The laws of manifestation

If it were so, as conceited sagacity, proud of not being deceived, thinks, that we should believe nothing that we cannot see with our physical eyes, then we first and foremost ought to give up believing in love. We can be deceived by believing what is untrue, but we certainly are also deceived by not believing what is true. Which deception is more dangerous?  ~Søren Kierkegaard

There are two laws:

  1. The Law of Attraction
  2. The Law of Resistance

Now what are these laws and how do they work? Before explaining them we need to quickly revise Physics a bit. To do that, let us first examine thoughts. Every thought is a vibration and has a particular frequency, as all things are energy including matter. In his famous theory of relativity, the famous Physicist Albert Einstein, proved that all matter, when given the velocity of the square of the speed of light, becomes energy and hence invisible to the naked eye. That doesn’t mean it is not there anymore. Its vibration has increased so we can’t see it anymore. It has become energy. If we decrease the speed again, we will get matter. Another physical law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed. So nothing is lost in the universe. All that is, IS. Everything that was there, will always be there. Nothing will ever cease to exist. But things AND thoughts can transform, transition, transpire, transmute, translate, transcend…

Now let us review the two above laws of manifestation one by one:

  1. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. What does that mean?

    13.synchronicity posterIt simply implies that like energy attracts like energy or similar vibrations align. We live in a physical dimension where the Law of Attraction is at play all the time, with which we are continously creating our realities, whether consciously or unconsciously. It essentially states that like attracts like. Fear attracts fear. Love attracts love. And all things of similar vibrations attract each other in between those two polarities of love and fear.

    It takes approximately 20 seconds. Think of something, anything, for 20 seconds only and then watch out for it to show up in your reality. Let’s say you think of a butterfly. Hold the image of a butterfly in your mind for at least 20 seconds and then go about your ways. Thenceforth when a butterfly does show up in your physical reality make sure you take note of it and acknowledge its presence. As you do the synchronicities in your life will increase. In other words, you will start seeing more correlation between your thought patterns and what shows up in your reality. You may be walking on the road and from nowhere a butterfly appears fleeting about, even flying around you, or you may notice a sign board with the picture of a butterfly. You may be at work and suddenly you hear a colleague talk about butterflies or as you turn the pages of the book you’re reading you spot a butterfly or similar symbols. The signs can be very subtle at times or unavoidably large at other times, like on your face! Honor the signs, no matter how they show up. That’s how you strengthen your capacities of manifestation. We are talking about conscious creation here, not unconscious reaction to life’s circumstances. Don’t be impatient if they don’t show up immediately. Give it time and have patience with yourself. Try to visualize for longer to have better results. And start with something insignificant so your trust in the process is built before you go on to creating grander outcomes.

    Basically the Law of Attraction acts like a mirror, reflecting back to us our own internal vibrations in our external reality. And so everything we experience in our external world is in fact, first created in our internal world, within us, in our minds individually or collectively as a species. The mind is a powerful tool for creation that our soul uses to navigate physical life here on earth, to realize its agenda, that some may call destiny. And so it is in the mind all experiences are created and experienced. Hence if we can channel our minds to constructive thoughts we create constructive outcomes and vice versa. An act of terrorism and an act of compassion are both born in the mind.

  2. The Law of Resistance states what we resist persists. What does that mean?

    BaiPurplePosterAll.jpgThere is only one thing that poses a problem in the act of creation. This is a ‘yes’ universe and a ‘no’ does not exist. Meaning, when we say, I don’t want that or I don’t want this, we essentially get more of what we don’t want. This is because we are focusing on that which we don’t want by thinking of what we don’t want. And energy flows where attention goes. So if our attention is on avoiding what we don’t want, our mental energies are focused there, so we are creating more of what we don’t want! By doing so we build resistance towards that which we don’t want, so we cannot get rid of it; hence we create inner conflict. Remember, what we resist, persists! And yet what we really look at disappears, if we are good at looking at them well!

    Why usually anit-war rallies, protests, demonstrations, anti-cancer campaigns, capital punishments don’t work to solve the issues at hand? Because those things essentially focus on the things we don’t want, building more resistance towards them and therefore keeping stubbornly there as the vibrations of what we don’t want to see in our reality are very much alive within us. So the best way to create is to release our resistance to anything that we don’t like or want, and instead slowly and steadily divert our focus to the things we do want to see created in our reality.

    Often when we are not thinking of wanting something deeply, and yet we desire it, we get it. But when we focus too much on wanting something, the experience eludes us. We keep banging against the wall. Why? Because when we want something very much, we are operating from a state of lack. We believe we don’t have what we want and so the universe reflects back to us more of that lack; the universe is like a giant photocopy machine. And yet when we act and behave in ways that are aligned with our desires, even playfully in our imaginations live the reality of our dreams, we can indeed manifest faster. We must understand the contrasts of this physical reality. The things that we do not want, exist to remind us of what we do want. So once we recognize our dreams through this field of contrasts, the idea is to release our focus on the contrasts and instead playfully move towards the direction of our desires.

An example of manifestation

12.desire posterHow dreams can manifest: let me end this topic here with an illustration of a real example from my own life. When I was in Singapore for higher studies, besides my major at Computer Science, I took up German as a minor. We had many exchange students from Germany who came for one or two semesters at our Universtiy to study and then go back to their country. Even my Singaporean classmates in German class went to Germany on exchange. I was a foreign scholar in Singapore and although my scholarship money was enough to live a comfortable life there, it was not sufficient to pay for exchange semesters in Europe. And yet it was my intense desire to go to Germany. So I used to take my books and go to the beautiful Changi airport, sit in the viewing gallery and study there instead of studying in my hostel room or faculty campus. I waved at all the planes bound Europe, saying in my mind, “say hello to europe for me” or “tell germany that I am coming soon”. I went to the airport to see off each and every exchange student friend of mine and when they would invite me to their country, I would say the same thing to them, “ask germany to prepare for my welcome… I am comminggg!” I had no fear neither did I care whether it was going to happen or not. I just had a playful desire and nothing to lose! Now when I look back, I realize those characteristics were the perfect instruments for manifestation because I was essentially acting in alignment with my dreams. And then one night I had a strange dream, which I felt had a message for me, but what, I didn’t know. However, some days later I got an email at my university mailbox inviting students worldwide to write an essay on an assigned topic “Inspiring Europe” and win a symposium in Switzerland. I instantly connected this email with my dream that earlier night. 19.bird posterI wrote and submitted my essay and three months later won an all-expense-paid trip to Europe! It was magic. I traveled and stayed with the exchange friends whom I had met in Singapore creating special bonds and friendships that are strong and alive even today. I lived with them during my stay there and they even showed me around their cities, in both Switzerland and Germany and thus I was able to traverse through quite a few places in those two countries. I was living my dreams, literally!

Had I been restless about this dream, desperate to make it happen I would not have been able to engage the creative juices necessary for its manifestation. But the playfulness of it kept at bay any negative energy that would have worked in the opposite direction of its manifestation. Hence there was no resistance and my dream of visiting Europe was REALized.

Watch the video below in Bengali about how we create, a brief excerpt from my speech at the Bengal Theosophical Society in Kolkata India, 15 August 2017:

“You see things and you ask, why? I dream things that never were and I ask, why not?”  ~GBS

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