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Before you start reading magicNine – the book, I must tell you that it is in the form of emails written over a period of three years… the entire process of writing was spontaneous, not once planned, nor the duration known. When I wrote the first email, I had not imagined it would take me so long to stop… and I am still dancing! I believe that guiDANCE, the inner voice that made me write those emails, is still leading me and pleading me to preserve the purity of the process. Hence, except for minor corrections in spelling/punctuation to enhance readability, I have placed here those emails EXACTLY as they were originally written and received, untouched, so as to stay true to the process; only certain names and identity information have been changed to protect privacy. You must also know that those original emails were written in LOWERCASE, except for the first few, unless I really needed capital letters to distinguish/emphasize certain words! So you will be reading this book essentially in lowercase, including titles, names of people, places and post periods. To maintain uniformity, those first couple of emails have been changed to lowercase as well; nevertheless, the responses from the recipient of the emails have been left without even altering that, in order to maximize authenticity and maintain genuity of the journey. And so the use of small letters in this book is deliberate, not a mistake. I know in so doing the formatting norms have not been met but I hope you will enjoy the difference. Also the informal way of writing is because these emails were sent to someone with whom such liberties were granted, and when I decided to compile them into a book, I could not change that style either.

But why lowercase? Since this book is part of a journey, an adventure, a dance to destiny, an extract of eternity, an excerpt of infinity, an experience of divinity, this process has no beginning no end… metaphorically, there is no place where one expression ends and another begins, because for me there was no starting or stopping, just doing what gave me joy, expressing! And so it has a continuous style of writing –impelling, imploring, impulsive. Perhaps that explains the exclusive use of lowercase. I have always used lowercase in creative writing since childhood, GIVING EVERY WORD THE SAME IMPORTANCE! In school I had to learn English, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit and even Tamil! Indian languages have no concept of lower-uppercase although they have alphabets; so as a kid, I adopted the uniform lettering habit in English too, whenever I let my spirit run wild… because soul has no language! Or maybe because L-O-W-E-R-C-A-S-E is nine letters! Ah well now I can hear you shout, so is U-P-P-E-R-C-A-S-E! Haha so if both ‘lowercase’ and ‘uppercase’ are nine letters, I can choose whatever I want, right? Because both speak magic to me, yes? So then I chose lowercase! Because I like it. Because it is ‘not normal’. Because it is d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t! Happy reading ☺

Yours truly, 



Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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