…a sign that god wants for me what i want for me
but how do i start? where do i begin??

and inspiration…! the next song u hear, the next person u talk to, the storyline of the next movie you watch, the next book you read or the whisper of the wind in your ears, the sound of your heartbeat… will all conspire to prompt u, propel u to live out your dreams!

boi would take her books and go to the airport to study. she’d watch the airplanes take off and send out her wishes to them. boi yearned to travel. but she neither had the money nor the opportunity.

boi went to the airport to say goodbye to each one of her exchange friends.
‘tell germany that i’m coming soon’, she’d say to some of them.
‘say hello to europe for me’, were her parting words to others.

one night boi had a dream. it was her last semester in the university. it was the night before her statistics final exam.
in the dream she was stopped from taking this exam. everytime she tried to get up and go for the exam, something stopped her; rain, exam cancelled, no exam – this theme kept repeating in the same dream again n again until boi woke up with a start!

…and realized that it was just a dream! the exam was on and she was running late. boi rushed to the exam hall. but during the exam boi couldn’t write a word. her mind went blank. her question paper popped strange numbers at her that boi could make no sense of. boi sat there numb. she didn’t even have the common sense to get up and tell the examiners she wasn’t feeling good; so they’d reschedule the exam for another day. boi just sat there paralyzed staring at the paper and when the time was up they took away her paper. it wasn’t until she left the exam venue, that boi realized how stupid she was not to have made any excuse. and now it was too late. when the results came, boi had failed her statistics paper. boi had never failed a subject before. and just for this one subject, boi had to repeat an entire semester!

there must be a reason for this, boi thought. it was weird!


and then one day i found boi jumping in her hostel room… and boi couldn’t stop jumping, so elated was she!

you see, three months ago, boi had just begun her new ‘extra’ semester… when she got an email in her university mailbox. it was an invitation to students from all over the world to write an essay and win an all-expense-paid trip to switzerland, the most exquisite and the most expensive country in europe.

this must be it. boi had thought. the reason i had that dream and failed my stats exam. so i can win this trip! and boi had sent in her entry – a composition on the theme ‘inspiring europe‘.

190337_6209630611_6665_nand now in front of her lay the magic email. boi couldn’t believe her eyes… she’d just won a trip to switzerland and an invitation to attend a symposium at the st. gallen university. boi was jumping with joy.

were i not still a student, i wouldn’t have had the chance to enter this contest. her mind was racing. that’s why i had to repeat an entire sememster. so i could fulfill my dreams! it’s destiny!! wow god works in mysterious ways; i had to fail to win! mused boi in utter amazement! boi was on cloudnine!

europe was enchanting! switzerland, breathtaking!! and her dream destination, deutschland – paradisiac!!! finally boi had reached germany! she visited all her exchange friends there! living my dreams, boi smiled to herself. this is what it must mean to live my dreams!

when boi returned all she wanted was to go back! she applied for exchange at her university. i want to go back to germany. work there. settle there. i love it. but instead life took her to africa!

…because life had other plans for boi


~ extracted from the book ‘magicNine‘ by baisakhi saha

“i was in germany during may-june 2006 and then again after my exchange in africa, the entire month of september 2008, as a make-believe priest at one of my dear german friend’s wedding in the blackforest, my fav place in the world!” :p

read the spirit touching wedding vows here

P.S. the old man in the first picture of the album is the author of conversations with god, neale donald walsch, my fav books and by some dint of a miracle, coincidence, synchronicity, serendipity, magic… i got a chance to meet him in switzerland!!!


Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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