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190337_6209630611_6665_nRevisiting memory lane: Those days I was itching to travel to Europe, having learned German up to advanced level at my university. So desperate was I that I used to take my books and go to the airport to study for my exams, and wave at all the planes bound Europe from the viewing mall whispering, “Say hi to Europe, I’m coming!”. But I neither had the money nor the opportunity, only my dream. Then one night I had a strange dream. Soon after, I received an email in my university inbox, inviting students from all over the world to write an essay and the best few would be selected for a symposium in Switzerland. Immediately, I connected it with my dream from some nights prior. And before I knew it, I won an all-expense-paid trip to Europe, having written an essay on the topic “Inspiring Europe”. Below I present the composition that won me the 36th St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland, in May 2006.

From the Infinite Source


(Words here do not count towards the word limit; please choose not to read the foreword if I’m violating the word limit requirements; I felt a foreword would better explain my ideas, in-depth)

The composition presented in the website for St. Gallen’s Symposium has posed many questions, many problems facing Europe and the rest of the world today, and areas where inspiration is of dire need. With Europe in the backdrop, an interconnected, codependent world has been explored. It is in this light, I present my ideas here that will strive to eliminate the problems at their roots and seek to bring about a holistic healing so that the problems may never reappear, so that a life of peace, security, happiness and love be embraced by humanity on our planet; so that human beings stop living in fear and learn to love unconditionally, so as to remove the illusions of failure, separation and judgment. I’m going to turn the box of ideas upside down and shift the emphasis around. I thus implore my readers to peruse my ideas with an open mind sans judgment; for inspiration is the work of the intangible that motivates the tangible. Only then the truth may come to light. And then may we dream of taking humanity to being an enlightened species on this planet. I would like to clarify that my ideas presented here are not better than any other power-filled idea, they are definitely not the only solution; they are merely another way of looking at things, a different perspective to life, from a different angle.

I invite Europe to join hands with me and take this journey of self exploration together; for it is in our collaboration and collective decisions that will provide direction to the solutions. In my essay I quote several sentences/questions from the essay presented by St. Gallen in the website that beckons response. I have not counted the words of those quotes (that I have placed in italicized words) when I sought to answer them. The word count is limited to my own ideas and solutions to Europe’s pressing problems.

My writing here has been inspired by my many readings and own research about life on our planet and how it functions. I have known and believe that miracles are possible, changes are a part of our everyday life, we do not need to struggle in order to survive, we can very well create the life of our desires, that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are our ways of defining what works and what doesn’t and that above all Faith is the biggest driver of our existence.

I hope to communicate to Europe an idea whose time has come. This idea will try to encompass all my views on how to start constructing the life the inhabitants of Europe and the rest of the world dream of and to unfold the beautiful process of conscious creation through our greatest tools of Free Will and total Choice which depend on our thoughts, words and deeds. I have provided some astounding, metaphysical facts about the eternal truths of the universe, some of which I could not discuss in as much detail as I would have liked, owing to paucity of space and word limit. However, the truths still hold though I couldn’t cite enough scientific proofs to convince their validity here. Enjoy the roller coaster read!

Inspiring Europe: Healing Minds, Transcending Mindsets

Word Count: 2,300 approx.

As Europe looks onto the world and ponders its position, it feels that it has much to contribute, much to give to the world that is ever-changing and inter-dependent; the very way every other nation is. Yet, at this point in the space-time continuum of life on our planet, Europe itself seeks inspiration, again like any other region. Inspiration is indeed what the world needs today. Every region on this planet is codependent and inter-linked, and it is in inspiration that our salvation lies; for inspiration instills in us HOPE and hope is what we require to rebuild our dreams, to keep up with this fast-paced, ever-changing globe and aspire to live out our deepest desires into reality. We need something more than just taking part in this rat race of a competitive world; on an individual as well as a collective level, we require a reason to go on, to keep up and continue our existence. With this background view, I toss my ideas into the limelight, for thorough inspection of their validity and relevance thus sharing my views with Europe and the world it’s connected with, our HOME in the universe!

