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There are so many people, so many stories, so many realities, but there is only one road for everyone… the road to love, the road that we all come here on earth to walk.  There are nine stages in the journey of love.  This is the story of boi, the dancer:

…when all roads come to an end the magical road begins…

1. Dream:  she read about it in books, she heard about it from others, she saw it in the movies, she smelled it in the air, then she too wanted to experience it – LOVE, that elusive four letter word, which makes us bend backwards, stand on our heads, become ridiculous, and plunge into the abyss.

2. Anticipation:  once the seed of the dream of love was sown in her heart, she yearned for it, waited for it, imagined it, painted it, prepared for it in eager anticipation, savoring the wait! she looked for her soulmate everywhere, constantly searching without even realising she was doing so; not for the moon, not for the stars, not for the flowers, not for the spring, not for her own, not for the known, she waited for the unknown… a stranger!

3. Encounter:  she fell in love with a stranger, that stranger who seemed so familiar, who slipped in and out of her dreams, for whom her heart thirsted;  she was restless, she couldn’t help it… what to do? she was in love with a stranger!

4. Desire:  passion awakened. the mundane became magnificent. she saw pink clouds, rainbows & butterflies everywhere, she even started speaking with flowers and raindrops!  she wanted to give her all to this stranger, who she desired with all her heart, who she wanted to spend all her time with, who was responsible for her joy, her sorrow, her moods, her everything…

5. Addiction:  love is like a drug.  first she thought about the person she loved for a few minutes then forgot him for hours.  she thought she was in control, she wasn’t addicted yet. but soon as she got used to the feeling, he began to rule her mind.  now she thought of him for hours and forgot him for only a few minutes.  when he was not around she obsessed about him and just as addicts humiliate themselves to get what they want, she too was willing to do anything for love… the one who loves becomes mindless, mad… she saw him in the breeze, in the resplendent atmosphere, she spent sleepless nights, he robbed her thoughts, he was a passionate lover in her imaginations, her heart was amorous, she prayed  that the hour of their meeting arrived soon, but o’ my dear, in love distance is must, separation is just…

6. Heart-break:  this was inevitable as she fell head over heels in love, something had to break… it was her fragile heart!  and as she lost herself, she lost the lover as well… the throbbing pain of the heartbreak was unbearable.  her heart was now on fire, fire that consumes!

7. Dark night:  this is when she had to face her own loneliness.  she went thru’ many dark nights of the soul, keeping the fire of desire lit in her heart… all the mystery and witchery of the night seemed to gather amid the perfumes and the dusky torturous outlines of flowers and foliage; the voices that came to her from the darkness were not soothing, the sky above and the stars jeered at her, sounding mournful notes without promise, devoid even of hope, as solitude enveloped her; but it’s not that scary because out of that solitude poetry is born and the dance of life is choreographed…

9-soulmate-poster8. Transcendence:  when the dreams seemed out of reach, when the dark gray clouds engulfed her, and yet she hoped against hope, dreamed the impossible dream, expected the unexpected, because that’s what her heart beseeched… she became incorrigible, invincible, unsinkable, as she sought herself, finding herself in just such sweet, half-darkness meeting her moods, she began to grope her way out of the darkness… because life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain! this is when she met the real soulmate –herself!  and she knew if she continued to learn the language of her heart, it would eventually transcend her being and take her to the realm of real magic.

9. magicNine:  this is the ninth step… this is when she is finally ready to meet her date with destiny and go home to pure, true, innocent, divine, unconditional love… but only if she didn’t give up on the way, and had the courage to take the eight steps prior.  because it is always love that makes us dream, that calls us to live a higher reality, a grander truth, a larger vision. love impels, compels, propels. love expels fear, dispels darkness… it is all magic under the moonlight! 

do not fall… rise in LOVE!

Please find here an excerpt of this story danced into being:

Choreography: Baisakhi Saha (this choreo represents the first 6 steps)
Music: Taal



Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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