, as an act of self-expression, the kind of dance life is made of… dance in abundance! Watch and subscribe at
Both are nine letters☺ Have a magical year ahead!
This calendar has been co-created by…
Esther G. Gieringer (E.G.G.) designed the posters. She is a writer, visual artist, singer/songwriter, choreographer and certified Nia blue belt instructor. Follow her at
Baisakhi Saha designed the calendar. She is a writer, dancer, designer, motivational speaker, choreographer, performer and painter. Visit the author’s website at
Note:  The calendar is available for sale on Amazon Internationally at until the end of January 2016. Each page on the calendar comes with a beautifully crafted dance poster of author Baisakhi Saha with an empowering message from the book ‘magicNine’ mindfully selected by poster artist Esther Gieringer, and a little space for making notes for the month. It also includes special dates, international holidays & zodiac signs and comes with a glossary at the end-page explaining the symbolism used in the calendar. It is a must-have on your walls for the year!
Happy 2+0+1+6… oh that’s a nine!!!
★★★★ Colourful, inspirational and useful

By Amazon Customer on January 14, 2016

This is a colourful and inspirational calendar of artistic posters by Esther G Gieringer featuring a beautiful dancer (and author), Baisakhi Saha. The text on each month’s poster from Baisakhi’s book, magicNine, helps us be mindful: for instance, throughout February we are reminded that Love is a choice we can make any time. With space for notes, signs that show the different phases of the moon and zodiac signs, this is also a useful, informative calendar, printed on satin-finished flexible card, to grace the wall of any home or office. Visually attractive, informative, useful and inspirational – what more would you want from a calendar?!

Lindsay Treen Hollom, Founder

International Directory of Evolutionary Artists (IDEA)

★★★★★ You will love it!

By Esther G. on January 12, 2016

I feel very privileged to have worked so closely with Author and Dancer, Baisakhi Saha to co-create this 2016 calendar. You will love it! Baisakhi designed it using posters created last year from her lovely dance photos. As I read her wonderful book ‘magicNine’ I kept highlighting the meaningful quotes I noted throughout, and mindfully chose one empowering quote for each photo. It was such a pleasure for me to use my passion for the creative process and put together Baisakhi’s quotes with her dance photos. You will have a colourful poster and empowering message each month to brighten up your wall, your day, your month, for the entire year. Enjoy! Have a magical 2016!

Author: Boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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