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Life after Death tumblr_mjvlkbDHDy1s68un8o8_1280

Death has always been an enigma, a mystery, an unknown. And yet it is very much an integral part of life. Anyone that takes birth takes the risk of dying. And so life itself is a big risk! However, when we can look into the face of death and see it for what it really is, we won’t fear it anymore and that is when we won’t fear life anymore, either! Do you see the correlation between death and life? If we are so afraid to die, then we are also afraid to live. And when we live a life full of fear, then we don’t really live, we just exist. If we can perceive death as just a part of life, we can indeed live our lives fully and richly during our time here on earth, instead of spending all our life fearing the ultimate, the unknown. And now it is not even unknown anymore. Our consciousness has evolved beyond the unknown where we intrinsically know the truth. So I am not here to tell you anything new. I am just here to re-mind you of your own higher self and eternal essence that can never ever die. The word death has a very derogatory connotation. It means something that ceases to exist. And yet we never cease to exist, ever! It is an impossibility in creation.

Everything is energy. And energy matters! Depending on the frequency of the vibrations of energy, it physicalizes. Energy produces mass and mass produces energy, as the famous theory of relativity by the father of Physics, Albert Einstein has proven. We have all studied that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be transformed. So all that is, IS. Everything that exists, EXISTS. Including the stars, the planets, the satellites, the meteors & meteorites, the galaxies, cosmic dust and living matter in the universe already exist. What happens is that one matter transforms to another matter or energy and vice versa. So essentially the stars and we are made of the same thing! The death of one thing causes the birth of another and the cycle renews, rejuvenates, recycles, refreshes itself again and again and again in this never-ending game of life and death within the cosmos.

If we call our time here on earth as “life” then when we finish life let us say we enter the “afterlife” phase. So now the mystery is what happens to us in the afterlife? When we are existing in one form we naturally won’t know about the other form, because we haven’t gone there yet, we haven’t transformed yet. Death then is nothing but a transformation. It primarily involves three stages that occur parallelly at the instant of death bringing us to the realization that…

  1. we are not our bodies
  2. we are not our minds
  3. we are not even our souls

Then what are we? Where do we come from and where do we go? What happens when we do the thing called ‘die’?  

Stage 1: At the first stage, immediately after death we leave the body and float above it. When this happens which many call an Out of Body Experience (OBE) we instangly realize that we are not our bodies. Not all OBE’s lead to death; sometimes an OBE can be triggered in an accident, in a dream state, in comatose or terminally ill patients, under the influence of hallucinogens and drugs or even many people can leave their bodies at will. It is also referred to as Astral travel. No matter in what situations an OBE can be triggered while alive, at the moment of death it is the first thing that happens.

Stage 2: Once someone leaves the body at death, they immediately go to the next phase where they experience the residual mind. At life we constantly create our realities with our minds. Thoughts create things, literally. And so at death it is no different. In fact creation is instantaneous. While here on earth, it takes some time to manifest things from thoughts into the physical as the energy vibrations are denser, at death it is instant. The moment one realizes he/she is dead, depending on the belief they have held about death just prior to leaving life, they may meet Jesus, or Krishna or Buddha or their deceased loved ones or even have an experience of heaven or hell etc. if they believe they deserve punishment for their sins or that they deserve heaven. Each individual will have a unique experience at this phase colored by the brushes of his or her perception of death during the lifetime they just left. And if a person believes in nothing, then they might have no experience here, even skip this phase and move directly to the next.  This stage occurs for us to eventually come to the realization that we are not our minds.

Stage 3: The next phase which may happen simultaneously with the previous two, some call it a light at the end of the tunnel experience where they seem to move through some kind of darkness which leads them to merging with a huge burst of light. This light is indescribable. It is like an overwhelming sense of divine love, pure bliss, unconditional acceptance, joy, approval, truly heavenly! Once one merges with this essence, they become one with All that Is. This when we can see ourselves as the whole, not just part of the whole, the essense with which all that is created in the universe. And hence the realization dawns that we are not even our soul, we are essentially all one… one soul! Our individual soul is part of the whole and there is no place where one soul ends and another begins. It is all connected; we are much bigger than we know!