Before I commence, I would like my readers to contemplate the question: what if everything I thought was ‘wrong’ was actually ‘right’? This is where the beginning of our understandings will mark, setting aside all assumptions and starting over. All great discoveries have been made from a willingness, and ability, to not be right, and that’s what I’m trying to explore here. Humanity has for centuries tried to solve its problems at every level except the level at which the problem exists. It continues to do so today. Our world will change when people change their idea about our world; the people on our planet will change when the people on our planet change their ideas about the people on our planet.

Nothing and Everything: I probe into the nature of the Universe and how every element in it is affected by each other. Ever heard of the phrase: Nothing matters? Well look at those two words again, carefully. Nothing MATTERS! In the beginning there was nothing (in physical form), only energy (Einstein’s quantum mechanics)! Now this energy as it vibrates in different frequencies on varied dimensions through diverse planes and densities it can obtain different characteristics and personalities and hence form any matter. Be it a tree, a man, an animal, a rock, a thought, a feeling or just about anything… and EVERYTHING! All matter is made of the same stuff, pure energy! Now this energy that holds all matter radiates outside from an object into the universe. This explains the vague light/aura/magnetic field we can see around objects and humans as well. This energy interacts with the energy forms of every other matter and forms a complex matrix of energy, in constant motion that affects every aspect of the world we live in. Our thoughts are pure vibrations of this energy in an intangible form. These thoughts radiate outwards and interact with other thoughts in this energy matrix. Thus a lot of psychic phenomena viz. déjà vu, telepathy, clairvoyance, dreams, intuitions etc. can be explained. In the energy world, like attracts like. Fear attracts fear. Love attracts love! All our actions, whether at an individual level, or at a group/national/international level have their roots in the thoughts that give birth to the actions. It is these thoughts that are sponsored by a superior thought which is stronger and more powerful, called beliefs. What we believe, we seek to create, most of the time unconsciously, into our lives. So here I’m going to discuss everything in the level of our beliefs; for beliefs sponsor behavior. Changing behavior without changing the sponsoring belief is futile as the effect doesn’t last. WHATEVER THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE IT CAN ACHIEVE.

The universe responds to our assumptions and intentions. Whatever we see in our world today is a projection of how people really perceive the world and what they assume about it. In other words, our collective consciousness is reflected on the global front whereas our individual consciousness affects our personal lives. What you perceive, you receive!

Competing regions competing mentalities

Most of us grew up with some common beliefs such as “we never get what we really want”, “life is an ongoing struggle”, “life is not fair”, “there is not enough of what we need”, “we must fight, for survival is of the fittest and strongest” et al. With such mentality, we grow up thinking we must always compete in everything, with everyone and indeed from this mentality is born today’s society that has competition at every level, every walk of life. We cannot imagine a world without competitions.

Energy dynamics: When two parties are in conflict with each other, what really happens is that both sides seek to fill up their own energy levels from the other. Often the one, who wins, feels satisfied as he gets filled up with the other’s energy whereas the other is left bereft, devoid of energy. This kind of energy conflict and struggle for attention happens in all kinds of interactions, even when two people are in a relationship supposedly in love, all they seek is to fill up with the energy of the other. This competition for energy is what breeds conflict and power struggle, not only at personal levels, but also at corporate, business, national and international levels. It is not rare to observe that most relationships are increasingly failing in today’s world. This problem can be solved when human beings start to fulfill their energy requirements from other sources of nature. It is no wonder that when one beholds the beauty of the mighty oceans or a majestic mountain or in a forest, he/she feels calm and peaceful, at one with everything else, as the humongous amounts of energy radiated by such magnificent bodies can easily put one at ease with the mind.

There is only one of us: The idea of separation is an illusion that we learnt from our religion instilling in us fear with all its theories of a vengeful, angry God. Thus we thought God has separated us from himself and from each other. It is from this much of our present beliefs in the society have manifested and continue to hold the roots of devastation. Thus we have learnt to live in fear, love with conditions and people today continue to hold these concepts close to their hearts. The collective consciousness of separation consequently create conflicts and power struggles. A lot of people intuitively know that these beliefs don’t serve us anymore; yet religions continue to hold their strong position in the society. In the name of religion, we have killed people, bred terrorism, strengthened military forces and thus peace has always eluded life on this planet. In reality every religion is trying to promote peace, love and harmony; yet every religion preaches that only they are ‘right’ and that the others are ‘wrong’. Thus arises the illusion of judgment. If we carefully look, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are merely what serves us and what doesn’t. And every person is ‘right’ given their model of the universe. So what we must do here is affect the ‘model’ of the universe that one is in, which points us back to our basic beliefs where repair is required.

