Understanding synchronicity on our destiny path


Synchronicity – a new dimension of reality approaching humanity!

Synchronicity by definition is the simultaneous occurrence of events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality. People have often regarded “Time” as the fourth dimension here on earth. But time as we perceive it does not exist, except merely a construct of the human mind. There is only this eternal moment of now, where past, present and future, coincide and everything happens at once. For more about time, read understanding time and space correlating with reality. Since there is no time as this time, no moment as this moment, everything in the Universe is always connected with everything else and when we can also perceive that connection with the Universe, we experience what is called being in the flow, in alignment with our true selves. That is when we experience synchronicity on our destiny paths or synchrodestiny.

Synchrodestiny is the conglomeration of two words: synchronicity and destiny. When we experience the deeper nature of the self, beyond the reasoning or conditioning of our logical minds, we feel this oneness with the Universe. When we are in alignment with our true selves, we experience synchronicity all the time, which manifest in the form of spontaneous fulfillment of desire. However, most people at most times do not experience this connection with the Universe, due to their mental conditioning or belief systems.

The divide in our world today is a cultural divide, rising due to conflicting belief systems, societal programming, ideologies, theologies, philosophies, religious indoctrination, traditional dogmas, disempowering beliefs etc. However synchronicity transcends all conditioning of the logical mind and aligns us with our highest selves where magic happens, if we are good at tuning in to this new dimension of reality approaching humanity today. Synchronistic experiences are happening all the time though, to more and more people on the planet today than ever before, but most times people don’t understand these experiences and dismiss them as mere coincidence or happenstance, chance, luck, fate etc. Far from it, these are meaningful occurrences with intention and direction, aligning us with our higher purpose. Destiny is the path of our desires, crafted out of free will. Everyone has a unique life purpose and no two people will walk the same path here on earth. However, people try in vain to be like one another, to conform, to be accepted and approved because they do not understand their position in the Universe. The language of synchronicity is not difficult to decode. But we learn this language by making mistakes yet never giving up. When we start paying attention to life, I mean really pay attention to what is going on, the synchronicities increase and manifestation seems effortless in that state of flow.


When we are in the flow, connections happen like magic, and there is no room for divisions based on culture, religion or dysfunctional belief systems of society, as we align with our highest self, which is the same as the Universal self. Oh I can write an entire encyclopedia on synchronicity. In fact, my upcoming book titled “Life is Abracadabra” recounts 21 magical stories from my adventures across the globe that will make anyone look at life with new eyes. It is a chronicle of the magical signs, dreams and synchronicities that led me from one place to another, contriving me to live out my destiny, my true legacy. Synchronicity not only guided my path in the past but also saved my life several times! It has led me from Asia to Europe to Africa to South, North and Central America, as I studied life and love through myriad mirrors of reality. Sitting in Singapore, pursuing a career in Computing, I could never even have imagined that one day I would be a globetrotter, author, speaker, performer… my life is unrecognizable today, as I walk the path guided only by synchronicities, intuitions and heart-talk.

The signs or synchronicities speak to us as they are in alignment with our desires, moving us into higher states of consciousness. A deeper knowledge and experience of this dimension of synchronicity can eliminate all the unrest from the world, when we tune in to our true purpose, as we are always guided by the Universe so we can manifest our unique destinies, our best lives here on earth, perceiving the harmony in all things. Everything in life is orchestrated to move us into higher states of consciousness, so we can be at a place of pure awareness. If we learn from our experiences, we move there quickly. However, if we don’t then we are brought the same painful experiences by life again and again until we learn from it and understand the mechanisms behind what happens to us. We are always connected to the Universe yet we can create a separation in the mind and suffer. We can however end the separation at any time by releasing the mental conditioning and programming, and embracing spontaneity, synchronicity, then watch ourselves flow and glow with all that is life!

Transcript: synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but may not have a discernible causal connection. Some people think it is coincidence, as both coincidence and synchronicity are perceived as “striking occurrences of two or more events at the same time”. But there is a huge difference between the two. You see, coincidence is perceived as chance or luck or mere happenstance where we have no control over the situation, while synchronicity implies the presence of a deeper intelligence at work, as we open ourselves up to cosmic insights and inner guidance. This pure awareness connects us with our true selves beyond all the mental conditioning and belief systems.

Everything is connected with everything else in the Universe. In our pure state of consciousness, everything is choreographed by our higher selves spontaneously. That is why those synchronistic moments seem magical, because they are in alignment with our true desires or intentions in life. All the divide and the barrier and the judgement and the instability exist in our world because we do not fathom our deeper connection with the larger Universe, where life is not navigated by a finite experience of planning, processing, and programming, but via synchronicity, uncertainty and infinity.

When we are in flow, we are in alignment with ourselves, our true destiny. The synchronicities multiply. We flow in the direction of our desires which bring us immense joy. When we are out of flow, we are essentially swimming upstream against the river current, generating a huge amount of resistance and creating diseases.

We learn this universal language of synchronicity by making mistakes, but never giving up, by paying attention and following our hearts. From a software graduate to a marketing executive to a German interpreter, an English teacher, a Spanish translator, to now a writer, speaker, dancer, actor, mysterious coincidences or “synchronicities” have led me from one continent to another, contriving me to live out my destiny, my true legacy. Destiny is not the same as fate. While fate seems to be predetermined with not much room for change, destiny on the other hand is the path of our desires crafted by free will and aligns with what brings us utmost joy.

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