The choice: Many people choose to come back to life after this phase is experienced, when they are given the choice to stay in the afterlife or return to the life they just left. If they have even an iota of a feeling that they are not finished yet, they will be immediately sent back, an instant before they died (because time doesn’t exist on the other side, so it can be adjusted in the physical plane), and it would seem like they never died in the first place! This is what many describes as a Near Death Experience (NDE) here on earth. But if one chooses to stay on the other side, with the feeling that they are complete, done with the life they recently departed, this is when death is final and they actually cross over, to continue onto other wonderful journeys, be it in another physical life or even a spiritual life where they may be born as an angel or spirit guide to help others on the physical plane. And so like every choice we make in life, even death is a choice and although on a conscious level we don’t know this, at a supraconscious level we can perceive it. Many people in a dream state or in deep meditation may be able to achieve this state of consciousness where they get a glimpse of their own higher selves and eternal essence.

In the absolute sense, we are all one and there is no separation between us. But in the physical realm we are a three-part being: body, mind, spirit, and although in the spiritual realm all three are one, in this physical plane those three are distinct entities and each has its role in defining our realities on earth. Although all our souls are connected at a higher dimension, but in a body the same soul has individuated into separate selves to have unique, multitudinous experiences of itself, by dint of which it gains knowledge about itself, which you may call self-realization. The soul intermingles with other beings in other bodies to fulfill its purpose, and when its agenda is complete it leaves the body and returns to the oneness once again. The soul is the driver of our vehicles here on earth and uses the mind to steer our physical lives in the direction we came here to navigate, which some call destiny. We are all made in the image and likeness of God, having a multitudinous individuated experience of ourselves here on earth.

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“Life is eternal; and Love is immortal; and Death is only a horizon; and a Horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight!”

AstralTwoParallel lives & Alternate realities

To understand Parallel lives we have to first understand time. Time in the absolute sense doesn’t exist. Don’t believe me? Okay let’s say, right now you call someone in America sitting in India, you would be essentially talking to the past and they would be speaking with the future and yet both are connecting at the same eternal instant, now! If you fly from the east to the west, you get a day younger and when you come from the west to the east you get two days older. If you increase the distance and speed of your travel, you can in fact alter time. Clearly you can see that time doesn’t exist except as a mental construction, a unit of measurement we use to count our movements through life. There is no time but this time, this eternal moment of now. All that exists, has existed, and will exist, exists in the NOW.

Here on earth we experience time as a linear thing, a so-called imaginary timeline from birth to death through which we navigate life. But in reality it all exists simultaneously, our past, present and future. We are much bigger than we think we are. Think of it as a book. When you read a book, let’s say from page 1 to page 100 the story in it makes sense to you. However, all the pages in the book exist simultaneously. You could easily flip to page 100 first and then to page 50 or 1. Although the story may not make sense to you while in the physical body, you essentially exist on every page that is there in this book of life. And so yes time travel exists, a feat we haven’t been able to muster with our physical bodies yet but we most often do this with our consciousness, often in our dream states or under the influence of hypnosis, meditation and altered states of consciousness we can indeed visit our other lives, past or future, re-experience memories, re-live situations, and can even change them with our present consciousness and hence create a different outcome, because all those lives exist at the same time, parallelly. That is why most of our dreams don’t make sense to us in our waking state as we may pick up traces of other lives we are living simultaneously, and yet inside the dream those realities make perfect sense. In fact, if we don’t wake up from a dream, we would never know that we were dreaming! We can often recall past memories, experience déjà vus, or receive a premonition or have precognitive dreams about future events. Who is sending us that premonition? Our own future self which has already lived the possibility in another reality, might warn us: hey this was no fun, don’t go there! This can be a gut feeling, an intuition, a foreboding thought and often times if we ignore it, we regret or later feel we should have listened to that gut. Feelings are the language of our soul, our internal guidance system that helps us navigate our choices through life. And if we do heed that feeling, making a different choice, we can experience an alternate reality, creating a different outcome in the present. Alternate realities are different possibilities of a particular choice.