A community in a remote part of India lives in peace and harmony because it had eliminated “I” and “me” from its vocabulary and thus, ego was eliminated from ‘self’ resulting in happiness and peace5. Our perception of the self is very limited. Imagine if we could extrapolate this community to cover the entire world, and every human being broadens the definition of ‘self’ to include everyone else in it, then how life would be! Will we really behave the way we do today if we thought of everyone else a part of our own selves? Will the mouth spite the ear or the head spite the face? I know the world believes in competition, however, this is where our inner turmoil lies. Is life really meant for struggle to survive? Is it just to endure? I say this because I care, so I dare to share my ideas with Europe that can do something as a collective group of nations influencing the collective consciousness of life on the planet. It is time we rise as humanity, as one body for the greatest goal of humanity, giving humanity back to humanity. Self interest is the highest interest and it should be! A planet where every human being lives in communion with each other; where peace, prosperity, happiness, love and harmony prevail; moving on from a mere question of survival to other bigger questions and seeking to live as an enlightened society. It is important that we come to a new and larger understanding about each other, transcending our old beliefs. We are not each other’s enemies. We are not each other’s obstacles. We are not even each other’s competitors. We are each other. The implication of that is enormous. Because if we see each other, if we can finally come to a place where we can really see each other, as simply Another Version Of Us, we will suddenly understand many things—not the least of which is our unlimited potential to create anything we choose on this planet.

…new societal solutions are called for in response to the individual’s desire for security.

Our education today has emphasized knowledge in favour of wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge applied. Our education should turn the emphasis around, for if we had really acquired wisdom we wouldn’t be repeating the same mistakes, and history wouldn’t repeat itself if the lessons were learnt. We need to educate our youngsters allowing them to draw their own conclusions and get to their truths. When human beings are taught to act on their highest priorities, people will automatically act out their highest visions and there won’t be chaos.

Now, imagine an economy built on Visibility and government, politics based on transparency. Corruption, exploitation and imbalance of wealth and power will be eliminated the instant this happens. The world has enough for everyone’s survival. A redistribution of its wealth will solve poverty and this can happen only when the ‘self’ is expanded. Similarly, integrating all the religions towards a higher spiritual truth will bring about peace and security. What the world needs is not another religion but an expansion, an extension, rejuvenation and a refreshing of the thoughts and beliefs of our present religions, a transcendence! I invite Europe to take this challenge, plunge into this reform, be the pioneer for a global transformation guaranteeing peace, security, prosperity, love, happiness.

Which processes allow the economic regions to successfully seize opportunities in their own interest and at the same time contribute to the stability and well-being of all? Will domestic political issues hinder global free trade from developing further? Europe, especially, seems to have a problem in resolving this dilemma, and its stance is threatening more and more to become a hindrance.

Being/doing: The problem facing the world today is not an economic problem, neither a social or political problem. It is a spiritual problem, at the level of our beliefs. This is because everything material is created in our thoughts first. A man is what he thinketh. We often try to achieve a state of ‘being’ from a state of ‘doing’. If we can consciously start creating life, then we will stop reacting and behave from a state of being. A life lived by choice is a life of conscious creation; a life lived by chance is a life of unconscious reaction. When we “C” things with a different perspective, we can start CREATING the life of our desires and stop REACTING to situations. If we just change the position of our outlook we may be able to hold the grandest version of the greatest vision of who we really are, changing humanity’s idea about itself. This is the best time to be on earth. We as humanity are hanging in between evolution and extinction.

It is the subconscious mind that houses our beliefs and conscious mind our thoughts. The subconscious has access to all wisdom and knowledge. It knows everything. The subconscious is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space and time. It can remember everything, from any time.  It can transmit creative solutions to our problems. It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon a wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities. It functions at a level deeper than our usual level of awareness. In the subconscious, mental processes occur without our conscious perception of them. We experience moments of wisdom, intuition and creativity when these subconscious processes flashes into our conscious awareness. The subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind!

