A love story


boi applied an extra layer of kohl in her already kohled eyes… and as she did her mind wandered to the boy she loved. or she thought she loved him. they had been acting in a theater play together, and boi was infatuated.  she wanted his attention but didn’t know how to get it! so she went and asked him out. straight. direct. and he rejected her. outright! boi fell flat on her face. wat a shame! i’ll never ask a guy out again, boi had resolved to herself, thoroughly humiliated. still she couldn’t stop thinking about him. i must stop! boi rebuked herself.

today as she was reflecting her eyes into the mirror, hoping desperately that its blackness would conceal the melancholy within, boi felt miserable. it was part of the depression she often felt in those university days 7 years ago.

why was boi sad? i don’t know! it was everything. her university, her grades, her subjects, her friends, her health, her extra-curricular activities, her unfulfilled desires… her life in short! boi was not happy with anything in her life although she had the best of everything – a full scholarship in a foreign university of world repute, deluxe on-campus accommodation, an outstanding number of extra-curricular activities to choose from, free education in a first world country and the best of all opportunities! in short life was perfect – envy of all her friends back home. except, it was anything but that. now she looked deeper at her own reflection and wondered what she was doing there, in a foreign country, away from home, not enjoying what she was doing.

little did she know that in a few minutes from then god would send her an angel; that a fateful encounter was about to turn her whole life upside down!

Date penned: Wed, July 27, 2011 at 5:00 PM


~ an extract from magicNine by baisakhi saha


Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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