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This is why many people who have died and come back (in a Near Death Experience where they have gone to the other side and returned) have in essence jumped time, and hence it seems like they never died in the first place; they came back an instant before they “died”. What happened is that a part of their essence actually died in the present while another part of them continues to live in a parallel timeline. And they just jumped realities in their consciousness so it feels as if they never really died!

Evolution of Consciousnessfeelings-2

Everything changes, grows, modifies, transforms, evolves. Nothing stays still, ever. Not the rock you see by the river, neither our consciousness.

If we peek into our past, some hundred years back we as humanity had a more primitive consciousness than in the present; while in the past we were more concerned with our survival, today we engage in more evolutionary choices and alternative ways of living. If you look at our choices then, our lifestyles, our family systems, governments and institutions were all survival based. And yet today, although a huge part of our humanity is still dealing with survival, another part of our consciousness has evolved leaps and bounds as we are recognizing our true selves and eternal essence, learning about the law of attraction governing our physical lives and the mechanisms of creation. Some hundred years ago, concepts like the Law of attraction, tools of manifestation were unheard of. And yet today these are quantum fields of research and dynamic tools for creating our realities here on earth that we have become conscious of!

So what is the law of attraction? It basically states that like attracts like. Fear attracts fear. Love attracts love. Just like the surety of the law of gravity, the law of attraction has been observed by many scientists at a quantum level, where a particle behaves based on the thoughts of the observer and changes its trajectory when the observer changes his mind. Essentially it means that we are constantly creating our own realities by the internal vibrations we are offering to life through our thoughts. Life is not just happening to us, it is happening through us!  

Every thought emits a vibration, and based on our beliefs, fears, anxieties, hopes, dreams, desires, cultural conditioning, traditions, our thoughts are colored. So we experience mixed realities, depending on the dominant vibration in our subconscious minds. And although we are continously creating our own realities the question remains, are we doing it consciously or unconsciously? When we don’t know we are creating our realities, we are reacting to life and creating it unconsciously. Today many evolutionaries and even ordinary people are walking the conscious path, where we are slowly discovering the dynamic nature of our consciousness and how it creates. Children are being born with evolutionary traits with slightly different brains than normal, as their brains function differently from the average human. In the spiritual community there are many names for these people, depending on specific features each exhibits, like indigoes, crystals, starseeds, rainbows, twin flames etc.

Some of these people display highly telepathic abilities, strong intuition, extremely sensitive brains, intense reaction to junk food, much higher IQ levels than average even being school/college drop outs; they may exhibit non conforming behaviors, resist authority, can’t stand inauthenticity, feel restless, display ADHD or Asperger’s syndrome etc. These highly evolved children are being born in all walks of life, to raise the vibration of specific soul groups they incarnate into, to bust dysfunctional belief systems and unhealthy cultural conditioning, thereby evolving consciousness on our planet.

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Think of the smart phone you are using to read this article right now. Could you imagine some 50 years ago of having such a device in the palm of your hands? And now imagine that 50 years from now you may not even need the phone anymore. You may for all you know, just communicate telepathically! Surely our minds are much more powerful than smart phones… in fact the mind created them! Or maybe it will take 500 years. No not that long really; it will happen sooner than we know… for sure! 

lady-dancing-universe-starsHow dreams manifest

We live in a physical dimension where the Law of Attraction is at play all the time, with which we are continously creating our realities, whether consciously or unconsciously. It essentially states that like attracts like. Fear attracts fear. Love attracts love.

