have you ever seen birds the size of butterflies?
have you ever watched a spider weavin’ its web?
have you ever seen the sun when it looks like the moon?
have you ever seen the moon when u could have sworn it was the sun except that it was on the other side of the sky?

as i walked down life’s highway the other day, i looked upon the sky and saw the bright orange sun about to go down at dusk… only that something was not right. the sun couldn’t be setting in the east. i turned my gaze onto the other side and saw streaks of vermilion smeared onto the clear blue sky. i realized i was deceived by the image of a bright orange full moon adorning the evening sky, posing as the sun!

as i reminisced over this experience, i fathomed a deeper reality surrounding our existence, of which i only caught occasional glimpses… time talks. time, i internalized, brings forth alternate perceptions. nature is my best teacher. because it reminds me of the dynamic nature of the universe and that nothing lasts forever, everything changes, always; challenging me to higher understandings and larger nature of all things, transcendin’ my perceptions. there’s always something bigger than you know, is happenin’ here.

infinity intrigues me; i try to comprehend the cosmology of the universe. is there an end to smallNESS or BIGness? where does the spiral stop or the spider acquire its wisdom from? how do the high speed ever moving atoms in a stone cause it to stand still? …so that from a microscopic glance, u exclaim, “it’s an entire universe out there!” our universe is expanding. but what is the universe expanding into? what if it’s only expanding in our minds? …and the larger we can expand our minds, to accommodate bigger realities and higher truths, the larger the universe grows. perhaps! i believe it’s a conscious universe with feelings and emotions, energies in motion. that is why they call it cosmic consciousness. ya?

transcendence happens to everyone, all the time, through the smallest and most insignificant of life’s experiences. when we pause and ponder, we perceive.
have you ever experienced transcendence?
have you ever perceived the fibonacci numbers and their strange connection with nature or the mystery in the magic number 9?
have you ever pondered what would happen if everythin’ that you thought was wrong was actually right?
have you ever considered the possibility that when our world seems to fall apart, it is actually falling into place, perhaps for the first time? life can be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards…
have you ever been visited by dreams that you could have sworn was a reality and that actually was one, only that you are yet to experience it?
have you ever tried pinching yourself in a dream to be sure it’s not a dream; and the pain from the pinch telling you that it’s not a dream only to wake up minutes later and realizing that it indeed was a dream? what if your dreams are actually YOUR alternate realities occurring in a parallel universe simultaneously? what if you exist in more than one place in the space-time continuum?
have you ever perceived your own higher self and infinite nature and eternal existence? if you don’t wake up from a dream will you ever know the difference? have you ever woken up from a dream and gone about your duties only to realize that you were still asleep and then trying to get up but discoverin’ that you couldn’t coz you weren’t in your body? have you ever had an out-of-body experience?
have you ever spoken to an angel or met one?
have you ever met a stranger and felt instant connection, communicating as if you always knew each other?
have you ever looked into the eyes of a soul mate that you know you have shared another lifetime with, in another universe perhaps?
have you ever seriously peeked into the mind of a schizophrenic?
have you ever stared into the nite sky and contemplated your past… perhaps in one of those stars??
have you ever made an instantaneous wish with a shooting star and known that you were walkin’ your destiny at that instant?
have you ever seen a bright golden moon across the night sky bigger than double the size of the sun or a crescent cradling the clouds?
have you ever seen butterflies the size of birds or trees in shapes of various animals?
have you ever had the same experience more than once just so you could derive more meaning out of it?
have you ever experienced timelessness?
have you ever…?

…u have!
….i have!




Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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