The magical year of nines!

This is the magical year of the nines, as 18 is a multiple of 9 and when added (1+8) gives 9.

Why nine is so special? Because nine is a magical number! It represents the universe, the aleph, eternity, the circle and the cycles of change. Nine is the only number whose all multiples add up to a nine when summed and reduced to a single digit; no other number exhibits this property.

Aleph is a point in the universe that contains everything, a point where everything becomes one thing only; the only place on earth where all places are -seen from every angle, each standing clear, without any confusion or blending. It was first discovered by an Argentinian named Louis Borges. If all places in the universe are in the aleph, then all stars, all galaxies, all sources of light are in it too. Aleph is also the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, א. It is the symbol of transfinite numbers, of which any part is as great as the whole.

9, is an aleph. It is a number that contains all the numbers in the universe. If infinity ∞ could be a finite number, then all the numbers in the universe would add up to nine when reduced to a single digit, like in numerology, because all possible numbers are made of the numbers, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. So counting all the elemental numbers that exist in mathematics: 0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45; and of course 45 being a multiple of 9 adds up to a nine (4+5). And if we remove the number 9 from the equation, we get the number 36, which also adds up to nine. Hence, indeed nine contains every number until infinity; it is the magic number and the highest number!

Not only that, a circle has 360 degrees, each quadrant is 90 degrees, semi-circle 180 degrees… all are multiples of nine, adding up to nine. A circle is the symbol of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the Universe. It is a symbol of wholeness, of perfection, of love and life; that which has no beginning no end, of infinity, eternity. It is also a symbol of union but not of ownership, of connecting but not of confining, of enhancement but not of entrapment; it is formed with the 9-shaped yin and yang conjoined, the union of masculine and feminine where polarity becomes unity; for love cannot be possessed, nor can it be controlled, and the soul can never be constrained.

The universe contains a conscious energy and that is the energy of love, a powerful force into which all living things want to converge. In the absolute realm, in the oneness, non-duality, All That Is is love and that is where we all want to go, blend, merge in union. In our human experience of love too we want to experience that oneness with one another. That is why we seek unification, companionship, bonding, intimacy. Like everything in the universe, numbers too have a vibration, frequency, energy, significance; nine symbolizes completion of cycles, new beginnings, and unconditional love.

~excerpted from my upcoming book, nrit -the dream of finding the self…

Happy 2018!


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