The jinx of meaninglessness in our societies

We are creative beings, we are created in the image and likeness of God, and we are here to create! We create with our actions, we create with our words, and we create with our thoughts. Now imagine, when we do work that doesn’t reflect who we truly are, that has no meaning to us, that’s not creative, what are we essentially creating? More of that what we don’t want! And when we create what we don’t want, we also simultaneously create more stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and all kinds of mental, emotional and physical disorders.

When we do things we detest, like work in jobs we hate, we create dissonance within ourselves, as a sense of meaninglessness fills our lives. To fill that void we do all sorts of things, buy things we don’t need, accumulate materials to feel secure, try to acquire more power, popularity, possessions, as we want to recompense that sense of meaning we’ve lost by other activities, intent upon what we can gain, what we can attain, what successes we can obtain, but all of that cannot substitute the lack of genuine meaning in our lives. We become emotionally attached to our objects, materials, property, furniture, apartments, cars, and much of such stuff, however, those external things still cannot compensate that sense of loss of meaning we feel inwardly.

We are born into societies that value precisely those things that can damage us: aggressive competition, stressful work environment, increasingly demanding livelihood, individualism over community, materialism over inner connectivity, extreme violence perpetuated by entertainment industries then imitated in real life, and so on. In this dog eat dog world, we are constantly pushed to do more, have more, be more, to keep up with the rat race that is throttling the human race. We have turned this planet into a junk yard; we have subjugated animals, deforested lands, poisoned the very air we breathe, and bred diseases. We have drifted far away from our true nature and what it means to be human.

When we come into this world, we come with an internal compass that guides us on our journey here, that tells us what is good and bad, what is true and false, what is safe and unsafe for us at any given moment. We are born connected to our intuition and sixth sense. Just look at a baby who is tuned to its gut feelings and can instantly discern a good feeling from a bad one, because the baby is in absolute touch with its inner world. There is no second guessing. It reads energy, not language. The baby is wired for empathy and compassion; it is programmed with all that it needs to realize its destiny here on earth, just like a tiny seed is coded for the flourishing tree it is meant to be. And just as the seed needs the right environment, sunlight, soil, moisture, to mature into a healthy tree, similarly the baby too needs to stay connected with its inner compass to unleash its true potential and fulfill its personal legend.

A baby knows exactly what it wants and how to express its needs authentically; it cries when it feels scared or hungry, screams when it’s angry, laughs when it’s happy, and will even play with you if you seek its company. But at some point in childhood, it gets separated from itself and loses touch with its internal guidance system. As it grows up, it is cultured and molded into expectations and belief systems of the society it births into, and gradually the child shuts down its inner world of imagination and intuition, then feels lost, confused, broken, as it becomes more and more alienated from itself. Because societies cannot accept who you really are, cultures cannot approve of you as you are, your parents are too stressed to help you find out who you came here to be, and you grow up estranged from yourself. As soon as you are born, you are given a name, a religion, a race, a culture, a nationality, and you spend the rest of your life defending a false personality, born out of a fictional identity.

Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed… borrowed from those who have no idea who they are themselves. ~Osho

But our gut feelings aren’t dispensable you know, for they inform us of our personal truths, what is right and wrong for us, like an inner compass placed within us to navigate physical life. So when we shut down this instinct, we become indifferent to our own selves, we lose our sense of reality, our access to that compass, and then fall prey to all kinds of manipulation and control by the external world. We create fake personalities to cope, please others, or fit into societal molds. We become aloof and alienated not only from ourselves, but also severe our connection with the larger Universe, then wonder why life is so unfair! Strangers to ourselves, we lose our sense of direction and purpose; alienated from our true nature, alienated from nature, alienated from each other, we don’t trust each other, we don’t feel a sense of belonging, we don’t feel safe or understood, and we continually walk on eggshells. Less contact, less intimacy, less trust in relationships add to our meaningless lives, and our individualistic cultures profiting out of our misery, perpetuate this.

Our world is in this state today because people in positions of power and authority have lost their connection with the larger Universe, their faith in something bigger than themselves, like a higher intelligence at work, a grander purpose at play; therefore, disoriented and confused, they started manipulating others and accumulating materials in order to feel secure. This power hunger gave birth to all kinds of dysfunction in our societies, bribery, corruption, manipulation, domination, control games, violence, sexual abuse, to name a few, basically blind leading the blind!

