Longevity and age reversal | A conversation with Dr. Mario Martinez

Longevity & age-reversal | An engaging conversation with Dr. Mario Martinez

In a conversation with Dr. Mario E. Martinez primarily focusing on how biological age can be reversed without medication, looking at epigenetic markers such as environment and cultural beliefs affecting gene expression of health or illness. He specializes in how cultural and transcendental beliefs affect health and longevity. A world expert in this field of anti-aging, he teaches centenarian consciousness.

Learn directly from him

You can register for his free online event on 8 March 2022 at 5:30pm Pacific Time (9 March 2022 at 7:00am Indian Time), titled Discover the 4 Factors People 100 Years & Older Share for Longevity & Radiant Living at shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/lrlBS/a24324, and learn directly from him.

He also holds a monthly webinar, titled Healing the Wounded Hero, and all information about it can be found on his website at biocognitive.com.

Questions discussed in the video above

  1. You are the founder of Biocognitive Science. I know you coined that term! Would you please tell us what exactly biocognition is, and how the mind and body talk to each other?
  2. You know, I loved it when you said the immune system is a confirmer of our consciousness and not a protector. Now, more than ever, people need to learn about how the immune system is empowered or disempowered by their consciousness, especially during this pandemic crisis. Would you kindly elaborate on that? And how do people keep an illness subconsciously?
  3. How can we increase our IgA levels naturally to prevent upper-respiratory disorders?
  4. You have done extensive research on Tibetan Buddhist monks, as well as Catholic monks and nuns. It is fascinating how our unresolved emotions can create diseases. Would you tell us briefly the reason why so many Buddhist monks get diabetes? And how can we cap the propensity for diabetes in natural ways?
  5. Please explain epigenetics, how our environment and cultural beliefs can affect gene expression of health or illness.
  6. Your work is focused on longevity and anti-aging in a cultural context. I suppose we can create longevity in our thoughts? Would you please explain to our audience how biological age can be reversed without medication?
  7. Please discuss the three Archetypal wounds and learned helplessness.
  8. Where can people find out more about your work? Tell us about your latest projects, books, events, courses, and social media handles.

“What have the cultures of your life taught you about health and longevity? You may be surprised at what comes up as you develop your own awareness and better understand MindBody codes.”

~Dr. Mario Martinez, Neuropsychologist and founder of biocognitive science

Dr. Mario Martinez is a renowned clinical neuropsychologist, founder of Biocognitive Science, and bestselling author of The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and SuccessThe MindBody Self: How Longevity is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited, as well as psychological novels like The Man from Autumn and coming soon The Phoenix Self, which is science fiction with some scientific evidence about longevity, and talks about how people can live up to 500 years. Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to that! You can find all his books and related products on Amazon.

Dr. Martinez lectures worldwide on his theory of biocognition and on investigations he has conducted of alleged cases of stigmata for the Catholic Church, the BBC, Discovery, and National Geographic. Also, based on how the immune system makes decisions under conditions of uncertainty, he developed a unique model of organizational science that he calls The Empowerment Code, to teach executives of global companies how to maximize productivity while enhancing wellness.

He has done extensive research on Tibetan Buddhist monks, Catholic monks and nuns, and discovered why so many of them get diabetes, or prostate / ovarian cancer. His work reveals fascinating truths about the connection between mind and body in a cultural context. He is truly the bridge between science and consciousness, body and mind, genetics and epigenetics.

The archetypal wounds

  1. Shame: feels hot, inflammation & auto-immune diseases | Antidote is honoring the self
  2. Betrayal: feels hot, anger, rage, being tricked or used | Antidote is loyalty to the self
  3. Abandonment: feels cold, aloneness, isolation | Antidote is commitment to the self

Words of wisdom

  • Belongingness: give yourself permission to be where you are.
  • Companionship: don’t get sick with unrequited love; enhance your relationship with yourself when you’re alone, and mourn without dying with the dead.
  • Love: when love becomes a need, an attachment, spread out your love.
  • Joy: create self-significance, self-valuation; stay attached to your joy.
  • Don’t abuse rituals but abuse routines, don’t abuse love but abuse need.
  • Known misery is less stressful than unknown joy, hence people fear success & happiness.
  • Inflexibility is worse than eating at McDonalds; the body was meant to take everything, discipline is good but not rigidity, cultivate compassionate discipline.
An enlightening talk on Buddhist monks and the four immeasurables by Dr. Martinez

What are the four immeasurables?

Buddhism emphasizes the cultivation of four sublime or noble attitudes toward all beings: loving kindness or friendliness, compassion or willingness to cease suffering, empathic joy or feeling happy for others, and equanimity or calm based on wisdom, which are called the “four immeasurables”.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for his free online event on 8 March 2022, 5:30pm PST (9 March 2022, 7:00am IST), titled Discover the 4 Factors People 100 Years & Older Share for Longevity & Radiant Living here, to learn from the master.

How Cultures Shape Our Self-Valuation & Sense of Worthiness

“Gratitude is more than a habit or practice, it is a consciousness. Embody it and live out pristine gratefulness. Celebrate life.”

Dr. Mario Martinez, Neuropsychologist and founder of biocognitive science

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