Could it be that something has escaped the notice of Europeans and the rest of the world?

Yes it is possible… But we must be open enough to acknowledge and accept that our present systems are failing us and then bring about a change in our belief system that will serve us, not disserve us! So that history doesn’t repeat itself and we don’t repeat our mistakes. It is time to raise our consciousness to a level where we can create the life humanity wishes for itself, a life lived with the highest good of humanity in the minds of every human.

To create what we cannot find, if it is not there to put it there will I know require a lot of courage, to change humanity’s idea about itself, to transcend mindsets and heal minds. No more despair; it is time for repair. I am willing to BE the change I wish to SEE in the world; for what I am being is who I am. Nothing in my world is real. Nothing has any meaning other than the meaning I give to it. So I have to dare and I have to share, as I care to see humanity rise up to my visions. The only limitation is our thought that we have limitations! I am willing to be the first domino, the harbinger of light to evolve our society to enlightenment! Faith is my companion.

I conclude with my favorite quote from George Bernard Shaw:

“You see things and you ask, why?
I dream things that never were and I ask, why not?”

With Truth.

And Love.

And Light.


This essay has been inspired by my many readings and research about life and its many mysteries which I sought to unearth through these readings. I have used ideas from these books that I have connected with and some of them even manifested in my own personal experiences, very miraculously. It is because of these reasons I write with such conviction. I have used some sentences here and there as direct quotations from the books, in order for them to have the exact impact as I had when I read them, but they are spread all over so I’m acknowledging them together here. My writings here have been heavily motivated by:

  1. Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God series
  2. James Redfield’s Celestine series
  3. Books of leading psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss
  4. Writings of Darrell Daybre, William Hewitt, Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Shakti Gawain and others who I cannot name at the moment have also deeply influenced my mindset; though I’ve hardly cited them in this piece, they remain inspiration in my life worth mentioning
  5. Quoting His Excellency President of Republic India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at the 27th Singapore Lecture

Note: Not only did I win this symposium, but by some stroke of luck I also met my favorite author and hero, Neale Donald Walsch while in Switzerland! This story is truly magical. Below are some images from my time at the St. Gallen University and encounters with Neale at his retreat in Zurich, May 2006.

Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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  1. A glitch in time: I was in Switzerland, visiting a friend in Geneva who I had met at my University in Singapore, on his student exchange program. And so when I was in Switzerland, I visited him. At the time he was quite busy and could not show me around. So I decided to explore myself. One morning I went out for a walk around his house. At the beginning of the road I was treading, I saw a tall man in a brown suit and hat, with a suitcase in his hand walking in the opposite direction, meaning we crossed each other face to face. I took a mental note of him because he looked strange. I walked a long stretch. Since I did not know the roads, I didn’t want to get lost. Hence I kept walking straight, just so when I wanted to return all I had to do was make an about turn and walk straight up tracing back the same path, to reach my friend’s house. After about half hour I decided it was time to turn back. My friend had told me to return in an hour coz he had to go to work. But the fields in front of me were so beautiful, I coaxed myself to walk just a little further and then I would turn back, surely. So I continued walking straight down in front of me until suddenly I realized I was back at my friend’s house! I did not have to turn back and walk another half hour to return. Not only that, I saw the same man in the brown suit, hat and suitcase at the same spot on the road walking past once again as we crossed each other face to face! When I returned to my friend’s house, he told me “you’re early! I thought you were going for an hour!” I told him about the strange man in the brown suit who I had met twice on the same spot, and that when I wanted to turn back on the road, I found myself already at his house; he thought I was crazy and dismissed me. Nonetheless, this experience made me ponder the multidimensional reality we are in, where time and space can be warped!

    This happened in May 2006, when I had won the symposium to the St. Gallen University in Switzerland from my University in Singapore. This friend lived in Geneva, so after the symposium, I wanted to travel around a bit and stayed at his place for a couple of days while visiting Geneva. Coincidentally, he happened to be a student of the St. Gallen University as well, when he was in Singapore doing an exchange semester, and had just graduated when I visited Swiss land.


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