nrit -the dream of finding the self… 

Origin of the word NRIT {নৃত্, नृत्}: it is a Sanskrit (संस्कृत्) root word meaning dance; Sanskrit is touted to be the mother of all languages. Here ‘nrit’ symbolizes dance in its most elemental form, omnipresent in the crude creativity of life itself. ​​​

Square1Synopsis: A parable about discovering our true potential and experiencing life as a magical gift, ‘nrit’ is the story of an ordinary girl who is called to live out an extraordinary dream.

Plot: When tragedy strikes and takes away the most precious thing from her life, young Rani embarks upon a journey of self-exploration, into the mazes and meanderings of her mind as she is given a glimpse of the afterlife, alternate realities and parallel universes in a cosmic dance to consciousness, the kind of dance life is made of…! 

​​Story by Baisakhi Saha

NOTE: This story originally written for a feature film is now being published as a book by the same author. The film itself is being speculated to be made and subtitled in several languages in the near future, and proposed to be distributed globally. 

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Akashvani – All India Radio interview of the author about her life journey, dance and nrit.

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