SUNDARI received a response from BOI as a telepathic feeling…

but what more is left to do? isn’t this story over? boi replied.
no sweets, this story has only started. there is more, much more than what you could ever imagine. oh you will see, boi, you will see! magicNine is far from finished! what you’ve just discovered within you is wonderful pure true love.
maybe the kind of love i want to experience does not exist… so i’ll always remain discontent, boi commented, now crying.
no boi, you are coded for this destiny; to create a kind of intimacy and connection, to experience a deep sense of home and belonging that few have ever had on this planet… it is up to you to bring it into form now!
but how?
if it can exist in your imaginations it can be real.
i was born to love this way and i cannot love any other way; i felt called to create this love story. the depth of my desires scares me… and i don’t just want love, i want magic! she added soberly.
you have lived it in your imaginations; now release it to the universe so it can become reality.
yes, i have prayed.
that is not enough.
then what should i do? go to timbuctoo??
that too… see, it’s 9-letters!
there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
what does that mean?
tell them, boi, tell them… she silently urged, tell the world your story; they need to hear it.
i’m so scared…
have the courage to act on what you know.
but i ain’t sure of this…
jump… just jump off the cliff and you’ll fly!
noooo… i’ll fall!
close your eyes boi, and make a quantum leap, now!
i can’t!
don’t let your fears hold you hostage. break free. NOW!
ahh i-i dunno…
just do it! you don’t have another choice.
o-o-okaaay, h-here i gooo…

and thus boi was defined, the lead character in this story inside a story, this book within a book, this process behind a process…

did boi fall or fly?
you decide!

it is up to you now, dear reader, to give this book meaning and shape its course in history… its destiny now lies in your hands.

as for me, faith is all i need to hold the hands of destiny.

i am that, i am.

i can fearlessly fly in the limitless sky, like a bird, soar high free, free, free of sigh coz, love is in the aire.
i can fearlessly fly
in the limitless sky,
like a bird, soar high
free, free, free of sigh
coz, love is in the aire.


Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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