The pilgrimage

This book is a pilgrimage. A voyage. A passage to consciousness. It did not happen until I was willing to suspend my own beliefs and limitations of how all of it should be, and accept the material that was coming to me exactly as it did, that I was able to transcend my being and touch the realm of real magic. And if you do not condemn the content but comprehend the concept, you too can conceive that magic without committing to be convinced in the context. I had set out on a journey to learn the language of love, left home in search of the adventure of being alive. During this time, I developed the habit of talking to myself, exploring the unknown language of my heart, looking for meaning on my life path. I have no idea where all this will lead me or what my subsequent steps will be, but I know I was born to do this, as I feel powerfully and profoundly self-expressed! We spend lifetimes without expressing our passions; we wait for the right moment, the perfect opportunity, and often never even get the chance to live those beautiful sentiments that our hearts beseech of us, afraid they will not be reciprocated, suffering more due to non-expression than rejection. My heart has taught me to think for myself and not let cultural patterns, expectations, rules, norms and attitudes dictate my actions. Because everything ultimately is a battle of the heart; if we can overcome the inhibitions inside, half the battle is already won! In the end it really is up to us, if we want to listen to that little inner voice or not. Sometimes heeding it can feel strange, stupid, stubborn; nevertheless, the heart has its own way of guiding us, often through the most ludicrous paths, leading us not necessarily where we want to go but definitely where we need to go; we just must trust. The path of the heart may seem frighteningly lonely, as no one else shares your madness; you may become solitary… and if you lose faith, you can get lost in the dark night, forlorn in our own isolation. But it is not so scary because out of that solitude, poetry is born and the dance of life is choreographed. And if we do not give up, the heart will show us the way, for it has the capacity to penetrate that bottomless solitude within and set us free. Free from fear, insecurity, danger, worry, validation, appropriateness, or whatever! Free to be who we are. Free to become who we came here to be. Free to fly.

~ an excerpt from magicNine by baisakhi saha!

the pilgrimage: walking from san jose to cartago (la basilica), costa rica


Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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