my poetry

fearless bird 🕊 

i can fearlessly fly,
in the limitless sky,
like a bird, soar high
free, free, free of sigh
coz love is in the aire!

your silence 🌕

like the opaque full moon light
you appear dispelling the night
my worries, my woes,
my fertile imaginations
shrouded in your silence
my days spent in your reminiscence
makes my heart swell
there you silently dwell
like the opaque full moon light
you appear dispelling the night

the dancing peahen 🦚

o’ little peahen
dance away to glory
a one, a two, a three
the wiggles of the clouds smile
the lightning sparkles a mile
the rain queen descends
the earth glows in her iridescence
the drumming wind bellows
the humming bird mellows
listen to its voice, floating in air
don’t be bashful, o’ peahen dear
you know not ’bout your life today
what pain are you hiding this day?
o’ little one,
dance away to glory
a one, a two, a three

gloria 💃

glory of the goddess in you
like the li’l peahen, you too
shed the sigh, forget the blue
trust those dreams to be true
dance to the beat, a one, a two
success shall befall once you do

queer query ❓

o’ come ye with many questions
seeking the kingdom of heavens
behold thy eyes filled with mysteries
of answers, the thirsty mind queries
o’ what are these queer puzzles?
what wisdom thy heart muzzles?

dance in abundance 🧚‍♂️ 

dance is you, you are dance
life ain’t givin’ anoda chance
so go out there n do thy dance
every heartbeat, every nuance
thy each breath is in resonance
you perceive it as if in a trance
you conceive it at a mere glance
so dance n dance in abundance
of which life is made of… dance

her dark eyes 🌚

behold those deep melancholic eyes
that spake of mysteries in the skies
pitch black as that of the lone night
that lost the company of moonlight
swimming in their depths, i am lost
can i be found again, at what cost?

magic moon 🌝

moon o’ magic moon
tonite grant me a boon
shine your light bright
and bring to my sight
where my treasure is concealed
there my destiny is revealed

destiny seeks 🌞 

as the dawn seeks the sun
as the dusk seeks the moon
as the river seeks the sea
my destiny too seeks me

the forbidden fruit 🍎

i have done, what i should not have done
i have said, what i should not have said
i have wanted, what i should not have wanted
and yet i feel no shame
i have not fulfilled, what i have desired
i have not got, what i have wanted
i have not manifested, what i have dreamed
and yet i feel no fear
i have climbed a new mountain
i have explored a new frontier
i have conquered a new fear
and i have discovered yet another color of life
and all of a sudden, for no reason,
for no reason at all, life begins to smile

the blanket 🤫

people are happy but they don’t dance
people are sad but they don’t cry
people are angry but they don’t scream
they hide; they hide under a blanket
and they suffer

my desire is my prayer 🙏 

i stand on the steps of infinity
colorin’ the canvas of my reality
o’ my beloved, i call out to thee
now it is time, come home to me
i need you to become me… fully
this is my desire, this is my destiny
as we celebrate in unison our glory
the angels in heaven rejoice truly
and dance to the gift of you & me

the river of life 💦

o’ river dear,
why do you flow so silently and shamelessly?
why do you flow so idly and speechlessly?
why do you flow so blindly and fervently?
why are you without direction and restless?
why do you flow continually over millennia of madness?
pray tell me, why do you flow…?

…but she continues to flow mute, because people wouldn’t understand her desires.

to my sagar 🌎 

i cried, to dream again
i tried, to scream again
i’m a river filled with desire
i’ve come to find my sagar

i feel you 😘

in the fragrance of the flowers, i feel you
in the cacophony of the birds, i find you
in the whisper of the wind, i sense you
in the hoot of the night owl, i hear you
to the song of my heart, i dance with you
with my words, i memorize you
with my tales, i mesmerize you
in the flight of a butterfly, i dream you
in the stillness of the nite, i see you
god sees you in me, i see god in you
you’re the reason i am, i’m here ’cause of you
you’re all my reasons, so thank you

god IS 🌄

god is…
whisper of the wind
babble of the brook
crack of the thunder
tap of the rain…
feel of the earth
fragrance of the lily
warmth of the sun
pull of the moon
wisdom of the owl
flight of the butterfly
magic of the dragonfly
number plates of cars
the signs of the nines
the energy of love
bundles of joy
peals of laughter
words of truth
lots of light
pounding of the heartbeat
quiet of the breath…
darkness of the night sky
trustful as a baby’s gurgle
brightness of the sunshine
love, truth and joy
god IS

my courage 💥

i have to find the courage
to find the peace i seek
to dream my dream and live my dream
i have to take my soul by the hand
and let my spirit soar
i mustn’t be afraid to try
so i can one day fly
high in the limitless sky

silent soul 🦋

as she tiptoed out o’ her cocoon
unto the curiosity of her existence
into the night sky upon the moon
a thirst for clarity and guidance

reflections of her inner silence
torn in a paradoxical reality
questions beckonin’ infinite patience
traversing thru’ time unto eternity
blanketed in a plethora of desire
darkness illuminating her fears
expressions buried in a quagmire
concealed in melancholy, silent tears

as she battles an inner turmoil
navigating omens on her path
bundled in an intimate coil
clouding a metaphoric truth
myriad forms of explanation
an insight into cosmic conscience
seeking purpose with inner vision
love, joy, freedom, renaissance

in her heart the answers dwell
painting rainbows across the sky
as she tiptoes back to her shell
she dreams of the butterfly

soul mate 💑 

she soars with the birds
she smiles with the flowers
she whispers into the wind
she soaks in the showers

red, blue, yellow, green
she paints her dreams
she builds her castle in air
and in delight she screams

her world is upturned
her thoughts stealin’ sleep
she escapes to an abode of bliss
the memories are hers to keep

the spiders speak wisdom
the moon smiles serene
faith and fate guide her
imaginations reign the scene

she walks in hope
as she colors her love
multitude hues n strokes
white so pure as the dove

in glory she celebrates
the truth in her heart
rejoicing and welcoming
her life, her soul mate

!ndia 🕉

30.a poem I'd composed & designed abt india at a cultural nite in venezuela1hues of the mighty waters
mountains, valleys and sand
wisdom of the ancient masters
majesty of a mystical land.

where the sun spilled gold
where rainforests spell life
dots their survival bold
of daily struggle, sweat & strife.

maharajahs & mughal regime
enticement of history
destitution, poverty & grime
haunts the present glory.

myriad cultures & distant folklores
of abundance n hospitality
rich soil & fertile shores
colors of tradition & creativity.

india, the kingdom of dreams
gospels, parables, myths & mirage
of magic & music, that screams
a salute to indian heritage. 

সমুদ্র তূফান তোল 🌊

সমুদ্র তূফান তোল
সমুদ্র তূফান …
যায় যায় ভেসে
কত কত দেশে
সমুদ্র তূফান তোল
সমুদ্র তূফান …
সমুদ্রেতে জোয়ার হয়
আবার ভাটা হয় না –
তা তো নয়, তা তো নয়
সমুদ্র তূফান তোল
সমুদ্র তূফান …

A bong song I had composed as a child in my mind about the mighty sea; ’tis queer as years later in my magicNine journey, I wrote about the river of life flowing into the sea of her destiny, my first book 📖 



Author: Boi

Hi, I am a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!

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