abunDance, my lust for dance was born out of the process of writing magicNine.

abunDance is dictated from the heart and dedicated to the heart; it is communing with magic, communicating with consciousness, connecting with infinity, dancing with divinity, shamelessly expressing our true desires; it is imperfect & flawed, passion personified, mania manifested, glory glamorized…

abunDance is my passion, obsession, addiction, creation!  trotting the globe has made me realize life really is a cosmic dance to consciousness… so i started swaying, swirling, swinging, spinning, spiralling, sprinting to the song of my soul, and before i knew it, i was dancing, in foreign territories, away from home, seducing the spirits of strangers in strange spaces! that’s when this madness began, this insanity that keeps me sane, dance in abundance, the kind of dance that life is made of…

★★★ stay seduced!

abunDancedance in abundance (english)
abunDanzadanza en abundancia (spanish)
abonDansedanse en abondance (french)
abunDançadança em abundância (portuguese)
abunDansadansa în abundență (romanian)
abbonDansdans in abbondanza (italian + romanian)
abbunTanztanz in abbundanza (maltese + german)

…in a magicNine expression of love ♥  Dance has no foreign language!

♦ abunDance ♦
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P.S. here is a reportage about abunDance on TV with added subtitles; it was aired on Monday, 3 November 2014 at 6pm on Más que noticias (+QN), Channel 7, Teletica, National TV Costa Rica.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing st★r”  -Friedrich Nietzsche

Poster designed by artist Esther Gieringer; abunDance & magicNine captured into one!

Poster designed by artist Esther Gieringer; abunDance & magicNine captured into one!



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