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International Directory of Evolutionary Artists (IDEA)

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Hi I am Baisakhi, an IDEA artist, member and video coordinator.  I joined IDEA sometime in 2014, just when it was born, a few months before the publishing of my first book magicNine.  I got acquainted with the founder of IDEA Lindsay Hollom through an online course we took together…since then it has been a jolly ride!  Being an IDEA artist is enthralling and it really helps me on my journey as an evolutionary artist.  I must add here that I was not a born artist or nowhere near… I was starting off as an artist just during the time IDEA was born, and found it the perfect platform to not only grow my creative prowess but also join hands with other IDEA artist from all over the world, to co-create evolutionary works of art and support each other’s artistic journeys through IDEA’s several online platforms, including the website and social media.

I have loved IDEA since Day 1 and will always continue to do so; my first IDEA project was to co-create the trailer of my book ‘magicNine’ with no other than IDEA’s founder Lindsay Treen.  I was looking for an original music that would aptly describe the journey in my book, and then one day Lindsay sent me her scintillating river song ‘keep flowing’ which seemed to resonate perfectly with the journey in my book; I loved it so much that I immediately choreographed a dance piece to it which then became the trailer of my book… all of which happened with me sitting in costa rica while Lindsay coordinated from england.  What an original way to video a book trailer!!

A year later I was working hand in hand with another IDEA artist from Canada, Esther Gieringer…who, while reading my book,started highlighting quotes she liked which she decided to creatively make posters with.  She knew I was a dancer and asked for a few pictures.  And then one day she sent me the most magical thing I’d ever seen… it was a surprise!  A poster of my book with a dance photo of mine, beautifully designed!  That was just the beginning… she then went on to create several new posters and I loved each one of them, especially the combination of the pics and the quotes fit so well, it seemed like they were a meant-to-be duo!  I loved her posters so much that we decided to create a calendar for 2016, this year… which goes with the theme of my book magicNine, as 2016 is the year of the nines.  2+0+1+6.  Thus the magicNine calendar was born, which then was sold internationally on amazon until april this year…and appeared at the first IDEA exhibition in England in december last year!  We are now on our way to create a magicNine inspirational journal together!

Wow, I went on and on about what I did with IDEA… clearly you can see IDEA is such a great platform for budding artists who are interested in the conscious evolution on our planet.  It has helped me a lot on my artistic journey and continues to support me till date!  The best thing is, we are here to look out for each other and join hands to create something big for the future.  So you are never alone, even during the dark nights when you feel challenged and overwhelmed to make it as an artist, IDEA is there to help and encourage you all the way!

Join us if you are an evolutionary artist, and FEEL the difference!!

Thank you IDEA for making me an artist of the heart 🙂


Author: boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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