Basically the Law of attraction acts like a mirror, reflecting back to us our own internal vibrations in our external reality. And so everything we experience in our external world is in fact, first created in our internal world, within us, in our minds. The mind is a powerful tool for creation, that our soul uses to navigate physical life here on earth, to realize its agenda, that some may call destiny. And so it is in the mind all experiences are created and experienced. Hence if we can channel our minds to constructive thoughts we can create constructive outcomes and vice versa. An act of terrorism and an act of compassion are both born in the mind.

There is only one thing that poses a problem in this act of creation. This is a ‘yes’ universe and a ‘no’ does not exist. Meaning, when we say, I don’t want that or I don’t want this, we essentially get more of what we don’t want. This is because we are focusing on that which we don’t want by thinking of what we don’t want. And energy goes where attention flows. So if our attention is on what we don’t want, our mental energies are focused there, so we are creating more of what we don’t want! By doing so we build resistance towards that which we don’t want, so we cannot get rid of it. What we resist persists. And yet what we look at disappears, if we are good at looking at things!

Why usually anit-war rallies, protests, demonstrations, anti-cancer campaigns don’t work to solve the issue at hand? Because those things essentially focus on the things we don’t want, building more resistance towards them and therefore keeping there as the vibrations of what we don’t want to see in our reality are very much alive within us. So the best way to create is to release our resistance to anything that we don’t like or want, and instead slowly and steadily divert our focus to the things we do want to see created in our reality.

Often when we are not thinking of wanting something deeply, and yet we want it, we get it. But when we focus too much on wanting something, the experience eludes us. This is because when we want something very much, we are operating from a state of lack. We believe we don’t have what we want and so the universe reflects back to us more of that lack. And yet when we act and behave in ways that are aligned with our desires, even playfully in our imaginations live the reality of our dreams, we can indeed manifest faster. We must understand the contrasts of this physical reality. The things that we do not want, exist to remind us of what we do want. So once we recognize our dreams through this field of contrasts, the idea is to release our focus on the contrasts and instead playfully move towards the direction of our dreams.

Let me end this topic here with an illustration of a real example from my own life. When I was in Singapore for higher studies, besides my major at Computer Science, I studied German as a minor. We had many exchange students from Germany who came for one or two semesters at our Universtiy to study and then go back to their country. Even my Singaporean classmates in German class went to Germany on exchange. I was a foreign scholar in Singapore and although my scholarship money was enough to live a comfortable life there, it was not sufficient to pay for exchange semesters in Europe. And yet it was my intense desire to go to Germany. So I used to take my books and go to the beautiful airport, sit in the viewing gallery and study there instead of studying in my hostel room or faculty campus. I waved at all the planes bound Europe, saying in my mind, “say hello to europe for me” or “tell germany that I am coming soon”. I went to the airport to see off each and every exchange student friend of mine and when they would invite me to their country, I would say the same thing to them, “tell Germany to wait for me… I am coming!” I had no fear neither did I care whether it was going to happen or not. I just had a playful desire and nothing to lose! Now when I look back, I realize those characteristics were the perfect instruments for manifestation because I was essentially acting in alignment with my dreams. And then one night I had a strange dream, which I felt had a message for me, but what I didn’t know. But some days later I got an email in my university mailbox inviting students worldwide to write an essay about an assigned topic “Inspiring Europe” and win a symposium in Switzerland. I instantly connected this email with my dream that night. I wrote and submitted my essay and three months later won an all-expense-paid trip to Europe! It was magic. I traveled and stayed with every single exchange friend of mine who I had met in Singapore creating special bonds and friendships that are strong and alive even today; I lived with them during my stay there and they even showed me around their cities, in both Switzerland and Germany and thus I was able to traverse through quite a few places in those two countries. I was living my dreams!

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Had I been restless about this dream, desperate to make it happen I would not have been able to engage the creative juices necessary for its manifestation. But the playfulness of it kept at bay any negative energy that would have worked in the opposite direction of its manifestation. Hence there was no resistance and my dream of visiting Europe was REALized.

To understand in more depth the mechanisms of the Law of Attraction and how creation works, watch the video below: 

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