Nrit – the book

Origin of the word NRIT {নৃত্, नृत्}: it is a Sanskrit (संस्कृत्) root word meaning dance. Here ‘nrit‘ symbolizes dance in its most elemental form, omnipresent in the crude creativity of life itself. ​​​

the dream of finding the self… 


While on a trip to India after many years being away, I fell very sick with severe asthma attacks causing breathlessness and palpitations, and had to be hospitalized under emergency care, plugged into the oxygen cylinder with nebulization and other drugs to pacify my agitated heart. Sitting in a hospital ward where days seemed the same as nights, I penned the initial story of nrit for a feature film. However, later while the screenplay was being written, the story evolved and intensified in my mind as I was being visited by dreams and visions of my recently deceased friend who impacted its plot and the characterization of the male protagonist. That is when I decided to turn ‘nrit‘ into a book first.

Based on some true events, some real experiences, some imagination, the concepts explored in this book are grounded on insights gained upon my travels around the globe, seeking love, meaning and magic in life.

Like a river flows across the earth, I flowed in search of my destiny, perceiving life and love through diverse mirrors of reality, sensing higher dimensions of consciousness and myriad colors of existence, which I probe via the female protagonist characterization of Rani. Rani is an Indian word meaning queen.

Evolutionary concepts have been traversed; near death and out of body experiences, communications from the afterlife, parallel lives and alternate realities, dreams and déjà vu, how ADHD is not a disorder but a gift, how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny path, how to listen to our hearts and live our dreams, how our so called surreal experiences that we do not give much credit to can in fact be our internal guidance system, our intuition communicating with us, painting our canvases of reality with multitude hues of emotions and feelings.

Nrit is a parable that will open you up to amazing adventures of the mind; it will stretch your imaginations beyond existential reality into higher dimensions and etheric perceptions, truths about the evolving universe, busting dysfunctional belief patterns, reassessing relationships, discovering our true potential, and experiencing life as a Draft1magical gift. With its authenticity and soulful expressions, I hope it will inspire hearts, transpire minds and transcend mindsets. 

nrit -the dream of finding the self
nrit -el sueño de encontrarme
nrit -der Traum mich zu finden
nrit -le rêve de me retrouver
নৃত্ -নিজেকে খুঁজে পাওয়ার স্বপ্ন
नृत् -खुद को पाने का सपना 

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NOTE: This story originally written for a feature film is now being turned into a book by the same author.

Nrit is the story of an ordinary girl who is called to live out an extraordinary dream…!

The original ‘nrit’ story for the film was officially registered at the Writers Guild of America (WGA), West on 5 February 2017.

nrit registration

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Synopsis: A parable about discovering our true potential and experiencing life as a magical gift, ‘nrit’ is the story of an ordinary girl who is called to live out an extraordinary dream.

Plot: When tragedy strikes and takes away the most precious thing from her life, young Rani embarks upon a journey of self-exploration, into the mazes and meanderings of her mind as she is given a glimpse of the afterlife and alternate realities in a cosmic dance to consciousness, the kind of dance life is made of! 

​​Story by Baisakhi Saha
Posters by Esther Gieringer
Music by Lindsay Treen & Craig Pruess 

nrit -feature film

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