Few people realize they came into this world for any purpose other than what they can get out of life. They don’t realize billions came before them to pave the way and contribute to earth’s evolution, and they too are playing a role in shaping the planet’s future. Most people don’t have faith in some higher power; their lives are so tapered and pinched that they cannot fathom a connection with the greater Universe. They can’t see the bigger picture; they think too small and remain blind to the helping hands of a loving Universe trying to reach out to them. God really wants us to thrive, not just survive. Mankind has placed its faith in invisible viruses and disease causing microbes, but does not trust the invisible hand that created this Universe and all life in it. The spirit within us cannot be sick or damaged. But according to our beliefs it is done unto us and we can literally manifest sickness with our minds. We continually blame our ailments to external circumstances without looking at how we are suffering emotionally. Nothing, no experience comes from the exterior. It all manifests from the interior. We are breeding unhealthy diseased societies because we are unhealthy and unhealed from within. Our state of consciousness is always made manifest. Children take on the beliefs of their parents, growing in the image and likeness of the dominant mental and emotional climate at home, and get sick if the home ambience is unfavorable. This pandemic is like life informing life about life, a mass protest at the level of collective human consciousness, as living conditions here on earth are deteriorating at a faster rate than ever before. Read my article in relation: what the Coronavirus COVID-19 is teaching us.

I know it is hard to break out of societal patterns, cultural expectations, because sometimes our survival is at stake, but we are doomed as a species if we don’t, especially when those belief systems are dysfunctional and disserve us. Our societies and economies are constructed towards selling products that replace that loss of meaning, constantly feeding our minds, telling us what to do, what to think, what to value, what to achieve, what is good and what is not, in other words doing all the thinking for us! Let me ask you: do you own your mind or is your mind owned by your beliefs? If you don’t think for yourself the collective mind will think for you, that mind which believes in sickness, disease, accidents, destruction, control, manipulation, violation, and more such damaging programming. You are belief expressed. There is no external evil; all evil is in the mind. God doesn’t judge or punish. All kinds of destructive thinking create the destruction we see in the external world. And because you have lost touch with yourself, you have lost purpose and meaning in your life, you have succumbed to the dictates of a society that doesn’t have your best interest at its core.

It is easy to feel disappointed, to lose faith in the face of fear, seeing all the negativity in the world. But you can’t let the news headlines make you lose hope. Your fears and limiting beliefs take you away from your inner guidance. Nevertheless you can regain that connection, rekindle empathy and compassion, honor your intuition, and take back your personal power. It takes practice, patience, persistence, and perseverance, to restore yourself, leave the path of desolation, repair the despair, heal childhood wounding, and walk fearlessly in the direction of your dreams. You are the one that holds true clarity, the road map to your destiny.

It is absolutely absurd to do things you don’t like, to spend on things you don’t want, to please people you don’t like, or to teach your children to follow in the same track. Most people don’t take out the time to figure out their passion and purpose in life. They haven’t done any soul-searching to find out what gives them real joy. Let me ask you this: what would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life? Whatever is your answer, start doing that now, today, right this moment, before life passes you by! You don’t have more time to dilly-dally. The thing is, if you don’t make any excuse to start now, you will never start. I am not saying quit your day job or cut off your main source of earning; you can start pursuing your passion on the side, and gradually grow into it as a profession. Your job is not to worry about making a living, but to make a life! And when you do what brings you meaning and joy, you will be supported by the Universe. You needn’t worry about your survival. It is when you lose faith in that higher power and fall into fear that you also fall prey to the manipulations of society.

We are all guided on our life paths. When we stay connected with our heart intelligence we lose fear, because we feel the cosmic guidance in our intuitive imaginings. This is the divine vaccination against any disease or pandemic. Spend less time on TV, Netflix, social media, or allowing external stimuli to make your life choices for you; instead sit in silence with yourself and explore your inner senses. We are multidimensional beings having a human experience in the physical body, and often creative solutions to our problems can be encountered in other dimensions, such as in dream states or inner awareness. If you get an idea, stay with it, explore it, stretch your imagination to its possibilities, become the idea, look at it from the inside as the idea itself, contemplate, reflect, ponder: how would life look like when lived from this inner space, what would your choices look like, what would you do differently? Follow that inspiration; what your soul longs to do, that is where will be found your joy. When you are in alignment with your life purpose, you will experience inner peace. That is success. You are not motivated by external things such as power, possession, popularity; those may be by-products of your work, but not the main motivation. And you will be abundant. You are a child of the cosmos and you came here with an intention. So trust that you will be taken care of, when you establish connection with your inner senses, and follow your destiny path dotted with your desires and dreams. That is when you create meaning and purpose in your life.

Use visualization. Use imagination. And expect great things, despite the pain you see all around you, because it is in your expectation that you create room for miracles! You were born to play a magnificent part in life’s great game, but you cannot play your part until you’re convinced of it. You fuel your life purpose with your desire and longing for experience. So, get back to your true nature, regain your sense of connection with nature, and co-exist in harmony and respect for all living things on the planet.

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Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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