My conversation with Anita Moorjani

While recently in Los Angeles, I had a chance to meet up with the famous Anita Moorjani and share a heart to heart conversation about Life & Living and things in between, on topics of utmost importance and controversy in today’s tumultuous times. If you don’t already know about her, Anita Moorjani has the most fascinating life story to tell that will blow your mind away. She has been in between Life & Death and has tremendous insights to share from the other side. Best-selling author of “Dying to be Me“, her books have been translated into 45 languages and sold millions of copies internationally. Here is a sneak peek of our conversation:

History: After battling with terminal cancer for 4-years, she went into a coma back in 2006 with no chances of surviving, as her internal organs had started shutting down from the huge tumors that ravaged her body. That’s when she had a Near Death Experience – NDE. As she crossed over she was greeted by her best friend who had died prior to her also from cancer, and her deceased father who told her that it was not her time yet! She perceived a higher reality, a larger truth on the other side, and experienced profound, unconditional love as she found herself surrounded by loving beings. She was given the choice to come back to life or stay on the other side! Well, we are glad she chose to come back and share her deep wisdom with the rest of the world. When she regained consciousness, her cancer healed completely within a matter of weeks and all the tumors in her body disappeared magically, to the amazement of her doctors! She realized that heaven is not a destination but a state of being. She internalized what had caused her cancer in the first place, and shared her insights in her first book titled, “Dying to be Me” which became a New York Times bestseller. 


As a Valentine special screening, the full video of our conversation in English, with Spanish subtitles, will premiere tomorrow. Please find your Time Zone below to catch the premiere and chat LIVE with people from all over the world on the “Live Chat” window in Youtube. Even if you miss the premiere, you can watch it later at the same link below. Follow this event on Facebook. Below is the premiere timing, depending on where you are: 

  • Monday, 17 February 2020: 6.30pm PST, 8.30pm CST, 9.30pm EST
  • Tuesday, 18 February 2020: 2.00am GMT, 8.00am IST, 10.30am SGT

Anita Moorjani is an international speaker and best-selling author with the most magical life experience, a mindboggling story at that. Today she lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Danny, and travels the world sharing her powerful, insightful, soulful and wonderful message with the rest of the world. A Hay House author, she has penned two books so far titled, “Dying to be Me” and “What if this is Heaven?” and is now publishing her third book titled, “Sensitive is the new Strong“. You can find out more about her on her website She is working towards transcending consciousness on the planet and empowering humanity from within. You may like to follow her work on social media channels like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon

Here is a sneak peek of the topics discussed in this conversation.

  1. Being better: People everywhere are constantly seeking to be better, to be more, do more, have more… Where do we draw the line between this self-improvement obsession and self-abandonment?
  2. Exploring emotions: We experience the physical world through our emotions, but emotions can be tricky. Suppressing can cause disease, expressing can cause destruction. How can we navigate our difficult emotions in this positive obsessed world? 
  3. Embracing ego: The ego is not an enemy as many spiritual teachers make it out to be; it gives us our sense of identity and separation on the physical plane. What are the implications of that and how can we make the ego our best ally?
  4. Redefining religion: Religion has created more divide than union, more hatred than love, more separation than connection. What is the real purpose behind religion and how can we shift our perception to bridge this divide?
  5. Recreating relationships: Relationship definitions are changing. Masculine-feminine dynamics are altering. More marriages are falling apart than ever before. What can we do to create more harmonious connections in such turbulent times?
hug anita
A bear hug from Anita Moorjani

Anita’s NDE has captured the hearts and attention of millions across the globe. She has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, The Today Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, the National Geographic Channel, as well as The Pearl Report in Hong Kong, Headstart with Karen Davila in the Philippines, and many others. Her first book has been optioned by Hollywood Producer Ridley Scott to be made into a full-length feature film.

You may like to check out a couple of lectures I delivered in India sometime back on the topic of Death & beyond that featured Ms. Moorjani, at 

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Please share this information with family & friends, and whoever you think might benefit from this conversation, and do stay tuned for the video premiere this coming Monday or Tuesday depending on where you’re based. For any queries, you can write me directly at

En-joyous anticipation,


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