The fire

9c-passionThis book is fire! Fire that consumes… you see, when she was living the ordinary life, she was satisfied with all that was routine and normal in her life. She did not complain, because she did not know a better way to be. But then one day God showed her a beautiful dream, and even if she was tempted to ignore it, or think that dreams were not for her, her heart insisted. How? Chance encounters, strange synchronicities, uncanny coincidences that made her want to believe in the dream, as if it were meant for her, so she could find the courage to imagine a new life – bigger, brighter, better than before.  But after preparing her heart, just when she began to believe and became certain of the dream, that safety net of surety was suddenly withdrawn from under her feet, making her fall, leaving her hurt and vulnerable; the dream seemed like an illusion, like it never was!  She doubted the dream. “It is not meant to be,” she said.  She was afraid to fight for her dream. She thought of all the ways her dream was impossible.  She contemplated abandoning it, but then she felt miserable.  Her tormented heart did not let her lie in peace because the seed of that dream had already been sown in her heart.  Now the dream was there and it was not going to leave her till she died, no matter how much she tried, she could not totally shake it out of her heart.  She could ignore it for lengthy periods, but time and again her heart would remind her of the unfulfilled dream. If, however, she did succeed in forgetting and giving it up altogether, she would be condemned to live with the burden of the deserted dream for the rest of her life. On the other hand, if she mustered the courage to walk that mysterious road, she would be invited by life for battle. To fight for her dreams. To fight the good fight, shattering everything comfortable and familiar, taking her down unknown roads, uncomfortable zones, uncharted territories, risking her very being, testing her faith again and again, until she was willing to confront the desires in her heart. Because desire is the way to destiny, the beginning of all creation. 

When those random coincidences became destiny for her, her sole reason to be, she did not even realize; when those little seeds raged a storm in her heart, she did not even realize. But storms are meant to be confronted, not contained. So she set herself on fire, the fire of burning desire; a fire that could confront the seething storm in her heart; a storm that ignited fiery passion, fierce love, furious courage, ferocious will. Thus this book was born. Maybe she was wrong, but God could never be wrong.

-an excerpt from magicNine, slightly modified for our readers here… 













Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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