ADHD is not a disorder; it is a gift!

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Imagine you are a particle suspended inside of a time tunnel and you are moving through this tunnel from one end to the other end, metaphorically speaking from birth to death where the tunnel represents a single lifetime.  Now there are murals painted all over the walls of the interior of this tunnel.  As you move through the inside of this tunnel, your experience in each moment is marked by the paintings on whichever side of the wall of this tunnel you focus on.  There are several ways you can move through this tunnel; you can choose to march straight ahead from one end to the other, occasionally you may choose to pause at any given moment and perhaps take a closer look at one of the paintings where your perception of that moment deepens.  At times, you may choose to look at more than one picture in a moment, maybe you glance up and down or side to side, or sometimes even move backward and forward (yes time travel is possible!) therefore in that moment you see more possibilities of reality.  Your heightened perception at any given moment would be to move through the tunnel circumferentially, therefore noting all the murals on the wall of this tunnel at a particular moment.  However, very few people can do that, a feat almost impossible for an average human being.  It is something that ADD/ADHD brains perceive; they move through this tunnel circumferentially at most moments of life and therefore see more possibilities of reality in each moment than any average human brain.  So naturally an ADHD person perceives more of “what is there” by focusing on multiple murals simultaneously, thus creating a more complex life experience for themselves in each moment.  It is nearly impossible for them to focus on any particular picture when they are literally spiraling through this tunnel instead of marching straight ahead! 


It is arrogant and often ignorant of us to assume that anyone who doesn’t confine to normal behavioral patterns has a disorder.  Our society has a sophisticated way of name-calling or segmenting people into all sorts of categories, one of them being that people with “out-of-ordinary” brain activities have some kind of mental disorder.  In fact, most mental disorders are born as coping mechanisms within a society that cannot cater to individual needs and behavioral patterns of unique human beings and thus tends to segregate them into categories; ADHD is one such so called categorized “disorder”.

ADHD is a gift

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  Let us re-view that… how about Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension?  Is there a bigger picture here that we with our myopic perspectives are not looking into? Are we missing the “gift” inherited by these special individuals who have incarnated at this time/space continuum on planet earth, to take the human consciousness to the next level of evolution?  This of course does not exclude research.  Doctors study the human physique, neurologists study the human brain, psychologists study the human mind and announce their diagnosis based on their observation and knowledge. They can only draw conclusion from what they see, but there is more beneath the surface.  The treasure lies in the unseen, in what they cannot see or explain through scientific reasoning or logic.  Medical science is yet to catch up with the pace at which human consciousness is evolving on our planet right now. This evolution is happening at a massive scale and its implications although seemingly subtle are indeed profound.  More and more humans are incarnating with these special capacities to perceive higher dimensions of reality outside of the 3D structure here on earth and thereby tap onto grander versions of the human experience, through telepathic perception and intuition, an inner knowing and deeper insight into spiritual wisdom… we as humans ARE in fact more aware than we were in the past.  Many of us are conscious of our higher purpose and destiny today compared to human consciousness let’s say a hundred years ago, when we had a more “survival” consciousness. We have come far since then, and over the last couple of decades jumped leaps and bounds in our consciousness, navigating concepts like the law of attraction, mind power, creation tools, synchronicities etc. within our own consciousness. And since then, many higher evolved beings are in fact incarnating onto planet earth, to take our human consciousness to the next level of evolution.  ADD and ADHD people are examples of some of these highly evolved beings and yet extremely sensitive… let’s take a closer look at what happens to them and how they function.

In the narrative at the beginning of this article, I explained how an ADD brain works, different from an average human brain. By no means it indicates a deficit of attention; in fact it is a surplus of attention; they see more, think more, perceive more, realize more and do more at any given moment than an average human brain is capable of. They are in fact constantly tapping onto higher dimensions of reality and bringing wisdom to our human consciousness simply through their ways of being.

Some characteristics that define ADHD people are:

  • They have extreme reservoirs of energy, so much that sometimes they feel uncomfortable in their own bodies.
  • They find it difficult to stay calm, they need to move constantly as they cannot usually stay stable at one place for too long. They are constantly spiraling inside of the tunnel in each moment, remember?
  • They have high IQ levels naturally, and you can see them functioning at a very high level of intelligence and perception.
  • They resist authority and can be rebellious; they cannot function under restrictions and sometimes need to be externally sedated in order to confine to norms; this is achieved mostly through drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.
  • They are highly intuitive and telepathic.
  • They are usually very empathic and can connect with random strangers.
  • They have a good heart and try to help alleviate other’s pain naturally.
  • They cannot be manipulated, blackmailed, controlled, dominated or ordered around; if you need an ADHD child to obey you, tell him why doing so will benefit them. Treat them like adults, never boss them around, dictate or impose your rules onto them; they will rebel and make you look like a fool for trying to subjugate them under authority.
  • They are extremely sensitive and react profusely to food, drugs, medicines much more than average people.
  • They are born in every walks of society, usually trying to raise the consciousness of the soul groups around them.
  • They have an amazing sense of self; they generally act and feel superior than average people (however, since they are still outnumbered, when subjected to follow rules, it might trigger a rebellious attitude).
  • They are their own boss; they cannot usually work under anyone and become independent at a very early age.
  • They are usually more in their heads than in their hearts. It’s best for them to pair up with other ADHD people, because they may have a really hard time being with normal human beings who don’t understand them or appreciate their gifts.
  • Spiritual nomenclature has termed them indigoes, with gifted capabilities. Most ADHD people display indigo characteristics.
  • Indigoes inspite of all their gifts come with a dark anger energy; this energy was intended to bust a lot of dysfunctional belief systems in our society.
  • They usually act on impulse and think after the consequences of their actions are experienced, whether their action was constructive or destructive. This is meant to crumble the consequence thought patterns from our consciousness.
  • Their impulsive nature make it hard for them to handle relationships in the way we understand them because they cannot fulfill ‘expectations’ as they only dwell in the present moment where expectations or consequences don’t exist, only pure creation.
  • Some of them may even be tempted to commit petty crimes, addictions or unhealthy behavior, when they cannot cope with the stress of society or meet expectations of them to behave normally.
  • They are here to redefine society’s misbeliefs about itself; to challenge belief systems and dysfunctional cultural, social, political, familial patterns.

