the healing nature of grounding

332491_10101230521067850_1206773812_oGrounding or earthing is literally putting your bare feet on the ground. This may not be news to you, but I still want to emphasize the benefits of grounding and why you should make it a priority everyday, even if it is for five minutes only. Connecting to the earth’s natural energy is the foundation to good health and well-being. It doesn’t have to be long hikes through nature or spending hours meditating in a forest. Even if you could touch a tree or a potted plant, you are earthing.

How does grounding work? The earth surface has free electrons which enter our body to neutralize free radicals when we connect with it. Our bodies are mostly composed of water and minerals. This makes it a good conductor of electricity (electrons). Hence the free electrons on the earth’s surface are easily transferred to the body as long as there is direct contact with earth. It is like taking a handful of antioxidants, but instead you are getting it through your feet. The body can naturally absorb this electrical energy from the earth since our skin is also a conductor, especially certain parts under the feet are good at receiving the earth’s electricity.


The Earth acts like a giant cell with an electric field containing subtle charge. It is a special kind of energy present naturally in the ground. All electrical devices are connected to the earth for safety and stability, which is also called grounding. Just like we depend on sunlight to sustain all life on the planet as well as get the very essential Vitamin D needed by our bodies, similarly, the earth’s energy is crucial for us, giving us the very essential Vitamin G or Grounding for our well-being! Grounding has innumerable benefits on our health and emotions. Immersing in the energy of mother earth rejuvenates our bodies and makes us feel good faster, keeping us in good health and spirit. In fact, the term “earthing” has even earned a patent as a natural method for reducing disease-causing inflammation. Thus grounding to the earth can literally cause changes in the physiology of the body. Below are some common healing benefits of grounding:

  • 615186_277029232505902_5113961160692034237_oReduces inflammation in the body
  • Neutralises free radicals and carcinogens
  • Fights fatigue and energizes the body
  • Alleviates aches, pains, lumps and bumps
  • Lowers stress and cortisol levels in the body
  • Helps sleep better by eliminating snoring, insomnia etc.
  • Reduces blood viscosity, a major cause of cardiovascular diseases
  • Helps treat chronic inflammatory and auto-immune diseases
  • It can also reduce muscle damage due to contractions and exercise
  • Improves vision and hair health
  • Lightens the mood and makes one feel good faster
  • Recharges and rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit
  • Makes you feel centered, balanced, energized, solid & strong

Earthing also reduces the induced body voltages from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by plugged-in electrical equipments, internal wiring, ungrounded electrical appliances at home or in the workplace, as many people are extremely sensitive to such EMFs. The Earth’s electric field is more of a direct current (DC) whereas EMFs produced by many man-made devices mainly use alternating current (AC) which is alien to our bodies, and hence possible causes in various stress-related syndromes.

As much as we depend on the earth for our survival, unfortunately, we have completely disconnected from mother earth. Today’s lifestyle prevents most people from getting this direct contact with the earth’s surface. People go days, weeks, months, even years without connecting with the earth’s electric field. When we are at home or office edifice, we are insulated and unable to receive the earth’s balancing energies. We live most of our lives inside. Modern buildings, construction technologies and insulating furniture do not let us get our energies from the earth directly. And even when we go out for walks or outdoor activities, our synthetically soled shoes act as insulators that make us feel depleted and drained. Our shoes are interfering with our connection to mother earth which is the major cause of chronic pain, sleep disorders and inflammation based diseases. We are no longer naturally grounded.


Soaking up earth’s free electrons, it’s a pleasant sensation, warm and tingly under the feet! If you can take long walks in nature, like walking barefoot on grass or in the beach, that is wonderful. But one may not have access to any kind of nature if they are living in a concrete jungle. In that case, have potted plants in your house or rooftop that you can touch everyday. And make it a priority at least on weekends to touch some natural ground, like soil, grass, mud or sand. As long as any part of your body touches it, you will reap the same benefits. Do not underestimate the power of even touching a tree for a few minutes. It is the difference between feeling good or not so good, sleeping well or not so well, feeling energized or not. And it is better than nothing. The skin of your body needs to come in contact with the skin of the Earth. It can be barefeet, or an arm, leg, anything! Making direct contact with the earth’s surface charges us instantly with the earth’s energy. Some suggestions for grounding aka earthing are below:

  1. girl-2247301_1920Walk barefoot on natural ground, like grass, soil, mud, sand, instead of concrete
  2. Touch a tree or a potted plant if you don’t always have access to natural ground
  3. Get an earthing mat, chair, or bed to stay grounded even when you work or sleep
  4. Walking barefoot on the seashore or getting sea-salt baths are excellent methods as both water and salt are known to cleanse our auras of negative energies & toxicity
  5. Wearing leather shoes instead of rubber soles, makes connect with earth’s energies better, although this is not foolproof
  6. Keep symbolic objects like rocks, stones, pebbles, essential oils, crystals and specific colors at home that help you feel more grounded
  7. Listen to soothing music, binaural beats with 432 Hertz frequency that can calm your nerves and relax you through sound healing
  8. Take nature baths in seas, lakes, rivers, waterfalls; go sunbathing or swimming
  9. Go out on picnics and other outdoor activities like playing barefoot in the park, beach, garden etc. that involve touching the earth; make it fun
  10. Nurturing hobbies like gardening, planting, farming, fishing, horticulture, are all very grounding
  11. Connect with your root chakra and do physical exercises that make you grounded in the body
  12. Eat root vegetables and tubers that grow under the earth

The Earth’s negative charges can create a balanced bioelectrical atmosphere within the body for the optimal functioning of all systems and organs, which are essential for setting the biological clock, regulating circadian rhythms, balancing cortisol levels etc. According to earthing master Clint Ober, our brains, heartbeats and neurotransmitters, all rely on electrical signals; hence if our electricity is turned off, so will be certain aspects of our health.


Earthing devices: you can get an earthing mat to plug into the third hole of electrical sockets meant for grounding, and it will instantly connect you to mother earth. You can touch this mat with any part of your bare body while working on the computer, sleeping at nights, sitting in your couch etc. as it connects you with the Earth’s electrons in the same way as if you were standing barefoot on outside ground. There are other products like earthing chairs, bed mats etc. that you can learn more about on the internet. Some people tend to confuse magnetic therapy with grounding. Although magnets have some therapeutic effects when applied properly, they cannot give free electrons, nor can they connect the body with the naturally balancing electric frequencies of the Earth.

The best bit about grounding is that it is free, easy and can be done anytime anywhere, even in the comfort of your own house or workspace. You will look better, feel better, keep better and sleep better!

Stay well!

If you want to learn more about grounding and how it actually affects our physiology, the process behind the process, you can find below some resources to guide you.

  • Visit for earthing products and other related information.
  • Watch this short film: Down to Earth and learn how grounding benefits humans.
  • Below is an exemplary documentary film about the healing effects of Vitamin G!



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