You want guarantees?

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So you want guarantees ahead of life? Before you have even lived it or plunged into the experience at hand, you want to know the outcome, ya? But life does not work that way.

People have for centuries tried to secure everything; secure their lives, secure their futures, secure relationships, secure love, secure comfort, secure health, heck secure security itself! But by doing so they have not acted in accordance with their highest nature, they have not internalized life or the nature of souls.

People build houses then get caged in its four walls, unable to experience life as a grand adventure anymore. People invest in life insurances then go ahead and fall sick, manifesting all sorts of diseases and accidents, precisely because they have channeled so much money and mental energies in insurances. banner-764360_1920People get into marriages to secure love, to secure a partner for life, then they get trapped within the definitions of very primitive relationship dynamics that inhibit the expansion of their souls and fall prey to role-playing! People station sentries outside their doors and then their houses get robbed! People build defense mechanisms to prepare for attack, and then they manifest wars. Most of the conflicts in our world today are precisely because everyone is trying to secure everything all the time, including security itself! And all that for what? To arrive at death safely? That is an oxymoron. Because we deny who we really are, we decry the nature of our souls that is free, limitless, infinite, unstoppable and uninhibited. Inherently we all know it, feel it every instant of every day, yet we are so afraid to act upon it, afraid to fail, afraid to fall, afraid to get hurt, afraid to end up miserable or lonely, afraid of reprimand, afraid of being perceived as wrong or weak, incapable or incompetent. Still life will not be bound by our definitions of right and wrong, by our dysfunctional systems and belief patterns. So when one rule is made, there are ten souls who come to earth to break it, and probably even go to jail because of it, still they do it. Because we are trying to cage infinity, somehow make it finite, bind something that is boundless, and that is the biggest joke of life.

You see, we are a three part being: body, mind and spirit. The spirit that enters the body, or rather constitutes the body, to have a physical experience of itself here on earth, uses the mind as a bridge to function within the body or rather with the body. And so, all creation happens in the mind. Whatever the mind believes, perceives, conceives, becomes true for us at any given instant, and then the body acts on it, makes choices, exercises its free will and thereby creates its reality. That’s how physical life operates, but the driver of this vehicle called ‘body’ is still essentially the spirit not the body, and it does not care about comfort or security nor comes with a warranty. insurance-1991214_1920

The soul did not incarnate into the physical body to be comfortable, or to have a secure journey here on earth. It has come here to get dirty, to be messy, to self-realize, to know itself fully in experience, and it will make the body go through all sorts of discomfort if needed, to serve its agenda. When someone is stubborn, or mired in limiting thought patterns, the soul will lead that physical incarnation of life through the discomfort of disease or other difficult circumstances, for it to fulfill its agenda in the body and cause its expansion. To understand this better, read my article: beliefs are the root of all suffering!

People get into relationships to thwart loneliness but then they become even lonelier in the relationship as the partner mirrors their inner vibrations back to them and now that mirror has grown multifold and the loneliness pinches even more. The reason for relationships is not to get rid of our loneliness, but to share our wholeness with one another, in order to experience oneness.

Life is dynamic, our souls are infinite. While there is immense value in marriage where two people get into an intimate partnership, intimacy does not just imply physical; it is the intimacy of hearts, the bonding of souls, the connection of spirits, the intermingling of minds. Intimacy really means “into-me-see”. dancing-2972960_1920Those kind of truly intimate relationships are hard to find on this planet, where two souls are in a conscious partnership and can hold the space for each other’s growth, expansion and evolution. Most relationships come with so much baggage, so many definitions and rules to abide by, operating from such dysfunctional belief systems that they have become more transactional than actual loving partnerships, and we inevitably give in to those unhealthy dynamics and expectations, thus losing the adventure of being alive. Whereas the intention of a relationship should be to augment that adventure, not curb it.

Relationships are just one example. Let’s take another one: Disease. Life works in accordance with the law of attraction. This law acts like a mirror, reflecting our own internal vibrations back to us externally. The law states that like attracts like, essentially fear attracts fear, love attracts love. To illustrate the law of attraction, let’s say you are a corporate slave and work like crazy all days throughout the week, with barely a day off for yourself. You have no time to tune in to your soul or even figure out your passions. You desperately need a break but are afraid to give yourself one. You talk about it, think about it, but cannot take it, you just have so much to do. So then you get the flu one day and are forced to take a break. Now you know nobody can complain because you have a doctor’s certificate! In fact your office will even pay you for that break. But do we need the flu to remind ourselves to get in touch with our souls or go in the direction of our joy? The flu is, however, a very mild example I cited. Consider all the chronic and terminal illnesses plaguing our world today. Diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s etc. are all manifestations of our own internal vibrations. The law always works in our favor, even when it manifests diseases for us, be it to keep us safe, give us that much needed break or point us toward our passions.

All diseases are man-made, essentially created in the mind. A dis-ease is a mind that is not at ease. And since the mind is the bridge between the body and the spirit, it will literally cause physical symptoms, like disease, depression and all sorts of disorders that I don’t even want to begin to name here. Because the mind is not somewhere in our head or in the brain; it is in every cell of the body. When you have a cut in your finger, the cells around that cut are intelligent to know that there is a cut which needs to be healed and act upon it instantaneously. How does that cell know what to do? Because it has a mind of its own! Yes, we all come with a natural defense mechanism, immunity, survival instinct to shirk off minor illnesses and dangers. However, when we stretch that too far, to accommodate our dysfunctional beliefs and unhealthy ways of being, is when it goes out of hand and we fall prey to all sorts of diseases and manifest dysfunction in our society. stock-photo-warranty-word-cloud-concept-on-grey-background-622735025The need for security stems from a fear based consciousness, and if fear attracts fear, then I am not going to elaborate here what negative situations and circumstances that can attract. But I will say this: our souls are whole and secure and love. The soul does not need physical security to carry out its agenda in the body.

Wars. Another serious topic. All battles manifest in the mind. Nations build their defense mechanisms, they make high tech missiles, bombs, deadly weapons and now they need grounds to test them! When so much energy and money have been spent in strengthening our defense systems, then imagine how much of human mind and belief systems have been channeled in that direction. No wonder so much conflict and unrest manifests in our world as a result of it. The law of attraction is constantly at work, whether we are aware of it or not. If one individual can manifest the flu as an excuse to take a break, then think of how much damage millions of minds are creating, simply by strengthening their military! In a primitive society like ours we say it is necessary to kill in order to save lives, and then we like to think we are an advanced civilization.

Here on earth we have it all backwards. We want to secure our lives so much, and protect ourselves from danger, that we create wars to do so! Seriously, we need to re-think our ways of being, our ways of dealings, our ways in relationships, and our ways with each other.

9…so you want guarantees ahead of life? Before you have even lived it or plunged into the experience at hand, you want to know the outcome, if it will serve you or not, ya? Because if you end up somewhere you don’t like or you might fail at it, then you might as well avoid it in the first place. Yes? But the reason you are even called into any particular experience is because your soul needs it for its evolution, its expansion, and more often than not it will lead you to an outcome you probably did not desire to start with, however, it will leave you at a place of more self-awareness, more self-knowledge, more in tune with yourself and in alignment with your truth. That way it always serves you. Your experience is your biggest teacher. Otherwise, you will be able to discern and tell at the beginning itself, if it will serve you or not. The fact that you can’t tell, and yet it’s calling you, is an invitation from life to plunge. It is an act of pure creation. And that’s where all the adventure is, anyways.

“No risk no gain” is not just an old adage; it happens to be true!


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