In this report, I am not so much concerned about telling you the symptoms of ADHD; chances are that most of you reading this article know them already. But I am going to discuss at a level of consciousness that affects these higher evolved beings right from childhood and why most of them are still asleep and suffering silently.

Imagine the impact upon the consciousness of a little child, who is told that there is something wrong with him at an age when the child hasn’t yet developed any logical perception of the world. Upto the age of 8 to 10 years, a child navigates the outer world solely through feelings. Feelings are the language of our soul; it is through our feelings we arrive at our truth at any given moment. Our experience of the world takes place through the means of emotions, which inform us what to feel at any given moment. When a little child is diagnosed with a disorder, it is made to feel that there is something “wrong” with him at an early age in life, which can directly impact its mental capacities, drawing him inward, making him anti-social, throwing tantrums as the child feels invalidated, misunderstood, wronged and perceives the outer world to be a threat to its inner being and may develop a variety of ways to cope, some of which are not so ‘likeable’ by society.  Most of them take to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and cravings like sugar, junk food etc. at an early age. When these children are put on Ritalin and other drugs to control their brain functions, it starts to affect their natural capabilities and hinders the full-flourishing of the gifts and potentials they are born with. As they grow up, they become dependent on external drugs for their survival and functioning.

A child like that grows up believing he has a problem and can develop behavioral dysfunction, unaware of his own gifts, infinite potentials and life purpose. Most of their lives they battle to grow out of the “disorder” tag put on them early in childhood. Growing up believing there’s something wrong with you can do more damage to the human psyche than anything good… these beings are so sensitive that they may have suicidal tendencies when faced with real life challenges; the battle of beliefs is tougher for them to navigate. Naturally as they grow up and observe other human consciousness around them, they have an innate knowing that they are somehow superior and yet they cannot express it or challenge the authorities who have atrociously put them under control and dependent on life-long drugs. Most of them grow up rebellious and develop an anger energy. After all it is their own parents / primary care-givers who they depend on for love and survival, have indirectly or directly put them under such treatments assuming their best interests of course.

As parents it is your responsibility to understand and acknowledge these gifts and nurture them, seek natural remedies instead of suppressing them with chemical drugs so they can grow up and flourish to the full potential of who they came here to be! And if you are an adult with ADHD, you can still benefit from this article, knowing how your brain functions and finding out your higher purpose in life, and contributing to the evolution of human consciousness on planet earth.

More and more humans have incarnated with this special feature in their brains in the last few decades, so many that it would be a crime against them to call them diseased in some way or the other when they clearly show higher IQ, more intelligence and superior traits than average humans.

There is a lot of pain in our human consciousness, more so due to the expectations of society, family, culture etc. etc.  Most ADHD people will take to alcohol early in their lives… a lot of them will indulge in addictions like smoking, drugs, and somehow those external substances can calm them down temporarily, and give them more “focus”, however we all know the harmful consequences of those substances on the human health in the long run; so alternatives must be adopted. They have frequent cravings for sweet and junk food too which have immediate impact on their brains, makes them moody, angry, with a volatile temperament.

There have been books written specifically about ADHD diets; I suggest following some of those natural diets that can help them calm down, instead of depending on chemicals and medicinal drugs with severe side-effects, which may permanently inhibit their brain functioning in the long run. Blue-green algae has been said to have exceptional healing effects for ADHD people. Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae loaded with health benefits that may be consumed. Flax seeds are also good for people with ADHD.

I recommend generally following a healthy diet, organic and whole foods, superfoods and to avoid sugar, drugs, junk food, gluten or GMO food or any food loaded with additives etc. Their brains are too sensitive to handle chemically processed food and respond immediately; they react to sugar and junk food easily, causing anger outbursts, temper tantrums, impulsive behavior and hurtful actions soon after these foods are consumed.  Thus special care and diet is needed to nurture the ADD brain.

Our society is not equipped yet to understand or cater to these people. They may end up trying to prove to the world how capable they are instead of tapping into their true gifts and life purpose here on earth.  Many ADHD people have been categorized as indigos in the spiritual community, who have a special mission as they come down to earth. The generation after the Indigos are called the crystals who have some similar traits as the Indigos minus the anger energy; crystals are more sober and may be diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome, borderline autism. All are gifted and have a special reason for incarnating that way. Every incarnation has its purpose and place on earth!

From a soul perspective, most of these people will be confused or fighting systems and dysfunctional belief patterns… they incarnate in all walks of society, politics, business, entertainment, health industry etc. This article is to reach out to those ADHD people who I hope will recognize their gifts, life purpose and infinite potential and not rely on others to define them…!


Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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  1. Thanks for writing this Baisakhi. Mental health labelling is sky rocketing in our society and has a disease-oriented focus which saddens and concerns me. I appreciate your offering a new way to look at people’s differences. How can something that is so prevalent be a “disorder”? Let’s take the time to look at our differences through a new health-oriented lens, acknowledging the gifts others have that may be different than ours.

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  2. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and appearance. I must say you have done a superb job with this. Additionally, the blog loads super quick for me on Firefox. Superb Blog!


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